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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Your World View is Your Religion

Your World View is Your Religion

So many Americans hate the old word “religion” and opt for the word “spiritualism”. But wait, doesn’t religion involve spiritualism? And if religion just means some organization does that mean those who claim to be spiritual have no organization…such as organized beliefs? Mr. Eric William King looks at these important issues in this paper. This paper will make your mind stretch a bit…but that can be a good thing. Read and share ~ California Socters of Peace 

In America today I get told by so many people that they do not like “religion”. Instead they claim to be ‘spiritual’. What is the difference? I believe it comes down to a cultural definition. Americans are no longer satisfied with most all religious organizations because they do not allow for evolution regarding spiritual knowledge. They are mostly fundamentalists. A fundamentalist can have the attitude that he or she has everything already figured out where as the “spiritual person” seems to be experiencing a constant search for higher realities. Please understand though that the so called spiritual person is still using reason and logic to organize some personal belief system. ~

Some people get so flowery with words that their statements are empty of meaning. Like when a so called spiritual person says: “Do not use reason and logic. Just smoke this joint and chant… “I AM.” Now this is boarder line insanity. Don’t think? Don’t use your God given brain to reason and use logic when making decisions? People who sell this spirituality [religion] are dangerous and SOCT warns against such blind faith. ~

There is a story of a young man that needed direction and a goal. He was confused. He went to a “spiritualist” who told him; “Don’t think…you think too much. Just go day by day and chant ‘I AM GOD’. Don’t worry, be happy!” So what happened? What happened to this young man who needed logic, reason and order in his life? He shot himself a week latter. What he really needed was to understand his true condition and he needed somebody to work with him with a plan. That is what he needed, not some flowery statement that gave him even more confusion. ~

True Spirituality uses Reason & Logic

What does the word “religion” even mean? Religion is a belief in and a reverence for a supernatural power OR powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe (So says “The American Heritage College Dictionary”). So that fits most of those who opt instead to use the title “spiritual”. Most spiritual people believe in a Divine Intelligence or God. SOCT prefers to use the title Divine Intelligence for God. So again I think that the reason people do not like to use the word religion is because right away they think of some denomination or church or even a specific world religion. Today most people who do believe in a Divine Intelligence want to be free to grow and evolve in their understanding of God and spiritual matters. Religious organizations give one the feeling of being stuck and or even controlled to some extent or another. SOCT is NOT a so called “religious organization”. ~

Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] is based on the religion of Christianity but it also has influences from other world religions and philosophies including such early movements as the Rosicrucian’s and it is constantly evolving. It is allowed to correct old warn out beliefs that simply do not work. It exposes superstitions and does not believe in a literal hell where some people might be tortured into eternity. This makes SOCT the only consciously evolving form of Scientific Christianity on this planet. ~

SOCT members from all over the world do not have to all believe exactly the same way on any issue. SOCT offers a platform for growth. SOCT offers scientific facts with its faith. All are allowed to choose from SOCT what works for them and even build off of it. This makes for a healthy religious understanding and spiritual life. ~

The SOCT student is an illuminatus (student of enlightenment). There is no fee or form to become a true SOCT student. One simply studies our information and uses what works for him or herself. It’s that simple. ~

Some Universal Spiritual Truths of SOCT

Let’s look at some SOCT teachings which I and many other SOCT students [not all socters] believe are universal in the collective spiritual mind of Humanity to one extant or another: ~

*Truth does not change but our understanding of it does. We believe in correcting errors of false interpretations with facts. ~

* We believe that other worlds have life on them and the possibility that we humans may experience direct contact from extraterrestrials someday. We also believe that this contact may have happened in the past and may even be going on currently. ~

*We believe that people when they die move on. We believe in life after death with even allowance for reincarnation. ~

*We believe that some people do not accept Divine Intelligence [God]. We believe that at some point the person must accept God [Divine Intelligence] to truly become spiritual. ~

*We believe in science and scientific facts. We believe that as Jesus stated: “The Truth will set you free”. God never lies but constantly puts us on the right path. ~

*We believe in respecting other peoples religious and spiritual views. Argument over such topics is the opposite of enlightenment. We choose to focus on our similarities rather than on our differences. ~

*We believe in respecting the macro and micro. We believe that true “spiritual people” do not just focus on their personal needs but also pay attention to the group. To love all of humanity is key to true spiritual enlightenment. ~

*We believe that all Humans are teachers, we learn from everybody that we come into contact with. We look at Human difficulties as lessons. We ask ourselves: “What is this situation trying to truly teach me?” ~

