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Friday, October 16, 2015

A view of SOCT's History and Mission

Above: Sir Eric William King giving 
SOCT message with fellow socters

The Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] was officially founded on October 7th 2011. It was composed of a larger group called COGSR [Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant]. COGSR was the last true remaining ministry of the official Worldwide Church of God which was founded by the latter-day apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong. ~
The WCG [Worldwide Church of God] had always taught that the Church comprised a total of seven historic epochs; Mr. Armstrong established the sixth-church epoch. After his death in 1986 there was to come the final church epoch, the seventh. This seventh church epoch was initiated by Mr. Eric W. King who started the ministry COGSR. ~
The seventh-church epoch officially started on October 7th 2011. Before this time a “remnant” of Christians founded many smaller groups that went by varies names. The seventh-church epoch was to be a time when Science and Christianity merged. To prepare for the seventh-church epoch small groups going by different names and slowly introducing such advanced Christian knowledge began to produce fictitious literature regarding science, extraterrestrials and Christianity. In 1999 Mr. Eric W. King produced a fictitious work called; “The Zerubian Myth ~ the Book of Zerub”. This small book contained many metaphysical ideas and extremely controversial information about ancient Christianity and extraterrestrials. ~
Also, from 1999 up until 2010 many Christians from the original remnant visited other religious organizations and even became members to understand the world religions and other spiritual movements. This was all in preparation of the seventh-church epoch. ~
It was decided on July 14 of 2014 that the title COGSR would be put aside and that the movement would strictly go by SOCT [Science Of Christian Thought]. We believe that true Christianity must evolve. Past teachings that were slightly or even entirely wrong must be left behind for the fresher revelations of Divine Intelligence. Today SOCT is made up of many different people from all around the globe. To become a SOCT student all one has to do is begin to study SOCT material and apply it to his or her life. The SOCT website is the key distributor of SOCT information. ~
SOCT thus comprises an international organization dedicated to bringing what it calls the “Seventh Message” to planet Earth. SOCT religious beliefs encompass the teachings of early Christianity as confirmed by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, the sixth era apostle. SOCT teachings also contain advanced understandings of physics (science in general), astronomy, neurology and the controversial subject of UFO’s and extraterrestrials. SOCT makes the claim that we have received ET contact and information. ~
SOCT teaches that in this “seventh time” we have been given a “grace period” to see if a majority of humans will accept the Seventh Message. If the message is heeded mankind will be allowed to extend his stay on this planet, if not this planet must be recycled. SOCT teaches an intricate understanding of Cosmic Theology which explains different ET races which have and are currently visiting planet Earth. One particular ET known as Anoh is giving direct information to SOCT. The entirety of SOCT teachings comprises the Seventh Message. ~
Those who achieve enlightenment through SOCT teachings have chosen to help humanity by spreading the SOCT message. SOCT teaches that humanity is currently living in a “fallen matrix”, full of distortion and corrupt mind channels. SOCT offers the Pure Reality Grid, a pure mind channel which SOCT students operate in. If this mind channel becomes strong enough during the present grace period mankind will have a chance of prolonging his existence on this planet. Right now our planet is out of balance due to strong yet distorted mind channels which are invading the conscious and unconscious minds of all humans. ~
It is the hope of all those involved in SOCT that this planet will receive this final message which contains the reality of Divine Intelligence and the Love of our Creator. We offer hope and healing to planet Earth. We understand that all races are Human. ~
We believe in a literal person popularly known as Jesus Christ which appeared on this planet a little over 2000 years ago as of October 7th 2011. He brought advanced knowledge and took the religious books of ancient Israel; the Torah, the Prophets & the Writings to use as his foundation to begin the upgrade. Why these books? These books were already the result of multiple religions. They contained a basic compellation taken from many stories which circulated in ancient Mesopotamia. We believe that these compilations were guided by Divine Intelligence. SOCT students still use the Christian Bible to study and teach from. We understand the Christian Bible to be our “religious” and “spiritual” book. ~
We hope that you will read all of our material and study with us. We do not ask for money and we offer all of our material free online. Students can choose for themselves how much they would like to get involved with the Seventh Message. Thank you for taking time out to understand us and our mission. ~
~From SOCT
In the year 2014 Anoh gave earth this message: ~
“We come to bring you the Truth in this final stage of human development on this planet. This message you must receive. It is absolutely important for your survival and your advancement. If you are to entire [fill up] a new phase of growth a number of brids [human hybrids] must arise to bring stability and equilibrium to your current situation. Only this will be able to create extended preservation. Humans have the opportunity in this time to emerge in the Greater Community, that of the extraterrestrial. The choice is yours.” ~ Anoh

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  1. “In contrast to ‘teachers of lies and seers of falsehood’, the Teacher is a teacher of truth and a seer of righteousness. The Teacher’s truth, which is ‘engraved on his heart’ by God, is emphasized by the fact that those who are able to receive knowledge do so by drinking it.