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Thursday, October 1, 2015

SOCT Thoughts regarding Human LIFE

SOCT Paper 023

SOCT Thoughts regarding Human LIFE…think carefully about these points.

~If your female dog got pregnant, would you feel comfortable about given her an injection that would kill her puppies? ~

~ When a woman and man agree to come together in sex are they not sharing [in most cases] their bodies? So if something is birthed from this union should it be only one of the two who has a right to make a decision? If they agreed to come together in sex should they not agree to come together in what has been created? ~

~ When will humans respect their own creation process instead of abusing it and killing potential Humans? If you do not want a child then you [the Human Being] must make the conscious choice not to create one. Instead, unenlightened Humans [man & woman] create a child without thought and then decide to kill it. This is not enlightenment or good evolution. ~

NOTE: SOCT is not against the freedom of abortion but both men and women must realize that there are consequences to all actions. As advanced SOCT students we stand against the killing of Human life and we always will. Please understand that if you are women and have gotten an abortion [abortions] you can change and truly be forgiven and SOCT will always accept you for who you are. Also if you are a man and have participated in abortion you too can be forgiven, evolve and move on to better thoughts, ways and days.  Please, let us [all Humans] truly begin to accept the Scientific Laws of Divine Intelligence along with Pure Morality. SOCT does not destroy Human life potential. ~

~ Sir Eric William King [CEO & Founder of COGSR/SOCT]


*Paper 46: Moral Conduct & Concentration



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