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Sunday, July 12, 2015

War in the Heavens & Planet Way Stations

SOCT Paper 57

War in the Heavens & Planet Way Stations

As many of you know SOCT knowledge teaches that long ago there was a so called "war in the heavens" Let us look at some portions of older SOCT papers which speak about this event. ~

The first beings on our planet: "These beings (angels) had a similar form much like the human body but they were sexless beings. Archeology has found foot prints from one of these beings saved in a rock slab which dates back to the dinosaur age. ~

So the first phase of our planets history was that of the angelic rule during the ancient prehistoric era. This earth looked much different back then. The moon was much closer to our planet and there were many life forms from that era which no longer exist" ~ From SOCT paper, "The Story of our Planet" ~

SOCT papers go on to say that the leader of the first beings rebelled against the hierarchies which basically amounted to rebelling against Divine Intelligence. They began a war with the more intelligent higher beings which resulted in one third of the rebels being cast down to our space/time dimension and restricted to certain locations. ~

During and after this war (now known as the KT event) the rebel beings and their crafts were cast to our planet with great force causing large craters and explosions. This all occurred some 65 million years ago in our planets history. A large mother-ship was cast down measuring six miles across and crashed into our planet near the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. This dug out a crater more than 100 miles wide. ~

Modern man has discovered more than 150 other impact craters. The largest found measures nearly 200 miles across. The celestial war was spectacular and we do not know exactly how long it lasted. Since this time a Hierarchy group of Keepers known as the Universal Grid Stabilizers have been helping our planet survive. They monitor all physical threats and dangers. However, they have reached a time where they have been backing off from some help because man is in a judgment period called the Seventh Time or the Laodicean Era which was reviewed in the year 1999 and came into full operation on October 7th of 2011. ~

The resulting environmental catastrophe led to the extinction of the dinosaurs which were part of a Hierarchy life experiment. This also created an ice age. SOCT teaches that there has been more than one ice age. The last one started to end some 10 thousand years ago. Some early Human like beings and Human creatures lived through the last ice age. Some 6000 plus years ago the last Human DNA manipulation was made and these humans have mated with older Human life forms ever sense. ~

During this most important era the extraterrestrial known as Anoh has come forward and made contact with some Humans. He has helped by giving information which is known as the Seventh Message, which includes what is called Pathway Technology. This message is being given to all of Humanity in the hopes that a major collective enlightenment may occur in order to make the Divine Mind Grid (Pure Reality Grid) strong enough to help sustain life on our planet. We have been given a choice. ~

All of this is happening within the framework of the Divine Plan set up by Divine Intelligence. ~

Planet Way Stations
Basically before the KT event and after the KT local planets have been used as extraterrestrial sites where laboratories and temples were set up. Mars had an elaborate section of structures and viewing devices. The Mars way-station site was destroyed in the KT war. Some artifacts and building structures can still be seen in the debris. Right now there are Keepers which fly around Mars and monitor our Mars probes. ~

An older SOCT paper explains Way-stations as such: "Planet Way-stations are and have been a reality. What is a "way-station"? A Way-station is defined as a planetary camp where extraterrestrials live and watch, monitor & view our planet Earth. This mostly involved moons or planet satellites. However, there have been two planets in our solar system where more permanent way-stations have been set up. One old way-station resided on Mars and another was located on Pluto." ~ From SOCT paper: ~ "Planet Way-stations"

This brings us to the very important subject of Pluto. Pluto had the longest operating way-station on it. Pluto was really not all that affected by the KT event. It was protected by the good Keepers and it still has what are called laser shafts on it to this day. It is not used like it has been in the past. The more that Humans got advanced with space technology the Keepers have had to become trickier in hiding themselves. In this Seventh Time though it is no more of a great secret of their existence. Currently Anoh and most of his crew work from a great mother-ship called the Anohean. NASA has some distant footage of this beautiful craft in their archives. ~

Another extremely interesting fact is that some of the scientist Keepers that resided on Pluto were involved with DNA advancements and some of the last Human DNA manipulations were organized and conducted in a laboratory on Pluto. This means that the last Human group that received these DNA advancements some 6000 plus years ago could be called part Plutonian beings. Ha! ~

On Pluto the Keepers had crafts that were able to go under water and also go through ice. These crafts were highly advanced and some were triangle shaped. They had special landing sites on Pluto. ~

An older SOCT paper states: "Many of the Good Keepers retreated to Pluto after the war was over. They organized teams that would begin to closely monitor our planet from Pluto. These Keepers (much later) became known as the Plutonians and stayed mostly stationary; they no longer traveled on the Mother Ship, the Anohean." ~ From SOCT paper: ~ "Planet Way-stations" ~

"Actually Pluto is what we call an "artificial planet" in that it was not originally a part of our solar system but was in fact brought into orbit by the Universal Grid Stabilizers many thousands of years ago to be a station for many of the Good Keepers from all the ET classes. Currently some of our solar system moons are being used." ~ From SOCT paper: ~ "Planet Way-stations" ~

New Horizons on its way to Pluto 

On July 14th of 2015 the NASA craft called the New Horizons will be sending back close pictures of Pluto. July 14th falls on the birthday of SOCT’s founder, Eric William King. This makes it an even more special day for true socters. July 14th of 2014 is also the day that we started this new SOCT website. We hope that all SOCT papers are helping you to more fully understand the knowledge and history we are offering to planet Earth. ~

From the socters to you all!


*Paper 029: The Anohites
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  1. Interestingly enough, today, July 14th 2015, NASA sates that Pluto is "red like Mars". SOCT has taught that both Mars and Pluto have been ET way-stations.


    Pluto is red Nasa has announced. The space agency was expecting a dark grey icy planet, however they were in for a surprise when it turned out oxidized like Mars. And, controversially, Nasa administrator Charles Bolden says he still believes Pluto is a planet.

  2. Of all the revelations that will emerge from one of the most significant days in the history of space exploration, one may stick in the public’s imagination more than any other: it snows on Pluto.

    SOCT stated in the above past article regarding way-stations:

    "On Pluto the Keepers had crafts that were able to go under water and also go through ice. These crafts were highly advanced and some were triangle shaped. They had special landing sites on Pluto."

  3. The Adramelechs believe that if they can create enough Human chaos and commotion that Divine Intelligence will “give up” on our planet so that they can have full control of it as they do on some other planets. This will never happen to our planet Earth because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. We have been given the Great Plan of Salvation. Through the Science Of Christian Thought the Seventh Message is being proclaimed to planet Earth and many have, are and will yet accept this message and join the hybrid Christians (the mid-wayers). ~E.W.King