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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Understanding your Identity Seed

SOCT Paper 75

Understanding your Identity Seed

This is incredible information to all socters from Sir Eric William King. These teachings come from advanced SOCT teachings and members of the Holy Order hold these understandings to be extremely sacred. They should be guarded and protected. We share this with socters now in this seventh epoch of time. Those of you who have studied here for at least six months and have practiced SOCT meditations are considered members of the Holy Order by Fiat. We are SOCT and we have La Clef Hermetique. ~ George Robinson

“Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.” ~ Psalm 67:2 ~

Science Of Christian Thought teaches that what many call the “Human spirit” is more accurately called the Identity Seed. Our Human bodies are mere vehicles which house our identity seeds. Our identity seeds are extremely small...smaller than an atom. They reside between the forehead and the center of our brains. This is the seat of the Human spirit. When a child is forming in the womb these identity seeds begin to enter the body through the top back of the Human head. The baby’s brain must reach a specific level of growth before the identity seed is allowed to enter. Some babies still have a soft spot at the top of the head after being born. Slowly, as the identity fits its new body the soft spot heals. In a past paper I wrote: ~

Your Identity Seed

“All DNA has been encoded with an identity seed. The frequency of this seed’s expression differs in all living beings due to frequency differentials and personal life adjustments. All consciousness flows through a system of vibrations. The human brain communicates using pathways. These energy pathways are the vascular system of your personal identity. Because of the advanced ‘human spirit’ humans have the capability of receiving upgrades in mind development which allow connection links to all dimensions and beyond existence itself.”  ~ E.W.King, from SOCT paper; “Identity Seeds and Individual Function” ~

Also, another power enters the Human body and charges and directs the growth of all cells. This power is called the Vital Life Force. There is another kind of consciousness involved in vital life force that we  talk about a little latter in this paper but this life force enters the Human body through what is called the medulla oblongata, the opening at the base of the Human skull. ~

SOCT does not teach openly the exact path of the involution of the identity seed. I will say that it has proceeded on a downward path from higher realms [Aeons] before entering the physical body. The identity seed is also your true personality. SOCT teaches that everybody is born with a one-of-a-kind personality. No two are exactly alike. As children we begin to seek identity. We begin to find out what our gifts are. Through out life we begin what we call character development. We are all born with specific traits and we can learn new traits in our character development. In a past paper I wrote: ~

“As SOCT students we understand that there is a difference between the personality, character & identity of an individual. First off, personality is something that you are born with. It is the “true you”. We are each born with unique qualities; no two people are exactly alike. In SOCT we could also break personalities down in to “personality types” but we will not do this here. Here we will discuss the three things that make you “you” which are personality, character & identity. So if you are a person born with your own personality then what is your character? Character is something that is developed. Some people have developed a healthy character and some not so great. Character is something that is worked on. Now we come to “identity”. For character to properly be developed it must have some kind of moral compass. This compass is what evolves your identity, who you think you are, or who you truly are.” ~ E.W.King, from SOCT paper; “Personality, Character & Identity” ~

Many spiritual paths teach that your identity seed [Human spirit] is born and reborn into new personalities. SOCT does not teach this. You will always have your own person-ality. You may experience new territories through out your spiritual journey and develop new skills and traits but you will always be YOU. ~

The Human Spirit awakes in this Physical Realm

SOCT refers to the identity seed using other titles such as “monad”, “personal monad”, “Human spirit”, “personality”, etc. Your monad has dipped into matter so to speak when you awoke in this physical world with your physical body. Again, I cannot give out too much detail at this time regarding this subject but as your monad descended from the higher realms it came down so consciously in at least seven steps. The first three steps of its descent were not conscious experiences so out of the Pleroma [spiritual dimensions] you have gone through ten aeons [dimensions] but have only experienced consciousness in seven. So we sometimes talk of the septenery mysteries, mysteries which deal with the number seven. ~

God [Divine Intelligence] is He who allows the identity seeds out of the first three and highest aeons. Divine Intelligence creates vehicles for the identity seeds to gain individuation and personality expression. They travel through the higher realms first and then take on etheric and finally physical bodies. Through evolution all personality seeds gain individuation and proper identity.  When the monad first appears in the higher realms before working its way down the ladder and into the physical world it is bisexual by nature, containing both the male and female gender. At a particular point in its descent it splits. In this sense our one and only original personality splits…one half female and one have male. But together they are your whole personality. Its female counter part becomes a separate being [Human]. So all of us have another half [male or female] experiencing a life as the other half of our original monad. At some point on our assent we [male/female] will join back together with much gained experience and become a whole monad again, a whole personality.  ~

