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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Science Of Christian Thought and Nature

SOCT Paper 022

Science Of Christian Thought and Nature

“The Heavenly Father, He is my true Father; the Holy Spirit, brings me to my true Mother; Wisdom, She is my true Sister, and Jesus the Christ, He is my only True Brother.” ~ Sir Eric William King

Today is Tuesday December 29th and where I am at we have had some snow. I have enjoyed watching the light snow fall and the deer eating off the lowered branches heavy with snow. My dogs both enjoy the snow and running around in it. SOCT students are taught to see Divine Intelligence all around them in the places that they live. Learning to be awake, aware and alert to our surroundings and to begin to develop deep respect for all the laws of nature is part of our spiritual maturing process. ~

SOCT is both a “nature” and “other-world” spirituality. “As above, so below”. We do not “worship” nature but we do learn to work WITH her and FOR her. From the smallest part of an atom to the largest space body we see Divine Intelligence. We enjoy watching the moon’s phases and watching the night sky.  We enjoy monitoring the changes of planet, sun and moon location while experiencing the changing seasons. We love to see the different birds and insects that come and go with each season. Everything is alive, all is action. ~

For those socters who live in big cities we encourage you to get to a park or even find a place not too far away where you can drive to on your days off. A place of nature, trees, water, grass. We must never become disconnected to Mother Earth. Most people live most of their lives inside. Inside a building, office, car, house or shopping center. This is not healthy. I am encouraging all SOCT students to focus on getting better acquainted with our planet in this New Year (2016). As we study SOCT papers and then begin to meditate on them surrounded by nature we will better understand the depth of the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

Get Outside

Some people are in bad health and are not able to get outside. In this case they can watch great documentaries, surround themselves with nice house plants and open window sunlight. They may even get an indoor water fountain. In any case, there is no excuse to ignore the beauty of God’s creation. Holding a simple feather or interesting rock can connect one with a deeper respect of nature. Some SOCT students do rituals such as the LBRP using symbols of nature in ritual. The point is we should develop a deeper relationship with our planet. ~

Having an animal like a dog or cat is also very important. To have some kind of closer connection to other life forces will aid in our advancement and relationship into spiritual maturity. Some may have goldfish, a lizard, snake, turtle etc. ~


I can never overstress the importance of prayer. Prayer helps us heal grievances. It allows us to experience the reality of God’s forgiveness. To live in sin and grievance is to live with the “pissy” attitude in everything. Living only attuned to fallen mind channels is to live in contamination. Faultfinding and complaining are easy tasks. We are to rise above this mentality. Many ‘spiritual paths’ teach the idea of extreme relativism and that there is no absolute Truth. SOCT is different. We do teach that there is ultimate Truth and peaceful it is. Ultimate reality is attainable only through the Divine Mind Channel. Prayer is a powerful way to connect with Divine Reality in all that you do. ~

SOCT students do not need a specific building or location to find the reality of Divine Intelligence. Wherever we are we know that “We are here, We are one”. I am not saying that it is not important to fellowship with “like believers” because it is. Having close friends and people in our lives is extremely important. Socters are NOT a-loners! We have decrees and meditations that you may use to help. I will give three of our decrees here which are very helpful for inspiring goodness: ~

“My understanding of God is Always Changing”
“I serve a Living God”
“Divine Intelligence is Constantly Teaching me”
“What I call “stillness” is the Cauldron of Truth”

“I am a being of White Light”
“I illuminate my surroundings with Truth”
“I am restfully moving”
“I am God’s Light”

“I feel God in the wind”
“He touches me with the light breeze”
“With the Rain, with the warmth of the Sun”
“I hear him chirping in the birds and in the moving leafs”

All People can Participate in Healing

Yes, God’s Vital Life Force surrounds us. We could indeed say that “the Force surrounds us”. We all live in different locations so our surroundings and how we experience nature may be very different. If you live in Alaska the experience of nature is extremely different than how it is experienced in Phoenix Arizona. But the fact is we can develop a personal and unique experience and relationship with whatever environment we find ourselves living in. SOCT teaches the fact that where ever we are there are universal Truths taking place. ~

We can experience the warmth of fire, the wet of water, the cool or warm wind…wherever we are we are here, we are one. Take from the Science Of Christian Thought whatever works for you. Socters everywhere are waking up to the Seventh Message of change. We teach that a better world is always possible and we offer Truths that can make the needed changes for mass healing. Though we do teach specific truths in many areas People of all faiths study SOCT teachings and take from them what inspires them to DO something for a change. ~

In one of our older SOCT papers titled; “Planet Earth at War in 2014” I have stated: ~

“There are many humans who wish not to be “religious” or “spiritual” in their endeavor to save the planet. All one has to do is begin the process of studying SOCT teachings to begin to grasp the reality of our message. True peace involves letting others have their own spiritual belief systems. All we ask is that one look at the scientific facts when contemplating faith issues. ~”

“Religion and science cannot keep fighting if there is to come harmony. Advanced humans understand this fact but pride prevents them from accepting it. ~”

“Part of our mission is to allow the laws of science to merge with social and moral development of mankind. We need to be brave enough to stop clinging to old belief systems which do nothing but harm ourselves and others. Most all humans have reached a higher comprehension level than the present ancient religions have to offer. Public morals and values need to be reevaluated. No matter what kind of sentimental connection we may have to old beliefs that don’t work, we must let them go. We thus begin to replace the old system with the new and more enlightened system.  We must now separate fact from fiction. Will you join us on this bold journey into a better way? Divine Intelligence is waiting for us to grow to the next step. Are we willing and able? All things are possible with Divine Strength. ~”

Do Something!

So in ending this SOCT paper (paper: “Science Of Christian Thought and Nature”) let me remind you all that you have abilities which are naturally inborn. Through SOCT you may find some of these powers to do good for yourself and our planet. We may all learn to get more in tune with these abilities and innate energies. We should try and discover our talents and even use our hobbies to enhance our lives and those around us. We can no longer ignore the major climate changes coming upon our planet. We now need to spiritually mature, socially mature, politically mature and allow the laws of science to merge with our spiritual understandings. We will awaken as New Beings (Midwayers) in the Seventh Time if we make the effort. Let us make the effort, in Jesus name….amen. ~

~Sir Eric William King

“Dear Glorious Creator, through the gift and bestowal of your Spirit you are reproducing your actions through me on this imperfect sphere. May I be an example to all those around me. Your Spirit helpers are ever present. You have made me to be a part of the God Family. Sustain me in my progress. Guide me into my great potential. Give me inner control. Clear all mental blocks. Give me proper focus. Give me optimum function of personality. Guide me with spiritual discernment. All this for your glory. I ask in Jesus name, Amen.”


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