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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Science Of Christian Thought regarding Perception

SOCT Paper 80

Science Of Christian Thought regarding Perception

Here is a short yet very informational paper by Sir Eric William King regarding the topic of perception. SOCT has very specific teachings regarding many processes of Human thought. Over the years Sir Eric W, King has been given phrases and explanations regarding the Human thought process that you will not find anywhere else. We invite you to read this important SOCT paper and share with others. Thanks! ~ Brent Skyway (SOCT teacher 2015)

What is “perception”? We could say that it involves awareness and concept. It results in interpretation in light of experience. When we review our lives we do not fully understand the fact that we are, at present, interpreting our experience based on past experiences from childhood up. This doesn’t make all of our perceptions correct or healthy. It is very important to reflect on our past before making big decisions. We can learn from our past mistakes but our past must be put through the test. ~

When we ask our selves; “What makes me happy?” or “What makes me upset?” we begin to learn about ourselves. We can begin to study our present experiences with past memories. It is good to talk to another SOCT student regarding such issues so that we may gain a greater awareness (perspective) regarding such personal issues. When we begin to understand ourselves regarding differing issues we may make important changes for the better. ~

How we Think shapes our Perception

“At SOCT/COGSR we train people on how to think. Thinking is a process that can be shaped and changed.  What does it mean to “think”? When we look at all the psychological definitions for thinking we find many answers, some conflict with others. Most might call it “mental activity” which is very vague. The Bible would define thinking as a deliberate exploration of experience for a purpose. [Romans 1:20] Many do not realize it but they are seeking for purpose in everything that they do. This can lead to the idea or fact of proper information when deciding things; a base or static truth which all else is compared to; a foundation.”~

“Thinking is also based on intelligence. People’s intelligence acts on their experience. Some may argue that perfect information would make thinking unnecessary. This is to take information to the extreme. We can know facts but that certainly doesn’t stop people from thinking. The Bible proclaims the fact of One Truth, an absolute Truth. The Bible proclaims that only God has absolute Truth and understanding of all things. [Proverbs 3:5-6] God has given us revelation of Himself through His word. God wants us to think! Scientists might proclaim the fact that all that “is” cannot be understood by mans little brain. The Bible agrees. However, enough can be understood to develop proper relationship with the ONE TRUTH and the personality of an intelligent God [Divine Intelligence].” ~ (From SOCT papers, “Learning How to Think” – 2014, 2015) ~

Perception Tools Differ

So we begin to understand that the way that we perceive things interprets our reality. Another factor alongside of our past experiences that helps create our present perspective is our communication skills. Some of us learn better through sight, others through sound, and many through doing; touch. We all use our five objective faculties but many of us favor one above another when it comes to learning. So this plays on our perspective. One might remember what he ‘sees’ better than what he ‘hears’. SOCT students need to be alert and aware of these factors when communicating to others. This way we can begin to understand each other better. ~

Perception and Information

 “While at school we receive a lot of information. We must memorize from text books to pass classes. The problem with this type of learning alone is the fact that it does not include personal perception (experience). Information is extremely important but what we do with it is going to rely on our past experience and perception (personal interpretation) of the topic in question. When SOCT talks about the fact that thinking is a skill it means that we understand the topic of perception. Information and logic are indeed tools of thinking but thinking involves so much more than this.” ~ From “SOCT Studies on Perception”, Published - 2013 ~

SOCT does in fact teach that there are static truths found in science. Our perception of such truths may be different from one to another but that does not change the static truth. It is what we do with our perspective that means everything. SOCT teaches the fact of “fallen mind channels”. This means that many in today’s world are not thinking properly because their sense of perception is aberrated, they are tuned into distorted mind channels. To become a clearer thinker one must begin to understand what we call Cosmic Law or “static truth”. Cosmic Law is the foundation from which healthy perception is built upon. You may have heard someone say; “You need to face reality!” SOCT can truly help one do this. ~

Proper Perception Involves Proper Observation

SOCT teachings give you the learning skills necessary to achieve accurate observation. One way to begin proper observation is to understand your five objective faculties and their limits. Not everything we learn is based on what we see, touch, hear, etc. In fact much of what we perceive using only our five senses is somewhat if not indefinitely distorted. Humans also have an intuitive observation, an emotional observation, and a mental observation. ~

1-intuitive observation ~ a knowing without a definite source - spiritual

2-emotional observation ~ effected by subject and key words - relational

3-mental observation ~ past experiences, logic, reason - deductive

*Even our subconscious mind will try to distort Pure Reality: ~

We must also understand that many Humans have distorted perceptions because the subconscious mind may be trying to hide the true interpretation of an experience from us. So “what is really going on”? The subconscious does this to “protect” our emotional levels and this is something that happens everyday to one degree or another. Because of this issue SOCT has always taught the importance of understanding the subconscious mind. We can become aware of our perceptions by using what SOCT calls “the Deliberation Channel”. ~

Insight regarding the Deliberation Channel

(Science Of Christian Thought Teaches that Humans have a Deliberation Channel)
Recent SOCT studies have now learned that habits are generally acted out with out thought, they are ingrained in the mind circuits. However, humans also have what we might call a “deliberation channel”. In other words, you can become aware of your habits and make a conscious decision to change them. In time this practice closes old and unhealthy mind channels and opens new and healthy ones. Though this is possible to some extent by ones own actions true change of heart and mind can only be accomplished through and by God’s Holy Spirit [Divine Mind]. To achieve ultimate reality realization in the mind of Christ one must attain a portion of the MIND OF CHRIST ~ the Holy Spirit. A person must begin to experience a true reality shift. ~

By attuning to the deliberation channel we begin to enter and study the subconscious mind. This is extremely important. The deliberation channel is the gateway to better self-observation. ~

Note: When one reaches a purer perception the next step is to cross the Liminal-Line of Consciousness – other SOCT papers talk about this. ~

Understand Emotion regarding Perception

Every sentence and also specific words that we speak have attached emotions to them. You may witness people having a conversion and watch their emotional responses change as specific names, words and ‘sentence configurations’ are used. When we become aware (conscious of these processes) then and only then may we begin to learn how to change and correct our old perception of things to the healthier reality. ~

SOCT teaches that personality is an innate gift from Divine Intelligence [God]. How we shape our personality and use our gifts is a manner of character development. Proper character development means that we understand the tools of thinking and proper perception. Science Of Christian Thought has many papers regarding these very important issues that we invite you to read and study. ~

~ Sir Eric William King

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