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Friday, July 17, 2015

Tour of SOCT Knowledge

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    And it was on the night of July 17th of 2014 that Anoh made his first visit. Since that time I have had several visits from Anoh. I have been told there are certain things that I cannot share but I do share what is necessary. These visits are extremely important. I have been given important messages which even the United Nations are receiving. Top scientists on Earth have also been getting scientific data directly from SOCT. Many of you know that SOCT is the acronym for “Science Of Christian Thought”. Our original organization [COGSR] and its history can be summed up in a previous paper that I wrote. Here is a section of that paper: ~

    “During the first year of the founding of COGSR [October 7th 2011] I started an additional study group called the “Science of Christian Thought”. This small group of Christians who also studied science began to understand God’s laws of science in unity with the Bible and COGSR theology. I myself began to write with intensity new revelations that came to me regarding a greater and deeper understanding of my Christian faith. SOCT grew right along side of COGSR.” ~

    “Finally on July 14th 2014 we came out of prayer with new insight and we now begin this new phase of Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant. We have decided to put all our attention on the SOCT studies. We have become what we call Space Age Christians. We have been given this new commission to help the current human race understand just where we all stand in regards to prophetic history and human development. Our theology has not changed but it has certainly been “upgraded”. We have always been teachable and this is how Divine Intelligence wants us to be.” ~

    “The original COGSR & SOCT websites were taken down on June 23rd 2014. Both are now replaced with this, our new SOCT site.” ~