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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Understanding SOCT Holidays and Times

Understanding SOCT Holidays and Times

Below is a list of our regular Holy Times:

Advent: First Sunday of Advent through December 24th

Christmas: December 25th through The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Ordinary Time after the Baptism: Monday after the Feast of the Baptism through Shrove Tuesday

Lent: Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday

Easter: Easter Vigil though Pentecost
Ordinary Time after Pentecost: The day after Pentecost through the final day before Advent

The following information is for all true SOCT students who wish to participate in the additional Divine Times and Seasons as they are given for us in the Seventh Era. During these special periods Anoh’ite crafts may be witnessed and ET satellites can beam down special energies which help affect the mind channels and help project the prayers of all socters (SOCT students). We call these “the Seven Feasts of the Lord”. In addition to all these special times many socters (because of new Seventh Time Revelation) keep the traditional American holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc. We hope that this information encourages you to participate in sharing the Seventh Message WORLDWIDE! Take all joyous occasions to thank the Lord and share His Divine Love. Read and share. ~ Your fellow socters

For every prayer you say during these special times a sort of “extra push” and “power” envelopes the force put forth that a more powerful affect may occur. Your motive is extremely important while doing this. Those SOCT students who have accepted the Outer Force to work through them, those who have allowed the Divine Mind to guide them, will have great power during these times. ~

Over the years Science Of Christian Thought has expressed different ways in which to remember, keep & participate in these Holy Times. As of three years ago we have received new informationfrom the Divine Mind Channel on how these special times should be properly kept within our present time frame – the Typical Laodicean Era. ~

The First Two Feasts – Passover & Unleavened Bread

This is now and extended time in which we remember the fact that Divine Intelligence has given us extreme compassion and mercy. It is also a time in which we contemplate the SOCT doctrine ofMocha [Mind of Christ Action]. It is a time frame in which we meditate and contemplate Divine Mercy and Divine Love. This time starts every March 1st through until the end of April – a complete two month period. ~

The only days that the SOCT student should try to not do normal work is every Saturday. Saturdays are days of prayer, fellowship & meditation for the true SOCT student.  All other days (during the special feast times) normal work is done but with focus on the time being remembered.  Sometimes we may work on Saturdays to help our employer when needed. Jesus stated: “It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath. “~

April 18th is the High Day of this time frame in which we practice the Passover/Unleavened Bread Affirmation. The Passover/Unleavened Bread period is a time where we thank Divine Intelligence for His extended period of mercy, the Seventh Time period which officially started on October 7th 2011. ~

The Passover/Unleavened Bread Affirmation is spoken on April 18th of every year and this is the affirmation: ~

“I am thankful that God protects me in His way at all times,
I will try my best to do good in all circumstances through and by the power of Holy Spirit.
I am a child of Divine Intelligence because of God’s mercy.”

The Third Feast – Pentacost

This is another extended time lasting from May 1st through all of June. During this time we contemplate the gift of the Outer Force (Holy Spirit). We concentrate on the fact that we have DivineMind directly working with and through us as true SOCT students. We are grateful for this Divine Implant…”the Mind of Christ in us”May 23rd and June 7th are High Days of this time frame in which we practice the Pentacost Affirmation. ~

The Pentacost Affirmation is spoken every year on May 23rd and June 7th.  This is the affirmation: ~

“I am filled with Divine Mind.
May I be guided by Holy Spirit at all times and may I become aware of God’s strength everyday.”

The Fourth Feast – Feast of Trumpets

This is the fourth extended time lasting the whole month of September. During this feast we study the Divine Mind channel and thank God that we have direct contact with Him and His workers (which includes the “good” Keepers, the Anoh’ites and all blessed Hierarchies). Students have received intense extraterrestrial contact during this time. In fact, there is usually an increase in UFO sightings amongst SOCT students during this feast time. ~

September 3rd is the High Day of this time frame in which we practice the Feast of Trumpets Affirmation. All SOCT affirmations can be recited at home in your personal quiet time or with other SOCT students. High Day affirmations may be repeated more than once during the High Day. They should be said with extreme compassion and mercy. ~

The Feast of Trumpets Affirmation is spoken every year on September 3rd and this is the affirmation: ~

“God continues to make Himself known to me in new ways.
I am grateful of His presence in my life. I see Him even now in all the things of creation.”

