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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Personality is your gift

SOCT Paper 5

Personality is your gift

Personality is your gift. We develop it through life. Life is a process which helps one to develop proper identity. Some lives are short lived but not without purpose. Nothing is random but all serves a goal. Divine Intelligence is working out the plan. As Humans we may not always understand that which it is we are supposed to learn but in the end of time/space we will have grasped the lesson. ~

We have been thrust into an environment, a physical reality. On top of that we have been thrust into a living arrangement and family. For some this is a good experience and for others a shocking one. Every life begins to establish organized patterns of thinking and reaction due to its environment. These patterns ultimately help each of us determine our goals. ~

Establishing meaning is also a process. Science Of Christian Thought is on this planet to help seekers develop a healthy identity, goal and purpose. The willingness on your part to establish a relationship with Divine Intelligence and the special teachings is a good drive and use of the force of will. One begins to identify himself as a spiritual being that is certainly not alone in the universe. Consciousness cannot ultimately be explained by any ‘perfect’ theory but within the Science Of Christian Thought enough can be explained to help direct the individual on the path of enlightenment and joyous living. ~

Many socters read and study the papers and try and live the moral life which it offers everyday and they live good and prosperous lives. I get emails from some who have been sharing and living the SOCT life for five years now. Each has his own story and testimony. Each has his own UFO experience and each has his own personal relationship with family and friends. We are all individuals with our own unique and gifted personalities. ~

We could say that SOCT science helps us understand the material world; SOCT philosophy helps us understand the social relations of the physical world and that SOCT spirituality lifts us up beyond time and space to the greater reality of life. We have not been afraid to investigate. We are an evolving movement. We are SOCT. ~

We build our philosophy not just with material science. To do that would be to ignore the greater experience of Human consciousness. We are living in the beginning of the Seventh Time. Time has played a role in Human development and this time is extremely important. We have reached a point where we must collectively choose the right path. It is now time for us to choose our collective destiny. It is time for us to make the self-conscious final choice. ~

The Anoh’ites have given us and continue to give us the Seventh Message. We are in an ocean of numerous cosmic personalities. It is time for us to reach out into the greater reality. I invite you to book mark this website and begin to study with us. One mustn’t need to agree with everything learned here but I believe that you will find stuff here that will make you one step ahead of those who are living in the dark. It is unfortunate that so many will remain stuck in the fallen matrix. The Light is here and is being given to those who truly care. Those who care not just for themselves but Humanity all together. For now, we are here and we are one. Peace unto you. ~

~Eric William King


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