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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Five Forces of Action...a look at Cohesion

SOCT Paper 21

Five Forces of Action
In this SOCT paper Eric W. King gives us an explanation of what he calls "five forces of action". This paper agrees with Eric’s older 1999 paper titled; "All is Action". Here Eric looks at cohesion. This is yet another foundational understanding of SOCT physics. Please read and share. Thanks!

Let us understand five words in the English language which help define what is going on constantly within the realm of matter. ~

1-Cohesion ~

2-Attraction ~

3-Repulsion ~

4-Addhesion ~

5-Propulsion ~

In this article I would like to look at ‘cohesion’. We could understand this word to mean: "The sticking together or coming together to create unity." This is in fact what every particle in our universe seems to be striving for. We see this law at work in the smallest of particles. There is a will operative in matter. Where does such a law spring forth from? What makes this work? Is there another energy which is not what we would call physical at work behind the scenes? ~

Yes, SOCT teaches that there is in fact another source called consciousness which actually exists outside of space/time as we understand it. Consciousness has dipped into matter and as we have expressed in older articles, consciousness uses matter to create vehicles of manifestation and from these vehicles it continues within the five forces of action…one of them being the law of cohesion. ~

In our Human vehicles we have developed limited senses so that we can have some what a perception of space/time. Our perception determines our understanding of reality. We have talked in previous papers about the importance of proper perception and the fact that ‘thinking’ is actually a developed and teachable skill. ~

How we view our world both in the micro level and on the macro level is changing. We are beginning to see the planet as a whole. Because of computer technology and the ability to be personally connected to all parts of the planet makes it easier for Humans to begin to develop and form a universal language and greater perception of things. SOCT is trying to help Humanity in this effort of forming a greater and more cohesive understanding of spirituality and science. One of the areas that SOCT touches that many are trying to ignore is the fact of extraterrestrial intervention. ~

Our Human bodies do not produce consciousness but consciousness is trying to use our bodies to reach out and into the physical space/time dimension. In doing so Divine Consciousness experiences every level of being. As small Identity Seeds [particles of the wholeness of Divine Consciousness] we awake in the physical world which is currently misunderstood. Humans have a distorted view of what is being reflected. We thus live in a fallen matrix. ~

The Purpose of Human Life

We are all operating within the laws of a Divine Plan. We are living in a holographic world which has challenges because of sin and distortion. To escape we must accept and receive a greater portion of the Outer Force…that which is separate from matter but can come into matter. We must receive what has anciently been called the Holy Spirit. This means that we accept and receive a new communication from Divine Intelligence. This portion weds to our Human spirit and a begettal process occurs. We become like new creatures growing within the womb of the ecclesia. ~

Nothing is really random; there is a Divine Purpose behind all action. In SOCT teachings we talk about the fact that we are living in a Fallen Matrix but we are to transcend into the Pure Matrix. In this sense we understand our fallen reality to be a mere reflection of the perfect reality that we call the Pure Reality Matrix. Those of us who are receiving the higher-upgrade mind program (the Seventh Message) are going to be able to cross this threshold. Even if we die before the end of the Seventh Time we will make the transition fully and completely…this is Good News. ~

SOCT understands what we call "the Doctrine of Action". We understand that everything is in constant motion. Nothing stands still so there is truly no such thing as nothing. If we were to look at the smallest of particles we would see appearing and disappearing particles and some sticking and some repelling. We would begin to see the dance of creation. ~

Humans are able to witness all of this at a conscious level of reality, within a time long enough to gain understanding before annihilation. But where does our consciousness go at our destruction? SOCT teaches the fact that all Humans have an Identity Seed. We could understand this Identity Seed as a small stick flouting down a violent stream of water. We can see and feel what is beneath us and we can look up and see the sky and we can even see what is in front and what is behind. We now have limited perception but we as Identity Seeds are gaining experience for our next transition. ~

Within the container of the Fallen Matrix exists roughly more than six billion Human Beings. This makes the fallen matrix extremely strong. The fallen mind grid is powerful but it cannot stop the Pure Reality Grid from taking some hold upon it. The true Church of God [SOCT] makes up the Pure Reality Grid and if the crew gets big enough within this Seventh Time that we are experiencing we may be able to stop the war and hold together this planet for even more souls to evolve. But time as we know it is truly running out. We have been given a grace period for sure. ~

All things are happening within a digital program, a matrix. Multiple smaller matrixes exists within the fallen matrix which dictate pre-organized patterns which are never random but instead are dictated by Divine Intelligence in accordance with Divine Will. ~

It is my hope that many more Humans will come to Science Of Christian Thought. We have been given so much special knowledge to share and live. Please book mark this website and begin to study all posted papers. That is all you have to do to become a true socter. ~

Thank you!

~Prophet Eric William King

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  1. Why do different states of matter have different properties? What does it take to move from one state of matter to another? The answer is the energy of the atoms and molecules that make up matter. Energy is defined as the ability to cause changes in matter. You can change energy from one form to another when you lift your arm or take a step. In each case, energy is used to move matter — you.

    The energy of moving matter is called kinetic energy. The particles that make up matter are constantly moving. They have kinetic energy. The theory that all matter consists of constantly moving particles is called the kinetic theory of matter.

    Particles of matter of the same substance are attracted to one another. The force of attraction tends to pull the particles closer together. The particles need a lot of kinetic energy to overcome the force of attraction and move apart. It’s like a tug of war between opposing forces. The kinetic energy of individual particles is on one side, and the force of attraction between different particles is on the other side. The outcome of the "war" depends on the state of matter.