Some people have had the privilege of meeting their other half in this life. When this happens we use the phrase; “one has found his or her soul mate”. This is rare. Also, sometimes our other half living may die before we do. This does not affect anything. The monad half that has begun its journey upward waits for its other half before continuing on. ~

Sometimes if the female out lives her other half she may feel the sense of loss and find herself trying to connect with manly things. If the male outlives his female half he may find himself becoming gentler and longing for the feeling of the female. This is the science behind our monads that is very sacred and hard for many to grasp. ~

Another extremely fascinating thing can occur. Sometimes Divine Intelligence can allow our other monad half to join with our identity seed in this life. In other words if the body that was carrying the other half of your monad dies before you do God can allow that other half to immediately rejoin with you in spirit. This means that your monad can become whole again in this life before you begin your ascension. When this happens a great change in thinking occurs. A burst of inner insight and incredible intuitivity skills may develop. At this point one does not care too much to enter a male/female relationship in marriage. Why? Because he or she is now complete in this sense. ~

In the case of twins they are born with their own monads, they are not soul mates. However, twins have shared the same mind circuits while growing in the mother’s womb and are thus closely attuned on similar mind tracks. Thus some twins can feel the thoughts and emotions of each other more so than regular brothers and sisters. ~

Why the Monad Splits

In physical science everything is dual. This is the Law of Polarity. There are statements which explain this phenomenon coming from Hermetic thought which go like this: “Thesis and antithesis are identical in nature, but different in degree”; “opposites are the same, differing only in degree”; “the pairs of opposites may be reconciled”; “extremes meet”; “everything is and isn’t at the same time”; “all truths are but half-truths”; “every truth is half-false”; “there are two sides to everything”; etc.  ~

We also understand that in creation, “the one became two”. God created the polarity as male and female. When the two become one the process starts all over again. It is the sexual pairs of opposites which constitute creation. In the lower dimension it is the two sex principles which manifest so that the work of generation may begin. In the physical world we create the bodies so that the monad may experience both poles, male and female. This is the highest process of evolution. Had Divine Intelligence kept the world-soul neuter there would have been no Universal Manifestation or creation. ~

The SOCT student and member of the Holy Order understands that these mysteries are indeed controversial. We understand the bisexual nature of the primordial divine monad. For the man to be complete he must wed to his feminine counter part and so must the women wed to her true male counterpart. The twin souls, male and female, then constitute the complete whole, the personal Identity Seed. The entire creation flows from the differentiation of the unmanifested divine into male and female. ~

Just because we might be married does not mean that we have “found our soul mate”. We marry and long for polarity equilibrium in this life because of ‘who’ we are, this is how we are created on this physical plane. We have vital secretions in our chemistry that need to be acted on. We long for relationship. As long as we use our sexual functions in the high moral standard of marriage we do well. ~

Even if your marriage mate is not your soul-mate she or he is probably from the same maturity strain to one extant or another along the evolutionary plane of development. So union to properly progress is in action. ~

The Humans, Adam and Eve were the first true “soul mates”. The original outline was to have all Humans unite with their soul mates for harmonic growth. After “the fall” Adam and Eve had to leave their protected space and go out to live with the “wanderers”, those Humans from different mothers (read: “The Story of our Planet” to understand Human evolution and the story of Adam and Eve). ~

We also see this male/female polarity in the story and relationship of the Church of Christ. The Christian Church is represented through her people who have the Holy Spirit, Shekhinah. They must wed with the Christ (Tiferet). We understand this deeper teaching in the studies of SOCT Qabalah. ~

Spiritual Alchemy is Needed to Progress

God has given us tools to help us grow. We need to use the tools or they will sit around and decay and be good for nothing. The tools we need to find, use and understand are in the Alchemical toolbox. SOCT teaches spiritual alchemy; the Alchemy of the Soul. ~

Remember, gender is manifested in every plane. The masculine and feminine powers are ever at work. On the physical plane the principle manifests as sex. No creation is possible without this important polarity. So the advanced socter must understand the process of polarization. We must learn how to join the two extremes in a harmony. So we begin to understand thought processes and spiritual or mental alchemy. We can learn to change our polarity on issues as well as others. We begin to learn how to transmute evil into good. We do this by the use of the will in accord with God’s will. We learn to become attuned to the Divine Mind Channel. ~

All SOCT students realize that we cannot ultimately understand the Infinite All. At the same time we believe that in our being God has given higher laws to contemplate for self individuation. These tools must be used for true and pure relationship to begin. Divine Intelligence loves relationship in harmony. ~

