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Monday, November 23, 2015

The teachings of SOCT & Tiferet / Shekhinah

SOCT Paper 101

The teachings of SOCT &Tiferet / Shekhinah 

SOCT Teaches that the Jews took the secrets of ancient Qabalah from the earlier race of people which were literal descendants of the 10th Human couple which is mentioned in earlier SOCT papers regarding "Early Man"


In the ancient teachings of the Qabalah (Kabbalah) the sephirah Malkhut and the sephirah Tiferet must wed in order for the rising to occur. The sefirot Malkhut is feminine in gender and she represents Mother Earth. So all Humans live under the realm of Malkhut, on Mother Earth. In our fallen natures we are lost and blind, following the leadings of the Fallen Matrix. ~

SOCT teaches that there are divisions in our climb up the spiritual tree. We collectively call all of these divisions “the Pleroma”. Each division is called an Aeon. To more fully understand this you can read our papers on the Creator Hierarchies. There are ten major divisions and within each one countless. We understand the Hierarchies to be found in twelve major divisions. ~

Each and every soul on Earth was born into the fallen matrix, a world full of aberrant ideas, thoughts and practices. We live in a fallen world. Through the Christ we can rise and receive the spiritual implant of the Holy Spirit, a spark of Divine Mind. Our spirits without Divine Mind are still a part of Divine Intelligence but not until we receive the Holy Spirit spark [upgrade] are we truly able to begin our ascent to and into the Divine Matrix. Jesus Christ represents the mediator which is the sefirot known as Tiferet, a masculine and Husband sefirot. ~

So we begin to understand that the Christian Church collectively represents the Bride of Christ or Shekhinah. Shekhinah is also feminine and represents those who have Holy Spirit on Earth [Malkhut].  Actually, we say that Malkhut is the Earth only because it is the closet to Earth but even Malkhut lies within the Ain Soph (without form/infinite) and also contains archetypal forms. ~

Those not yet in the Church must wed with the Christ [Divine Mind].  Our fallen world has a virus. We understand it to be irretrievably evil without the presence of the Holy Order [God’s true Church]. Before Jesus Christ was born Divine Intelligence has always had a purified people on Earth, His elect. Sometimes this number was extremely small. Collectively SOCT has always called these people the Holy Order (see SOCT papers on Holy Order). People who have dedicated themselves to the study of SOCT teachings and meditations after six months become literal priests and priestess of the Holy Order by Divine Fiat. We now have a remnant which is spread throughout the entire Earth. ~

SOCT members have received the Holy Spirit and are thus begotten children of Divine Intelligence [God]. They have begun the wedding process. We are spiritually wedded to Christ (Tiferet) but we are certainly not yet completely perfect. We have not yet fully escaped the fallen matrix but we are protected and nurtured on our journey upward. Those who have received the Holy Spirit are called Midwayers (see SOCT papers on “Midwayers”). For the true SOCT student (socter) tiqqun our “restoration” has begun. ~

Spiritual Alchemy is to be understood and practiced for our maturing and transmuting of old and bad thought patterns into new and Pure Thought patterns. SOCT offers teachings, meditations and affirmations to help in this process. By so doing our awareness and connection to the Divine Matrix becomes clearer. Through the original Luciferian rebellion which started some 65 million years ago (see SOCT paper; “The Story of our Planet) all was “cut off” from the Divine Matrix. Ancient Qabalist, Isaac Luria referred to this event as “the cutting off of the shoots”. ~

Our fallen souls are trapped in mortal physical bodies that are manipulated by what we refer to as the qliphoth or “shells”. They are scattered across this planet like pieces of broken vessels that must somehow be put back together. ~

Science Of Christian Thought is teaching the message that can bring the restoration of All Things. Our message is the Seventh Message because we are living in the “seventh time”, that of Laodicea. In the SOCT paper titled; “Last Ditch effort on the side of Evil” we state: ~

 “We have been told that if enough people join the efforts of the Seventh Message we [this planet] will be given an extended grace period to rebuild our planet and make it work. Sadly, it looks as if most will not accept the final message. In that case we have been told that severe climate change will continue. War, violence and crime will continue and finally this planet will be destroyed (recycled). We have been given the choice. Please take all of this very seriously and join in spreading the SOCT message today.” ~

People are innately spiritual; they know that they are much more than they appear to be. Through numerous spiritual paths people have tried to “put themselves back together”. Only through Tiferet coming in a physical body and showing us the Way can this be done. Tiferet in this sense was embodied in the person of Jesus Christ [Yeshua Hamashiach] who becomes the true wayshower. We, like the “shells”, must become purified to wed to the Christ. This is possible first and foremost because of what He did for us in the Story of Redemption. Once we truly accept Him and follow Him we may cross the liminal-line of consciousness in this life to become a midway being. (See SOCT papers on “Liminal-line of Consciousness” & “Midway Beings” to more fully understand this process). Our Human spirits become seeded with Holy Spirit, the Divine Mind Implant. ~

For those of you who have some sense of the Qabalah this SOCT paper hopefully gave you a deeper understanding of the SOCT mission and message. Please continue to study with us here at SOCT. ~

You’re Servant,

~ Sir Eric William King

“For our planet to transition properly into its next evolutionary step, Humanity (at least a good size group) must accept the Seventh Message which will strengthen the Divine Reality Grid and allow our evolution to proceed a bit further in this space/time continuum.  However, if not enough people are able to rise to a higher conscious level within this Seventh Time then Divine Intelligence [God] will allow our space/time continuum to go through a recycling process. If this happens this planet will come to an end as we understand it.” ~ (From SOCT paper, “The Rational Teachings of SOCT” 2015) ~ E.W.King

The experience of this great transition will differ from person to person. Universal Law, however, will not change. So we need to begin to understand the big picture and no longer just dwell on ourselves if we are to save this planet. We will experience smooth times, good times, hard times, troubled times, sad times, etc. We need to collectively come together and be strong now. Let us let TRUTH become our guide in all subjects even if it goes beyond what we thought we once knew. It is time to be humble, it is time to be strong, and it is time to accept the Seventh Message. Peace unto ye all.” ~ (From SOCT paper, “The Rational Teachings of SOCT” 2015) ~ E.W.King

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