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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Early beings during the First Earth Age & Into the Second ~ SOCT

SOCT Paper 56

  Early Beings during the 
First & Second Earth Age

Here is yet another spectacular and fascinating SOCT paper delivered to us by Sir Eric William King. Much of this intricate knowledge was given to him by way of Anoh, the extraterrestrial being in our space/time sector and now overseer of the Seventh Message for our planet. Please read this paper which contains new details that earlier SOCT papers did not have regarding the time flow of Human history and our extraterrestrial and ultimately Divinely Intelligent connection. Thanks! ~ Lisa Steiger

God began to create many life forms over a long period of time. The angelic beings [IB’s] who once had the opportunity to inhabit glorified bodies and take care of our planet were now left going through the process of exchanging body for body and witnessing the effects of their sinful rebellion. ~

The angelic beings wished that they could have remained the care takers of creation. About 47,000,000 years ago God created the lemur-like creature. These had forward facing eyes and were small little fella’s. They loved to climb things. And then about 30,000,000 years ago monkeys of all sorts were created. God placed most of them in what latter became South America and Africa. These creatures had hands and feet and good brains. The angels were hoping that God would create a more usable body for them. ~

About 7,000,000,000 years ago God decided to create some very interesting beings. He created Sahelanthropus Ttchadensis. We have given this species the nickname “Toumai”. These creatures were the first to look like modern man in many ways but still fell short. These creatures exited for some time and developed a form of communication amongst themselves. God was taking pleasure in all of His great acts of creation. God loves to create! ~

When we get to about 3.9 million years ago (before modern man) we find the creatures known as Australopithecus Afarensis. These were some of the first human-like creatures to spend more time on the ground and outside of sheltered areas. One from this species is popularly known as “Lucy”. She walked upright and began to use her hands to do other things than just walk. After her came Homo Habilis and some others. ~

So we begin to understand that the “gods” (those early special angelic beings) which roamed our planet were able to create many early species. This was all allowed by Divine Intelligence [God].  ~

Please understand that right before the end of the first earth age Divine Intelligence did indeed create modern mankind. We now know that God created nine first couples before Adam and Eve. These couples were created in three different locations of our planet. They were created with physical and spiritual defects because they were created in the Fallen Matrix caused by the IB’s. Some of these people appear in the book of Genesis as the people from the land of Nod. The Nodites originally started living in the Middle East area roughly 50,000 years ago. After Adam and Eve were driven out of the protected Garden of Eden they became vulnerable to the rest of fallen mankind - those who lived through the last ice age. ~

The first human beings that were created appeared around 100,000 [may be as early as 200,000] years ago. These appeared in what is today known as Africa. Many of these people had developed distorted religious beliefs though they were aware of God. We do not know how God manifested Himself to these early people but we believe that He did. Most of the early people’s religions developed because of wrongful fears. These early people, because of the distortion of sin, misunderstood the forces of nature. Many found it easy to worship material objects. It is true that Divine Intelligence in our space/time frequency uses “natural disasters” to correct and get the attention of His children sometimes. We could look at religion [spiritual concepts] as a natural biological consequence because of the intuitive moral sway that God placed in the minds of humans. Pain and suffering are essential to progressive spiritual development. ~

Early Human Migration Begins

About 160,000 years ago the main groups of homo-sapiens had to leave the main inland of Africa due to extreme climate change so they migrated to the southern coasts where they learned how to eat sea food and perhaps swim. Around 71,000 years ago specific Humans broke into clans and learned how to make weapons such as spear heads. And around 65,000 years ago many began to leave Africa all together and this began the migration of homo-sapiens to travel around the globe. The shock of encountering new lands and new challenges made early man learn how to cooperate and organize. This began to reshape Human thinking. SOCT has always taught that thinking is a learned process and can be reshaped and in fact altogether changed. (Read SOCT papers about “thinking”) ~

About 45,000 years ago the first Humans arrived in what is now Western Europe. Some of these groups where able to reach into Asia about 35,000 years ago. At this point the Keepers [both good and bad] would occasionally be allowed to appear in extraterrestrial craft. Humans referred to what they saw as “the Gods” and some organized complete religions over the space visitors. Some Keepers at this time were allowed to visit clan leaders and give instructions on how to build better structures and grow crops. Humans have been helped throughout time by all of the Hierarchies. ~

The Story of the Great Space War gets handed down!

Some of these early Humans were taught by the good Keepers about the ancient KT extinction event and how the great “dragons” [dinosaurs] died because of the great space battle between the “gods”. Many of these stories and or portions of them appear in the ancient religious textbooks. It was 14,000 years ago that many of these tribes arrived in North America. The American Indians descended from these early groups. The pyramids in South America and those descendants who built them arrived around 13,500 years ago. All of these time lines are being documented for SOCT students to help them better understand the flow of Human history. ~

Another early group of very important hominins was the Denisovans. The humans known as the Tibetans have Denisovan linkage in their genes which has helped them to live in higher altitudes. These are scientific facts that SOCT has been trying to express. Please understand that one of the most important teachings of SOCT is for all of humanity to begin to truly understand their origins and to unite under the title of “Humanity”. This is key to positive earth changes in our divinely guided evolution.  ~

