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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Last ditch effort on the side of Evil

SOCT Paper 108

New Living Translation
"Therefore, rejoice, O heavens! And you who live in the heavens, rejoice! But terror will come on the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time."

Last ditch effort on the side of Evil

Christianity [Science Of Christian Thought] has always taught in a literal rebelling of ancient spirits known as “the angels”. We understand that when planet Earth was originally inhabited with the angels they were to be its “keepers”. They were to prepare the Earth for the greatest DNA and spiritual experiment in our known universe. Some where along the way the leader of a certain amount of these beings stationed here on planet Earth rebelled and in doing so he deceived one third of the angelic host to join with him. We call this “the great rebellion”. ~

Sometime after this great angelic war (which we sometimes refer to as the KT event) divine Intelligence (God) proceed with His plan to continue to create physical beings and all forms of life for the greater plan and purpose while at the same time allowing the rebellious ones to stay stationed in spirit bodies (though in some cases they can posses a physical body and use it to openly operate in the physical realm). What we all must understand is that these fallen spiritual beings cannot procreate; they are stuck at their number. ~

"...they built (through possessed bodies) great power 
structures and controlled the Human race."

For awhile these beings outnumbered the early Human population and they built (through possessed bodies) great power structures and controlled the Human race. As the Human race grew it reached a point where the Human population outnumbered the fallen angelic host. This made it much more difficult for the fallen keepers to maintain complete control of the Humans. In fear that the Humans would take over the great power structures and use them to fight the fallen ones the angelic host, and some physical extraterrestrials which they befriended from nearby planets, decided to destroy the great buildings and pyramids of ancient past. ~

 ~We are destroying civilization and our planet ~

Where we are today

Now in our present Seventh Epoch of time we find that the fallen keepers (the Adramelechs) have possessed those presently involved with terrorism to fight the rest of the planet. They are truly outnumbered because of the overpopulation of this planet and they are desperate to win. We will begin to witness those from the fallen extraterrestrial classes to be allowed in our atmosphere by greater numbers and join their fight if we do not step up to the plate. SOCT has been giving the Seventh Message strongly since October 7th 2011. The fallen ones now control most of the media and politicians. It is time to accept the Seventh Message. ~

We have been told that if enough people join the efforts of the Seventh Message we [this planet] will be given an extended grace period to rebuild our planet and make it work. Sadly, it looks as if most will not accept the final message. In that case we have been told that severe climate change will continue. War, violence and crime will continue and finally this planet will be destroyed (recycled). We have been given the choice. Please take all of this very seriously and join in spreading the SOCT message today. ~

Note: The good ET's known as the "good Anohites" are keeping this whole game under control for our evolution.

Thank you for taking time out to receive this extremely important message. ~

~From SOCT students to the World

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