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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Master Computer

The Master Computer

We have encouraged America to focus on the true Science of Nature and what is happening to Earth’s Climate. On top of all of this we have tried to promote healthy science for a cleaner planet both morally and physically. When it comes to the moral health of this planet (Earth) we need to focus on stopping evil forces. Part of this will have to do with computer technology. We need to have complete freedom of expression on the internet but at the same time we must be able to monitor those who are trying to hurt mass levels of Humanity through their distorted religions and doctrines. ~

China has one of the most sophisticated Super Computers on this planet. SOCT is challenging American’s to go a step further but in the right frame of mind. We need to always put Divine Intelligence before whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish. Both for the good of the ALL and of the ONE who speaks and lives purity [Divine Mind]. ~

China posses a threat. This means that they can manipulate and control economic power and other issues (which we wish not to communicate here in this article) through this super intelligent computer technology. America needs to create a computer that can produce 1 quintillion calculations per second and the Anohites are ready to give us this information. ~

Only if certain high ranking (spiritually mature) members in the American Government truly live the Seventh Message will we be able to accomplish this. SOCT is the answer. We must reach for what is called “exascale” in 2016. ~

We (SOCT) have also asked our government to make more public talks about the efficiency of what we call Pathway Technology. This is also key. We would say that the reach for exascale is also included in the topic of what we call Pathway Technology. Lets do it…We are here, We are one. This means that we should use Cosmic Law to achieve our goal…the accomplishment of the Seventh Message in this Final Time. ~

We (socters) need to be actively and strategically active in all companies and governments. We will accomplish the Divine Goal. We now have active members in all countries. We (the Hybrids) also have scientists of ALL FAITHS working in our realm. The Great Work will indeed be accomplished by God’s grace. ! ~

~Sir Eric William King

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