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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another picture confirming the July 19th 2015 Utah Sighting!

Anohite Craft spotted over an Anohite Hotspot outside Utah

On the night of July 19th 2015 Anohite contactee Doug Sheldon took some amazing footage of a low flying and hovering Anohite craft over a well known UFO spot just outside of Utah. Today Jamie Nelson sends us this still shot photo that he took on the same night not far from the location where the Doug Sheldon footage was taken. This is undoubtedly the same craft.

Above picture taken by Jamie Nelson

The same week a possible Mother Ship was reported......

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- Many Moon Size UFOs Recorded Orbiting Earths Sun On July 19, 2015, UFO
Sighting News. Date of sighting: July 19, 2015. Location of ....

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  1. Eric W. King has stated:
    So Anoh is what we might call the “Chief Keeper” of our galaxy and time zone. He and others fly in space craft when visiting earth. Their main headquarters is located on what one might call a “Mother Ship” which has the capability of staying out of our range of sight although it has made periodic appearances to help humanity know that they are not alone. NASA has some footage of the Mother Ship in their data base. ~ E.W.King