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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SOCT Transformation

SOCT Paper 161

SOCT Transformation

As students of life we are all in the transformation process. We live in a world of accelerating change. It is hard to keep up sometimes with this fast pace world. One thing that helps understand is the fact that some things are what we call static; they seem to give us some stability within all the changing parts of our lives. ~

As we get older we begin to understand processes. As a child things are so new to us, we stay transfixed on watching adult Humans interact and we stare at the things of nature more. As we get older we become somewhat desensitized to many things. What was once a fear is now no longer a fear. What was once strange is now not all that strange. On a macro and collective level this understanding takes time especially when it comes to major cultural and social issues...but one thing is certain, change! ~

Not all fear is bad. Fear can make us cautious and that can be a good thing. Fear definitely plays a role in transformation. People who come to discover the teachings of SOCT sometimes get frightened because it is so foreign to what they have been taught or know. It seems strange. This is understandable. ~

The fear of being deceived or fooled can turn one away from even exploring an issue. Remember though that every day we are going through some transformation subtle though it may be. We have a doctrine here at SOCT called; "All is Action" and this is so true. ~

SOCT uses science to validate its teachings on many levels. We use scientific discoveries to help us reevaluate our philosophy and theology. In this sense we are the only known movement using the title ‘Christian’ which is consciously involved in evolution. We are an evolutionary movement. SOCT most certainly contains highly controversial claims but if you think about it all "religions" or "spiritual" movements do this. ~

Consciously acknowledging our uncertainty gives us faith to experiment and allow new insights which give positive and healthy transformations. True scientific discoveries and understanding Divine Intelligence are linked. SOCT understands the interconnectedness of all things. We touch on almost all topics. We encourage a holistic view. We have a meditation which affirms: "We are here, we are one." This can be understood on a very deep level with the help of SOCT understanding. ~

If we were to only use science we would find our understandings limited. Using only mechanistic world views we find ourselves getting into trouble, remember, not only is "all" action but all is also transformation. So in ending this paper I would encourage socters to remain humble as we all begin to witness and face the fact of an accelerated change on all levels of Human experience. ~

Peace unto ye all!

~Sir Eric William King

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