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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anoh'ite interdimensional Cube Crafts

Anoh'ite interdimensional Cube Crafts

Eric W. King has informed socters about interdimensional ET cube crafts since 1999. Eric has posted a video of one hovering over the SOCT Alpha Landing Site. Here we post Eric's video and another interesting video posted by SECURETEAM.

Above: SECURETEAM posts the Texas sighting

Above: Eric's posted cube craft video

On July 19th 2015 socter Doug Sheldon was able to get this short shot while the Anohite craft hovered above our SOCT Alpha Landing Site during late afternoon. This particular craft visits frequently. It has pulsating lights including a faint one on top of craft in this shot.

You can see the cloud cover moving from left to right and the trees moving in the breeze. There are two lights that appear: one on the side of the craft facing us and a faint one on left top of craft.

~ eric w. king

On same night the Coventry Telegraph reports:
A mysterious glowing orb was seen darting in the sky above Coventry before dropping out of sight. Marie Pitter-Dewey spotted the ball-shaped object over University Hospital in Walsgrave on Sunday night. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO!

Watch a sky portal open and shut in above video.
Interdimensional craft travel through such portals

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    Texas Black Cube UFO from portal is a hoax
    by idoubtit • July 9, 2015 • 7 Comments

    The Houston Chronicle and the MySA (San Antonio Express) are running the same story about a black cube UFO supposedly seen over El Paso at the end of June. Normally, we wouldn’t bother with giving additional attention to such a ridiculous piece, but when it hits the main news outlets, it’s time for a rebuttal.

    According to Secureteam10, an online entity that posts YouTube videos of purported UFOs and similar phenomena, the cube was seen about mid-day June 29 in El Paso by two people.

    A man who was leaving his office about 1 p.m. for lunch said it began to get very windy and he noticed that the center of some swirling clouds became “jet black,” Secureteam10 stated in a video made from photos the man took.

    Just as the man snapped the photo, a massive, cube-shaped UFO appeared, “jetting out of this worm-hole type manifestation,” the video narrator said.


  2. It looks like the 2015 model of UFO is the cube. Two mysterious cube-shaped UFO sightings have been getting a lot of attention this week. A strange cube that appears to be in a portal or vortex was photographed by witnesses in Texas while a low-flying cubic glowing orb was seen in a video feed from a station in Antarctica.
    The cube-shaped Texas UFO was spotted on June 29th, 2015, over El Paso. First posted anonymously, the photograph was eventually attributed to Walter C. Lance. Lance says he first saw nothing but storm clouds. At around 1 pm, he noticed the clouds swirl into a portal or vortex shape. As the center turned black, he took a series of pictures with his cell phone.