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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Confirmation of Eric's teaching about Pluto being an ET Anoh'ites Way Station

NASA Cover up after Eric reveals: "Pluto has been, in the past, what is called a "Way-station" for Anoh and some of the Keepers."

On July 3rd 2015 SOCT posted a celebrated response of the fact that  NASA's New Horizons spacecraft was going to take some pictures of planet Pluto on July 14th 2015 which lands on Eric W. King's birthday. What NASA didn't like was that we revealed: ~

"Eric W. King of SOCT has taught that Pluto has been, in the past, what is called a "Way-station" for Anoh and some of the Keepers. It is said that Pluto is an "artificial planet" which means that it was purposely brought into our solar system to be one of the farthest viewing and monitoring stations for our planet." ~

Today we learn that something mysterious has happened to the Horizons space craft. We here at SOCT believe that NASA pictured something extraterrestrial while approaching Pluto and purposely put the craft on "safe mode". It takes just over nine hours for  NASA to receive data back from the craft.

"With the probe just ten days until its closest-approach to Pluto, it’ll take some dedicated brainpower to not only identify whatever the triggering anomaly was, but get the mission’s research plan of, “Take this photo here, and this measurement there."  Mika McKinnon

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  2. SOCT has taught in the past:

    "Pluto has been a Way Station where some Good Keepers have been stationed for a very long time. They come from many different ET classes. We have come to call them "the Plutonians". NASA may reveal this fact sometime in the near future." ~ the Hybrids

  3. Yesterday afternoon, NASA lost contact with its New Horizons spacecraft for an hour for reasons unknown. This is generally not a good thing when you’re working with technology that’s 4.5 light hours away, but thankfully, NASA seems to have solved the problem.

    According to NASA, the problem was caused by a “hard-to-detect timing flaw in the spacecraft command sequence that occurred during an operation to prepare for the close flyby [of Pluto]”. That timing flaw put New Horizons into safe mode, also causing a collective pants-shitting at NASA.

    With the problem detected, New Horizons can resume normal science operations on Tuesday, and prepare for the July 14 flyby of Pluto. Although some science observations were lost as a result of the two-day-long shutdown of normal operations, it’s not regarded as a big deal by NASA: “In terms of science, it won’t change an A-plus even into an A,” said New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute, Boulder.


  4. NASA’s New Horizons has recovered from weekend glitch in time for its historic flyby of Pluto and its five moons in just under a week.

    An anomaly onboard the spacecraft over the weekend sent the probe into safe mode and set NASA engineers scrambling to ensure the decade-long mission wasn’t scuppered.

    But mission managers have now reported that New Horizons has resumed operations on its main computer and the sequence of commands for the Pluto flyby have been uploaded.

    “We’re delighted with the New Horizons response to the anomaly,” said Jim Green, NASA’s director of planetary science. “Now we’re eager to get back to the science and prepare for the payoff that’s yet to come.”


  5. Another mystery regarding July 14th..Pluto, and this website:

    "Welcome to our new website! Our original website was started on October 7th 0f 2011. We received many students and great contacts. We hope you enjoy our new website and please book mark us. This Website was started on July 14th 2014. SOCT has been on planet Earth since 1999 with Eric W. King's original book, "The Zerubian Myth". The word "Zerubian" has now become a well known phrase."