*We do not take peoples money or minds. All must make personal decisions regarding what they wish to support or not support. ~

*Respecting people’s political beliefs is also extremely important. To turn away from somebody over such issues can hurt. Love is key to all spiritual encounters. ~

*Sometimes speaking facts can be difficult and even scary but for real change to occur SOCT teaches that truth is the only real answer to any problem. ~

*We believe that all humans are basically advanced animals. We believe that this planet of ours is very old and that our known universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago. ~

*We believe that our planet has gone through many changes including prehuman stages and ice ages. ~

*We believe that Divine Intelligence has guided the process of all planetary changes and development. ~

*We believe that all animals and living things have “spirit” which to us means some sort of mind development. ~

*We believe that humans have a slightly more advanced “spirit” or mind process than all other animals on earth. This is not always a ‘good thing’. ~

*We believe that man is mortal and that the only possibility of immortality has to do with man choosing a divine and extra “spiritual implant” which we call Holy Spirit or Divine Mind. In other words you can choose to be an atheist and not listen to God. ~

*We believe that the basic spirit of man records all life experiences somewhat like a hard-drive in a computer. If man gets the special upgrade of Holy Spirit he may go beyond this mortal life consciously. ~

*We believe that the laws of science help us to understand the spiritual processes or what we might call the “higher laws”. ~

*We believe in 10 basic moral principles known as the Ten Commandments. We also recognize special times known as the Seven Festivals of God and the Seventh Day Shabbat [Saturday Sabbath]. We also as American socters keep the traditional holidays as we wish. ~

*We believe that the true Jesus Christ was sent here to teach the Truth about creation and humanity. We believe that we must allow God’s laws of Science to be included in our theological [spiritual] understandings. ~

*We believe in taking care of our planet and our bodies and all life. ~

*We believe that other planets contain life. We believe in the possibility of multiple universes. We believe that those intelligent life forms on other planets have their own beliefs and cultures and SOCT of course is ready to accept and respect that fact. ~

*We don’t mind using the terms “religious” or “spiritual” to help explain our path.

Common American Scientific Group Mind

Science is moving so fast these days that we really find it difficult to keep up with all the new findings. America has had to stretch its mind really fast. This of course can create social difficulties and developments. Though we try and accept things that even go against our so called old “common sense” we still subconsciously hold on to many of our naïve beliefs. In many ways we separate our religious or spiritual life from our intellectual and scientific beliefs. SOCT is trying to stop that from happening by allowing scientific fact to reshape and evolve our old religious understandings with new and healthier ways to think and live. ~

Humans were built with the idea of pattern and meaning. When old religious beliefs are challenged, especially with off the wall random questions, we find ourselves upset, uneasy. We all hold to biasness whether we believe it or not. This is simple Human nature 101. Today many with loud voices in the media have tried to get people to deny certain and extremely important scientific facts, such as evolution and climate change. If we do not collectively get out of the pit of denial we [the Human race] will become extremely counter productive in trying to achieve higher a greater goals. ~

American astronauts have a much better picture when it comes to what is really important in life. They have seen our world from a unique and blessed perspective. They have seen that we are basically one giant ball floating in darkness which has been blessed [or cursed] with the conditions for life. SOCT teaches that it is time for Humanity to collectively participate in its evolution. We strongly stress education from the right sources in this process. SOCT is trying to get people to think of the bigger picture. Where is our “Spaceship Earth” headed? ~

Human beliefs are largely motivated by emotion. Our rational mind needs science. Both our scientific mind and emotional mind must now merge at this important stage of our evolutionary growth. Extreme religious fundamentalism gets us no where as we are collectively being taught through the terrorist groups and their worldy activities. But are we really getting it? We must first understand our condition before we can make the right choices to fix it. ~

Scientific thinking must now be invited into religious thought on a global scale. It is time to find answers to our old questions and science is key but we must also now be willing to allow correction and maturity to occur in our religions. Only this path will make the lasting changes that we need for Human stability on the global scale. Please continue to study with us here at SOCT. Thank you for taking time out to contemplate this paper. ~

Peace is the only way,

Eric William King [August 31st 2015]

“SOCT uses science to validate its teachings on many levels. We use scientific discoveries to help us reevaluate our philosophy and theology. In this sense we are the only known movement using the title ‘Christian’ which is consciously involved in evolution. We are an evolutionary movement. SOCT most certainly contains highly controversial claims but if you think about it all “religions” or “spiritual” movements do this.” ~ Eric W. King 2015

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