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Friday, October 30, 2015

Behold, the First Axiom

SOCT Paper 01

Behold, the First Axiom

Here Mr. Eric William King [Founder of COGSR/SOCT] will give more commentary on the first of the 33 Axioms of SOCT for a deeper reflection. Please study and share with other socters! ~Lisa Steiger

Axiom One:

1~ In the beginning of Time God created. This is what God does. The first viewpoint for Creation [that which creation could see] was the Word [Logos]. From the Logos came all created beings. These first created beings were called angels thus a dimension of Space was created for them to dwell in. The angels [points] communicate with God [Logos] ~ the First Point. God created further, more space and a universe. Stars and planets [space objects] were created. Finally this earth was created. ~

Just as thoughts are housed in Human brains and minds so thoughts are eternally in Divine Intelligence [God]. Yet the paradox is the fact that we cannot call God’s thoughts “things” as we understand things. Divine Intelligence at this level goes well beyond Human understanding. SOCT respects the writings of Jacob  Behmen (1575-1624) who was esteemed by the Rosicrucian’s of his time. He pondered such ideas and thoughts in his writings. In his work, “The Three Principles of Divine Essence” he wrote: ~

“And although I write now, as if there was a beginning in the eternal birth, yet it is not so; but the eternal nature thus begets [or generates] itself without beginning. My writings must be understood in a creaturely manner, as the birth of man is, who is a similitude of God.” ~ Jacob Behmen ~

So one can begin to see how difficult things can get when discussion of this first Axiom takes place. One way to explain what happened after “things” were shot forth from one center is that Divine Intelligence began to establish order from the midst of primordial chaos. This order is derived from the thoughts and intentions of Divine Intelligence. ~

There was no light; there was no time because ‘change’ had not re-begun. There was nothing to ‘form’ because there was truly no-thingSo in the midst of nothing this axiom appears. So this first axiom begins:“In the beginning of Time God created.” ~

The first ‘form’ appears in our dimension. Thus time begins as we know it. The first mirror of polarity manifests. Interdimensional beings are created called Celestial Angels. The so called “Cosmic Egg” gives birth. From the first appearing creator power, the Logos [aka “the Demiurge”] came the angelic beings and all things in space/time. The angels are the many “conscious points of light” from the first appearing ‘conscious point’, the Logos or Demiurge. ~

We can go a bit deeper and say that in our dimension God is beholding Himself at all levels. A sort of large “self conscious” is going on. Descartes explained in one sentence how this consciousness awakens us [Humans] the same way at the micro level: “I think, therefore I am.” SOCT does not teach a ‘blind faith’. In order to begin to comprehend these realities one does have to open his or her eyes, one must think. Man himself is two fold on many levels. We have unseen thoughts to which some manifest as physical actions; man has a microcosmic inner and outer world.  ~

“Similarly the Spirit of the Lord, which is the igneous love having the virtue of the Father and the Word, was borne over the waters and gave them its fiery vigour. So this burning love, a flashing Spirit of wisdom, is that true and supercelestial desire, projecting its igneous seeds into the matrix of the universal waters… that is, into the womb of Physis, whose chosen daughter is the immaculate Psyche and the bride of the bridegroom.” ~ Sir Robert Fludd (1574-1637) ~

Many in the 1600’s were contemplating such realities. The first axiom jumps ahead with: “Finally this earth was created.” ~

Note: From our point there is a “beginning” but not really. Deeper SOCT teachings state: “Can anything reach a precise zero? A true ‘nothing’?” The SOCT student answers, “NO”. Wow. Even a vacuum is constantly being pumped with energy. So we see a constant recycling program. SOCT calls this “Constant Particle Appearance (CPA)”. In other words, from nothing ‘something’ is constantly coming forth in some space/time continuum. ~

I hope this short yet deep paper has made you contemplate your spiritual side. Please continue to study with us here at SOCT. Thank you J

~Prophet Eric William King


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