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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sir Robert Fludd

“Robert Fludd is a link in the chain of Christian escotericism which includes figures as disparate as Origen, Hildegard, Eckhart, Ficino, Boehme, Emerson and Steiner; and he seems to have received his arcane knowledge not only from other writers but from the same source as well as all true theosophists before and since. Such people are often at a variance with the established Churches, to whose authority they offer the challenge of a personal revelation. Cutting through the crystallizations of dogma, they approach the spiritual world directly, returning with a new vision of its inexhaustible riches. It was Fludd’s virtue that he could present his vital teachings unmarred by his own psychology, and thus his work has always been prized as an inspired vehicle for universal truth.” ~ Joscelyn Godwin

Today Sir Eric William King continues to teach
in the spirit of Sir Robert Fludd (2010)

In 1999 Mr. Eric W. King produced a fictitious work called; “The Zerubian Myth ~ the Book of Zerub”. This small book contained many metaphysical ideas and extremely controversial information about ancient Christianity and extraterrestrials. ~
Also, from 1999 up until 2010 many Christians from the original remnant visited other religious organizations and even became members to understand the world religions and other spiritual movements. This was all in preparation of the seventh-church epoch. ~
It was decided on July 14 of 2014 that the title COGSR would be put aside and that the movement would strictly go by SOCT [Science Of Christian Thought]. We believe that true Christianity must evolve. Past teachings that were slightly or even entirely wrong must be left behind for the fresher revelations of Divine Intelligence. Today SOCT is made up of many different people from all around the globe. To become a SOCT student all one has to do is begin to study SOCT material and apply it to his or her life. The SOCT website is the key distributor of SOCT information. ~


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