The Fifth & Six Feasts – Day of Atonement & Tabernacles

These fifth & sixth feasts comprise the entire month of October. During this period of time we remember that we as Humans must make an effort to help others – we sometimes have to lay aside our wants to make other peoples dreams come true for the betterment of the ALL. It is a time to contemplate self-sacrifice. ~

In regards to the meaning of the “tabernacles” we also take this time out to remember that we have a reward for our service to Divine Intelligence. All SOCT students have a greater destiny. ~

October 9th is the High Day of this time frame in which we practice the Day of Atonement/Tabernacles Affirmation.  Every October 9th we recite the following affirmation: ~

“I will look to help others constantly in all areas of my life.
God continuously helps me thus I in turn must help others where and when I can.”

The Seventh & Final Feast ~ The Last Great Day

This seventh and final feast always falls on October 31stThis is a day in which we focus on the fact of a resurrection of all Identity Seeds. All Identity Seeds will go where Divine Intelligence determines based on individual growth. This is a time to thank Divine Intelligence for the gift of life. ~

Ancient records also show that it was actually during the month of October that the true Jesus Christ was probably born. ~

Every October 31st we recite the “Last Great Day” Affirmation which goes like this: ~

“I await the day when I will be in a greater awareness of God’s presence.
When my Identity Seed leaves this body I will go to be with my Heavenly Father to live in the greater awareness of His presence.”


Short List of above mentioned yearly High Days:

1-   April 18th is the High Day of this time era in which we practice the Passover/Unleavened Bread Affirmation.
2-   May 23rd and June 7th are High Days of this time era in which we practice the Pentacost Affirmation. ~
3-   September 3rd is the High Day of this time era in which we practice the Feast of Trumpets Affirmation.
4-   October 9th is the High Day of this time era in which we practice the Day of Atonement/Tabernacles Affirmation.  
5-   Every October 31st we recite the “Last Great Day” Affirmation.

*Other important days for SOCT Students to remember:

January 1st to January 21st is the time we remember the extraterrestrial Anoh and contemplate his transmissions. During this time special contact may be made. ~ (Anoh Contemplation 2016)

July 14th is the day we officially took on the name: “Science OChristian Thought [SOCT]”. On this day some socters eat and fellowship together. It is also the birth date of the Seventh Messenger. ~

August 9th is a day we pray collectively for World Peace. ~


Socters now keep the American Holidays in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

In the past COGSR/SOCT students did not participate in the “worldly” holidays, calling them “pagan”. In this new Seventh Time Era [the Laodicean Era] we have been guided by Divine Intelligence to keep them, in the Spirit of Christ (the Divine Mind). Apostle Paul informs us that to the “Jew” he became like the Jew, to the “Greek” he became like the Greek in order to win many to Christ Jesus. In this Seventh Time we (socters) do the same. The Seventh Time is the time for radical mercy. ~

So all socters may keep the traditional American holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween etc. (Halloween is also the day of the final feast, “The Last Great Day”)  ~

Nine SOCT Moral Statements:

1~SOCT members live to enjoy life. This means we do what pleases us with our time. We choose who we want for friends and associate with like-minded people. ~

2~SOCT members live in reality. We do not pretend to be perfect or without problems. Our Christianity also involves the facts of Science. ~

3~SOCT members stay clear of hypocritical deceit. When we commit to an action we will do it because we decided. We are responsible for what we believe in and what we do. ~

4~SOCT members believe that when Jesus stated, “Turn the other cheek” He ment try and be nice to everybody. But if the person is not nice in return we do not let that person “step all over us”. We do not “cast our pearls before swine”. We hit back when we have to. ~

5~SOCT members believe in helping others. However, when those “others” try and use and abuse our sincerity they are no longer invited in our company. Why give to selfish idiots? ~

6SOCT members believe that all humans are basically advanced animals. We believe that this planet of ours is very old and that our known universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago. We believe humans are responsible for most all the problems on this planet. ~

7~SOCT members believe in achieving mentalphysical and emotional gratification. Each has the right to choose for him or herself what that takes. ~

8~SOCT members understand that “evil” is a fact of life and is defined differently by different people. Satan plays a role in our development and in our grasp of reality. Satan plays a role in our spiritual development. ~

9~SOCT members support the right of ‘freedom of religion’. We stand for the rights even of other groups who do not believe the way we do. We support liberty in all things. ~

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