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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

SOCT Plate ~ “Mirror of Proportion”

SOCT Plate ~ “Mirror of Proportion”

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SOCT Paper 163

 Above picture drawn by Sir Eric William King.  This and other art 
pieces are used when teaching the SOCT revelations.

Above is a drawing which depicts primarily the order of Hierarchies within the understanding of Science Of Christian Thought [aka-SOCT] and it is titled; “Mirror of Proportion”.  To the far left bottom corner is planet earth (terra). There is a large crater at lower left of the planet due to the calling of the Seventh Messenger who is illustrated as a cross upon a red triangle which is the symbol of dedication. From him comes this explanation of the Hierarchies illustrated by “strings” coming out. The strings (arches) themselves represent different mind channels and dimensions. All are connected to the ladder beam on far left. This left beam of the ladder represents the Divine Mind Channel. ~

At the top left hand we see an “All seeing eye” and a white star. Notice that one beam of the star goes down and touches the Earth. Another beam shoots to the top right of the picture and is connected to the Holy presence of God which is depicted by the Hebrew letters, YHVH. The star itself represents the fact that it has been the work of the Hierarchies to ultimately help in bringing these spiritual revelations to mankind. ~

On the left side of the star beam which touches the Earth we see a slightly darker realm where Mother Earth is depicted standing with the planet. This side represents the Fallen Matrix which is basically what we call the physical world. She is staring at the seven day week. The days of the week are listed in the rings she is looking at. Her angels name is in front of her which is Ohriel, the Earth element angel. The “All seeing eye” represents the fact that Divine Intelligence is at work [Annuit coeptis] and providing in the physical realm as seen by the rain falling from the cloud. ~

On the right side of the star beam which touches the Earth we see a list of the Hierarchies in order. This side of the star beam represents the Divine Matrix. At number nine we have the Physical Keepers. These Keepers are of course physical beings and thus there is to the left of them the list of the four elements which connect to Earth, which are listed as “air”, “fire”, “water” & “earth”. ~

Tria Prima

There is also a cloud over the Earth which reads “Tria Prima” which represents what are called the “Three Principles”. These are Mercury, Salt and Sulphur according to the Paracelsus theory. ~

Listed as number ten is the being known as Anoh. Anoh is the key Keeper of our physical realm and is also an Extraterrestrial. Anoh has physical contact sometimes with the Seventh Messenger in this “Seventh Time” or Seventh Earth Age Epoch. Notice that next to his name in his ring is depicted a space craft. This craft represents the Mother Ship known as the Anohean. ~

Under Anoh are the Universal Associates and the Universal Grid Stabilizers. These beings work under the direction of Anoh and have helped our planet many times from catastrophic events and other issues. Under them is the angel Gabriel. Gabriel is the angel of the west and represents the water and all oceans of our planet. Thus we see the ocean water depicted under Gabriel’s name. Notice that there is a line above Gabriel’s name which connects to the Earth and on the far right connects to a star. This star represents individuals who have left their bodies and are on their way to ascension. The ladder of the Seven Seals on far right is the ladder of ascension.  The latter of ascension connects us directly to God. ~

At the base of the ladder is the Human Identity Seed which is basically our self, our gifted personality. To the right of the ladder is the angel name Michael. He is connected to the direction of the South and his element is fire as seen in the fire wand. At top right under the Divine Name are seven little stars (look like dots). These represent the Septenery Mysteries. ~

Finally, at top center of art there is the angelic name of Raphael who is the angel of air and wind. Next to his name is a flag blowing in the wind. There are many other symbols in this art piece that could be explained but what we have here shared is the most important information about the symbols. We have many other art pieces to post soon so please keep us bookmarked. It is good to print out the art and learn all the symbols. Great teaching tool. ~

~The socters of USA

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  1. Translating ANNUIT COEPTIS

    ANNUIT means to nod assent, to favor, to smile upon.
    COEPTIS means undertakings, endeavors, beginnings.
    Annuit coeptis means "favors (lit., gives the nod to) undertakings." The subject must be supplied. Who favors? The Eye (Providence) does.

    The verb annuit can be either present tense or perfect tense, therefore an accurate translation of the motto is: "Providence favors our undertakings" or "Providence has favored our undertakings." (The word "our" is supplied.)

    It has also been translated as: "He favors our undertakings" or "He has prospered our endeavors."

    The meaning of this motto is better understood when seen in its original classical context.