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Friday, October 9, 2015

God's Feasts open up the Portal to God's Sacred Time

SOCT Paper 118

God's Feasts open up the Portal to God's Sacred Time

To enter true Christian Reality and see the light on the other side of this current fallen matrix you must keep the feasts and the true Sabbath. You must be in God's time...not fallen time. Let Mr. E.W. King give an intro to this topic. ~ Peter Kinder

To receive the true blessing of Divine Intelligence we must understand His commandments and His will. God reveals His will through the Scriptures and revelation. The Scriptures state that when we keep God's commandments we gain "wisdom" and "understanding". This 'wisdom' and 'understanding' comes from special revelation to the saints. ~

We begin to understand that the Seven Holy Feasts are a 'blue print' of the story of redemption. Obedience brings true joy.  Under the Seventh Time we have been instructed to keep them in a new way. We are rewarded by obedience. [Psalm 19:11] You must understand that God's time works together like perfect gears in motion. When we begin to keep God's time and live in God's time a "door way" or "portal" is open up to us. Our spiritual clarity increases. ~

As true Christians we must live in "God's time zone" and stop keeping the false calendar . Living in God's convocations is to live in CHRISTIAN REALITY. ~

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