Universal Consciousness and Vital Life Force

I stated earlier that there is in fact another universal consciousness called Vital Life Force. What does this mean? Simply put it means that Divine Consciousness is in everything, experiencing all levels of consciousness simultaneously. Now, that is it explained in a very simple way yet it is much more complex than this. So let us go just a bit deeper to begin to grasp what this means. ~

We could state that there are different planes of consciousness on our planet. We could make a simple list as such: ~

1-The Plane of Elements ~

2-The Plane of the Minerals ~

3-The Plane of Plants ~

4-The Plane of Animals ~

5-The Plane of Humans (advanced animal) ~

6-The Plane of the Hierarchies (ethereal & angelic beings) ~

7-The Plane of Divine Intelligence (Divine Matrix) ~

When we talk about consciousness being acted out on the plane of elements we are refereeing to all actions which occur on the micro-physics level. Here we are dealing with the subtle elements of which all material forms are composed.  At the atomic level there is attraction and repulsion going on. As a matter of fact SOCT teaches that there are the five forces happening all around us at all times. What are these five forces? ~

Let us understand five words in the English language which help define what is going on constantly within the realm of matter. ~

1-Cohesion ~

2-Attraction ~

3-Repulsion ~

4-Adhesion ~

5-Propulsion ~

Let us look at ‘cohesion’. We could understand this word to mean:  “The sticking together or coming together to create unity.” This is in fact what every particle in our universe seems to be striving for. We see this law at work in the smallest of particles. There is a will operative in matter. Where does such a law spring forth from? What makes this work? Is there another energy which is not what we would call physical at work behind the scenes? ~

In an older paper I stated: ~

“Space does not sit still. All particles and non-particles are in constant fluctuation. Humans perceive a stillness and “non-motion” phenomenon because they cannot witness everything. To Humans we can “sit still”. We have been placed in vehicles of observation [the Human body] and have limited faculties [tools] of perception. This helps us to begin to understand matter and its motions. We could understand that everything that we see comes from a higher vibrating dimensional realm. The Pure Reality grid contains information which is then projected, according to a holographic principle. It is projected on the great sheet of time/space. “~ E.W.King, from SOCT paper; “All is Action [1999]”

We need to understand that at the atomic level we are witnessing a consciousness but all of these clumps/particles of energy do not have a separate Identity Seed experiencing consciousness like we see happening at the Human level. What we are witnessing at the atomic levels [plane of elements] are conscious manipulations of matter coming from the Hierarchies of creation following specific static Cosmic Laws. The hierarchies are manipulating particles through a complex program which stems from the higher realms. The energy to do these manipulations is called Vital Life Force and is in fact an energy that Divine Consciousness is operating in at a conscious level. This means that God [Divine Intelligence] is aware of everything that is or ever shall be. God is truly omnipresent. So the plane of the elements is Collective Hierarchy Consciousness. ~

Nothing is truly done randomly. Divine Intelligence is beyond our comprehension of time/space. When we look at the plane of minerals we are talking about all actions occurring in the molecules of which minerals are compassed.  Here we witness again laws of “like and dislike” happening amongst the action of molecules. At this level a stronger etheric body begins to take place in matter around these life forms. Minerals also do not have a separate Identity Seed operating in them but there is, at this level, a more collective consciousness being developed at the etheric level [they have an Etheric Collective Consciousness]. Minerals and plants begin to contribute to Earth’s atmosphere in the chain of creating proper atmospheric conditions for Humans to operate. ~

At the plane of plants we witness the relationship going on between protoplasmic cells. On this plane we begin to witness an individuation within the living form at a higher level. Plants and trees contain a separate conscious particle which we refer to as an Identity Germ. These identities of consciousness are not on the level of an Identity Seed [Human being] but there is a individuation process going on within plant and trees that is unique. They are considered separate conscious beings. They can sense other life forms, direction, time, space, etc. Some of them even have an unseen language amongst themselves. Some have developed acts of psychoses which are acts pertaining to the thought process. They are truly alive. ~

At the plane of animals we most certainly have personality, character and identity happening. There is truly an animal spirit. All animals [including insects] contain what we call an Identity Grain. Human are animals also but we are at a special level of development which has made our selves slightly differentiated from the rest of the animal kingdom, we call ourselves Human. The rest of the animal kingdom contains the most advanced levels of consciousness under the Human. They are us at the “first stage” so to speak. SOCT has always taught Theistic Evolution which simply means that all things on this planet are materially made up of the same things, atomic particles and energy which are being put together and guided by Divine Intelligence. How our differing vehicles have been shaped has to do with the Divine Plan of Divine Intelligence as God has allowed the hierarchies to help shape creation under the direction of Divine Will. ~

