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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pictures of Eric, his dog Shiloh...and one of Anoh's space crafts

Anohite crafts appeared on July 3rd

Taken by Eric King over his mountain home - July 3rd 2015

 These ones are partuclarly special because Anoh was in this craft while the pictures were taken. Other people witnessed UFO events on July third. One was in Texes.

"UFO Sighting in Andrews, Texas on July 3rd 2015 – Hovering @ 110 degrees. Reacted to fireworks. Made rapid changes in direction and elevation between 200 ft and 5000 ft in seconds. Last seen just above house line @ 050 degrees from my location. Solid red light with pulsating white." CLICK TO READ

Above was taken in 1999 - witnessed by several COGSR/SOCT 
students (back then we were known as Zerubian Students)
during Mountain Retreat Meeting near Yosemite California

Above picture taken by Eric King on July 3rd 2015
Notice Eric's dog (Shiloh) at bottom of picture

Above taken by Doug Anderson above his mountain home 
on July 3rd 2015

Final picture from July 3rd event taken three miles away from
Anohite famous hot spot in California


Another Anoh'ite Craft spotted on same day, July 3rd 2015

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  1. After July 3rd 2015 SOCT received several reports by SOCT students that they too witnessed Anoh's craft flying near if to say: "Hello fellow socters." Now how cool is that?