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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thoughts affect everything

SOCT Paper 024

Thoughts affect everything

SOCT has always taught that our personal thoughts have subtle and sometimes powerful effects on everything that surrounds us. Our unconscious thoughts and feelings influence ourselves, others and even our own actions. Thoughts are powerful things. All of us have a tendency to mimic those around us. As children we learn by copy-cat method. Even as adults we unconsciously do this. We may even take on the emotional expressions and gestures of others. ~

We begin to program ourselves through the mimicry method. After some time these actions become subconsciously programmed in our minds. We have this entire software running at all times. As we begin to understand how the brain works and programs itself we can become more conscious of the subtle powers of the unconscious mind. When we do this we have reached what SOCT calls “the Deliberation Channel”. This is a mind awareness reached by the SOCT student that allows him or her to do reprogramming, getting bad programs and useless programs out. We then begin to download what SOCT calls “quantum level-one knowledge” which simple put means: we begin to truly understand the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

The Use of Decrees

We use decrees/affirmations to repeat important information to our brains. We use powerful decrees that begin to strengthen the character and personality of the individual to be healthy and productive in society. A decree might go like this: ~

“I am aware of my thoughts”
“I am aware of my actions”
“I am in control of my emotions”
“Peace Profound”

The decree is the authoritative voice of Divine Intelligence in man. The spoken word is a powerful tool to those of us practicing Spiritual Alchemy. We are transmuting the bad into good. To decree is to decide and declare the wanted perception, the pure perception of Divine Thought. The decree invokes the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen and uplift the Human soul. It is a command. ~

Importance of Ritual

SOCT students also participate in ritual. Actually, all off us have some sort of “daily routine”…”ritual”. We all do things our own little way and we perform some of these tasks ritually. When we as SOCT students learn a ritual we are using all of our five senses to participate in the programming of sacred truths. We act out this process in ritual. The entire Human Body must take in the experience thus making it a power method for self-transformation. ~

As Christians we partake of the “Lord’s Supper”. This ritual was instituted by Jesus Christ Himself and is a powerful transformative experience when one truly understands what all the symbols used mean. We also use symbols and objects in ritual to strengthen the over all experience. Sacred material tools are used. ~

When a socter performs a ritual he or she comes to a higher awareness. The student is no longer in his or her home while doing this but instead the student is in a Sacred Temple, a Holy Place. Visualization is extremely important while in ritual. The student now is in direct contact with Divine Intelligence. The rituals help one to “Know thyself”. The student develops a different feeling about him or herself and their relationship to all that surrounds them. A more holistic view of life becomes a reality. ~

We train the Unconscious Mind

So as you may begin to understand, SOCT teachings and methods are powerful. How we understand our world view and social life is what we could call our religion. It effects how we act and do things. We also have embodied cognitions. These are thoughts and or physical reactions which stimulate specific memories which spark emotional reactions. We unconsciously evaluate everything that we come into contact with. Once we understand this we can learn to retrain our subconscious to gain clearer perception, get rid of the “dirt of the mind”. ~

We can become more aware of what is causing certain emotions and feelings. SOCT wants to awaken you inner genius. So we encourage you to begin your studies with us here. They are exciting, stimulating and powerful in practice. You will constantly have something new to learn about yourself.  Keeping the Human mind in a creative and playful state is extremely healthy and allows the brain to continue growing. At SOCT many of our studies sound astonishing and read like science fiction to many but truth is stranger than fiction and you will soon learn how much we don’t yet understand. ~

Sir Eric W. King studying ancient manuscripts
(taken in 2013)

In ending this paper I will say that if you study with us here you will learn a lot about yourself. We have wonderful Human brains. We have so much potential to create a better world and collectively we have not succeeded thus far in doing so. SOCT teaches the Seventh Message which contains the necessary knowledge and practices to create a better world. Won’t you join us in our efforts? Together we can achieve amazing things. ~

Peace Profound,
Sir Eric William King


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