We could list way more than 21 beings which make up the ultimate human linkage in the evolutionary chain. Some humans developed through other hominins which gave different characteristics. Not all of us have the same exact development. Much of this has to do with climate changes which effected hominin development and also many small connections that seem to be divinely guided which allowed the master links to survive. ~

Extraterrestrial Help

Ultimately it came down to nine hominin species [between the transitions of the first Earth age into the Second]. It was through the survival of these nine species guided by Extraterrestrial help that we have arrived where we are today. The “tenth” human couple, the last to be created through a completely different and complex matter became what we know as the historical “Adam & Eve”. ~

This last development occurred on a planetary Way-station located on icy Pluto. The “good” Keepers from many different ET races participated under the guidance of the Hierarchies in this development some time after the KT war event. They modified DNA to make the final Human race some 6,000 plus years ago. Though the Hierarchies have guided all evolution the last stage in Human development came from the Pluto sources. Today under the Seventh Time SOCT students are experiencing the additional Human upgrade which makes all true SOCT students the last hybrids before the final exit of our (the “elect”) existence from planet Earth. ~

Again, several different hominin species participated in human development and still do. The Keepers helped to direct vibritory frequencies through out the development of biological entities on our planet in accord with Divine Intelligence. We are all a part of the second earth age [which started after the last Ice Age some 10,000 years ago] however some of us are genealogically connected to the families of humans which appeared before Adam and Eve. Remember, when Adam and Eve got kicked out of their special prepared land they then had to be exposed to the already existing Humans that survived the First Earth Age. Please understand that there was, in a sense, a “first mother”. This would be the first mother of the first couple out of the nine couples created in the distant past. Adam and Eve are the tenth couple which came after the last ice age. ~

Before Eve we have other Mothers

A person’s maternal ancestry is traced by mitochondrial DNA which is called mtDNA. All men and women posses mtDNA. This type of DNA is inherited from the mother. Through the study of ones DNA they can find out what couple of parents they were originally born from. Science has learned that your original mother’s mtDNA determines how your cells use oxygen so you are using your original mother’smtDNA every time you breathe. This is most fascinating. Everyone alive on the planet today can trace their maternal ancestry back to just one woman. ~

The Bible focuses on the recreation of the surface of the earth and on Adam and Eve (the 10th couple) because it would be through their genes that the Messiah would eventually come and it would be through their race of people that would come the “chosen nation of God”. Eve is the “mother of all” because those who accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah are “spiritually” adopted into the Christ family line. (You may read about this whole story in detail by reading the SOCT paper titled: “The Story Of Our Planet”) ~

So the “second earth age” now begins in Genesis chapter one and verse two, at the end of the last ice age. We are all a part of the second earth age however some of us are genealogically connected to the families of humans which appeared before Adam and Eve. Please understand that there was, in a sense, a “first mother”. This would be the first mother of the first couple out of the nine couples created in the distant past. Adam and Eve are the tenth couple which came after the last ice age. ~

First Earth Age Humans Migrated

Again, we now know that a migration of the First Earth Age early human beings occurred due to an ice age. They left Africa in clans and began to migrate to areas in the Middle East and through out Europe. We know that they started moving between 60,000 and 70,000 years ago. Believe it or not the last ice age brought the human population down to only about 10,000. Sin had indeed affected this planet. God was getting ready to introduce a new phase of His plan [the Second Earth Age]. We must also understand that there were more land connectors and ice bridges that connected large land masses. ~

At 20,000 years ago the sea levels had dropped significantly due to the water being frozen in large amounts. The sea level had dropped 300 feet. This helped expose land bridges one of which connected Asia to the Americas. And at just 15,000 years ago many people had entered South America. ~

We do not know much about the rhythm, if there is one, to ice ages. We do know that four (fairly regular) glacial-interglacial cycles have occurred during the past 450,000 years. These of course started after the Luciferian rebellion. ~

The angels did not take on the bodies of these early humans except for some rare cases of demonic possession. For the most part these ancient people began to develop early civilization~

I hope that this paper helps you to understand. I realize that I have compressed great amounts of information in this paper but it is important for us to understand exactly what happened and how we got where we are today. I would encourage you to read the SOCT paper known as: “The Story Of Our Planet” and another paper titled; “A Closer Look at Early Man”. We also have papers on the topic of Human DNA which you might find interesting. ~

Thank you for taking time out to read this paper and please visit again,
Eric William King [CEO and founder of SOCT/COGSR]

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Four  SOCT transformation Realities:

1-   An earlier SOCT paper states: “The human brain can perform 10 million billion computations per second. The brain uses electricity to do this. Our brains do not need that much current to do these amazing feats. Our brains need only 10 to 25 watts to perform such tasks. This is amazing!” ~ Eric William King

2-  “The Anoh’ites have given us and continue to give us theSeventh Message. We are in an ocean of numerous cosmic personalities.” ~ Eric William King

3-   I would encourage socters to remain humble as we all begin to witness and face the fact of an accelerated change on all levels of Human experience. “ ~ Eric William King

4-   “Consciously acknowledging our uncertainty gives us faith to experiment and allows new insights which give positive and healthy transformations.” ~ Eric William King


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