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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Understanding our Selfish-self

SOCT Paper 9

Understanding our Selfish-self

All animals behave selfishly to one extent or another including Human beings. We need to be careful when we see people that are our friends get selfish over an issue sometimes. Some animals get selfish for literal survival situations, like fighting over food. How does a Christian act under such a condition? We need to contemplate how deep our spiritual understanding is to answer such a question. SOCT has always dealt with and will always deal with the Truth, with a capital “T”. ~

Another fact is that animals rely on one another to survive. Humans need other Humans for ultimate race survival and family survival. Food sharing, house sharing, money sharing, etc. are all extremely important. This continues to prove one of the core teachings of SOCT regarding the importance of social behavior, interconnectedness. Everything is connected. The SOCT student knows the meditation, “we are here, we are one”. SOCT students try their hardest to always work cooperatively in all that they do. When we see one of our friends begin to act selfishly over, sadly, so many trivial matters we should have enough love to bring it to his or her attention. The wise person listens to the other before he responds. We need to use all of the wisdom of SOCT to advance properly. ~

SOCT continues to teach the fact that all humans will need to adapt to all the climate changes taking place. This means that we will need to learn a new respect for water and food, for shelter and clothing. When our usual environments become disrupted mature adaptation must take place for healthy survival. Unfortunately many of us have taken so much for granted in our lives. We must understand that much of what we call “religion” or “spirituality” involves our cognitive system. The question becomes ‘can it become an evolutionary system also’. Science Of Christian Thought says yes and then proves it through our working belief system which involves full evolution in all areas. ~

SOCT teaches that we all have behavioral choices to make. If one truly understands their nature, how their brain basically is working and functioning, the connectedness of all human senses then he or she can make healthy choices but mostly we need to have this occur on a collective Human level.  This can only happen through mass education of the Seventh Message. This world is under a new order of international trade, language sharing, and custom sharing like never before. We are being tested in this Seventh Time. ~

Listening to Others

Part of our learning regarding selfishness means learning how to listen to the issue at hand that has made one act selfish. As the CEO of SOCT many people think me to be strange because they have not truly taken time out to read and listen to what SOCT teaches. They are instead “quick to judge”. Well, I am not here to convert anybody into what I believe in but I am here to share. All misunderstandings have to do with listening problems and understandings of language and interpretation. SOCT teaches long tested and scientific techniques in our “SOCT Doctrines” on how to properly deal with such issues. ~

Many people stick to what are called “talking points” in conversations to try and manipulate the thought patterns of others. When one has a collection of talking points you may witness conversations drift from point to point using key words, terms and phrases. The SOCT student must be aware of these techniques. A point which comes up in a conversation provides the starting point for what follows. When new points are introduced one may try and ignore the new points by continual repetition of the first point and so on and so forth. This is truly selfish when one is trying to have an honest conversation. ~

In ending this short yet extremely important SOCT paper I would ask you to really get serious in your SOCT studies. Study every paper with skill and patience. Become enlightened and a true illuminatus. Thank you for taking time out to check us out. Peace unto ye all. ~

~Sir Eric William King


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