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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Basic Look at our Galaxy Cycles

SOCT Paper 52

Basic Look at our Galaxy Cycles

When we look from the top down upon our Milky Way Galaxy it looks like a giant pin-wheel. It does in fact spin. Earth is located on the outskirts of the whirl. We, along with all other objects in our galaxy are slowly but surely moving to its center. At the center of our galaxy is a giant black hole. ~

If we look at our galaxy sideways we see that our solar system travels in a wave, up and down motion, from its cross-line center. Our solar system is in an undulating cycle. Currently our solar system is on a downward path toward the center line of our galaxy. As it approaches this center line, space gets a bit denser…more stuff floating around. Our solar system crosses this center line orbit roughly every 70 million years (give or take a few here and there).


As we go around our great galaxy in this type of orbit we are also slowly moving inward toward the center of our galaxy. All of these factors play a role on our atmosphere changes and chances of getting hit by asteroids and comets.  The last time we crossed the center line of our galaxy was during the KT extinction level event, during the Luciferian rebellion (Some 65 million years ago). What happened back then was catastrophic to say the least. As we approach the center line again we will be challenged with more space objects coming close to our planet. The Anohites will only help if enough Humans join and support the Seventh Message which is now given to our Planet in this Seventh Epoch of time. ~


~Sir Eric William King

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