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Saturday, August 15, 2015

How our Moon affects the Earth

Is the Moon creating strange weather?

Here Mr. E.W.King gives some interesting food for thought. As true Christians we are to remain “triple ‘A’” [awake, aware, alert]. This information helps us understand the interaction of God’s physical laws and how He is using them to fulfill His ultimate plan. Read & Share:

Does our planet’s moon affect the earth? Yes. Now many will argue that it does not have “that much” of an affect. Here is where they are wrong! The fact is our moon prevents our planet earth from wobbling on its axis. How important is that? Very! Here at COGSR I have been keeping you all informed about the fact that our north and south poles have been shifting slightly. What does this mean? It means that our gravity, gravitational pull and gravitic connections are rotating, they are moving in a different pattern. At first this is a slight change but I want you to keep this in mind; One inch of higher water levels in our oceans can cause tremendous changes in atmospheric pressures and weather changes. Imagine if the moon moves one inch…can this cause changes? YES!

The moon is moving…we will talk about this in a moment. The gravitational pull of the moon creates atmospheric “tides”. For the most part these changes have been overwhelmed by other atmospheric factors, but is that changing? Yes. Believe it or not current satellite technology can measure the fact that the earth itself undulates due to the tidal effect. In other words the earth has its literal “ups and downs”. Does this affect the earthquake factor? Indeed. But that is another subject. Now here we must get to another important understanding. We know that carbon emissions are affecting our atmosphere; we know that title waves have affected the rotation of this planet and now we must come to the reality that the moon itself is playing a role in weather changes.

We need our magnetic fields to keep our atmosphere. No moon, big problems!

Is our Moon moving away from Earth?

Yes. Our moon is moving away from earth. The moon’s orbit is getting larger. The moon moves away from our planet 3.8 centimeters per year. Our earth is actually stretched a bit due to the orbit of the moon. This makes the shape of our earth slightly oblong. As I mentioned earlier this is the result of what we could call “tidal bulges”. As many of you know, I believe that Divine Intelligence gives me insight to events that are extremely important for us to understand in these last days. I now want to warn scientists that they have underestimated the moons control of this planet. We have our weather seasons on this planet because of how God placed the moon in our space. God is judging this planet and in doing so God is using His natural laws to demonstrate His power and control.

Tidal friction is now affecting this planet in new ways due to the current distance of the moon from our earth. As God allows the moon to move farther away we can expect new weather patterns to form on the surface of our planet. The earth and the moon exchange energy through gravitational “tuggle wars”. Each exchange energy back and forth. Another factor to consider is the fact that our earths rotation is slowing down. Some will argue that this is happening so slowly that it is irrelevant.Again, if one extra inch of water in our oceans can make extreme differences in weather pattern changes imagine one inch change in the entire moon’s relationship to our planet.

Science will reveal this soon!

Though not many scientists today are talking about this relationship between our moon and current weather changes they will! God has revealed that there are many things yet for this blind world to understand. God has been asking His church to begin to truly understand the “laws of science”.  As true Christians we understand what is happening and we look to the “new heavens” and the “new earth”.

“So Apollos and I should be looked upon as Christ’s servants who distribute God’s blessings by explaining God’s secrets.” [1 Corinthians 4:1]

Our SOCT teachings are helping God’s true people receive “meat in due season”. Why is this information important? God is judging this planet. God is trying to get our attention. Are we listening? What have we been doing to ourselves, our planet, and why are we destroying this great nation of America?

If you have been lead to this article please ‘book mark’ us and continue your studies here at COGSR/SOCT. God may be calling you.


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