The plane of Humans is where we find ourselves. Humans have a “spark” of the image of God contained in them which we call the Human Spirit [Identity Seed]. This “spiritual seed” is your person, your personality gifted to you by Divine Intelligence. This seed records every experience you have had and will yet have. It is kinda like a hard-drive in a computer. It functions by using a physical body (the Human body). Depending on how good the biological wiring is will determine its operative qualities in the Human body. As our bodies get older the Identity Seed may loose quality of expression in the physical world. ~

We are here in this dimension of time and space to reach a higher level of evolution. This realm (Earth) is our school. We have been asked to search and seek knowledge, to change bad thought patterns, transmute them [Spiritual Alchemy] into Godly qualities. SOCT teaches that one must receive a spiritual upgrade to truly begin his or her ascent back to the Godhead. This means that we must consciously receive and extra faculty. This is the spiritual faculty of the Holy Spirit. ~

True SOCT students are those who visit this site and read and study all material found here. They have accepted Jesus Christ as their God personality. They have asked to receive and have received the Holy Spirit [Divine Mind operative in them]. Those who have the Holy Spirit have the true link to the Divine Mind Channel. This makes them a midway being or a midwayer. There are several socters [SOCT students] now residing in many different parts of the earth. We form a network, a linkage which forms the pure reality grid. It is this grid which is to hopefully become strong enough for further preservation of our planet. More must accept this final Seventh Message to make the grid strong enough. ~

The plane of the Hierarchies involves spiritual beings which Humans have referred to as the “angelic host”. Here we have those higher beings holding extremely important offices having to do more directly with Divine Intelligence. These are the directors of the Cosmos. They have connections all the way down to our known physical realm. ~

SOCT Pure Reality Grid

This pure reality grid (also known as: Divine Mind Channel Grid) is what can help hold together this fallen planet of ours but more people must join the crew before this can happen. We are living in the Seventh Time and there has been a grace period allotted to us. We must take advantage of this most important time and study and share the SOCT message. To all of those students who have received the Holy Spirit you must understand: fused beings are twofold but they are truly only one special personality. This personality has now received the upgrade. ~

Before we can go into the coming Kingdom of God we must first receive the Holy Spirit. God the Father must first beget each Christian by placing His Holy Spirit within our minds to join with the spirit of man [our gifted life force]. This is the spiritual begettal of our minds. In Ephesians 1:5 some Bible translations use the expression “adoption of children” but the original Greek word is huiothesia and simply means “sonship”. So at the moment we receive the Holy Spirit we become the children [not yet born but in the spiritual womb (church)] of God. Our growing takes place here in God’s Church [the SOCT family]. We are in the process of “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.” [1 Peter 1:23] Many translations misinterpret verses to make it sound as if one is already “born again” while here in this fallen world. We are still in our fleshly bodies. Jesus said that in order to enter the Kingdom we must be “born of the Spirit”, that is, we must become composed of spirit. The true second birth is yet to occur at the resurrection to immortality.-

So SOCT students are midwayers, they are in between flesh and full spiritual [new] bodies. As midwayers we can help to prolong peace on this planet in this Seventh Time if we make the pure reality grid strong enough. SOCT students are considered HYBRIDS.

SOCT students have chemical shifts in brain activity

It is true that SOCT students have the additional mind mechanism [Divine Mind or Holy Spirit] and are receiving insights which go far above the common thought process of the “normal” human being. The apostle Paul confirmed that we all have a “natural body” which includes a physical brain. We grow old and our bodies get weak then we eventually die. But each human will be resurrected, “raised in a spiritual body”. [1 Corinthians 15:44] As for Christians a change in the human mind has occurred. True Christians have the Holy Spirit. This means that a dramatic change in our thinking has occurred. [2 Corinthians 5:17] Paul told the Romans: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” [Romans 12:2] We must “be renewed in the spirit”. [Ephesians 4:23-24] Again, all humans are born with a spirit essence that gives us the ability to develop our minds. The human spirit must gain the presence of the Holy Spirit to develop into its full potential. ~

SOCT students have been able to produce bursts of neurogenesis through interfacing with extraterrestrial mind channels. This is why we consider our process as being that of a “hybrid” transformation. Please understand, when we talk about Divine Intelligence we are directly always referring to God. But also understand that all ET intelligence is operating through and in Divine Intelligence. This simply means that SOCT students have been able to activate greater use of their brains due to SOCT knowledge and activation of that knowledge because of interfacing with the Divine Mind Channel. ~

We have talked about “mind channels”. The neurons in your brain communicate in many ways. Most signals pass between neurons through a neurotransmitter and by neuromodulator chemicals. Some of these chemicals have been identified as dopamine, noradrenalin, acetylcholine, glutamate and endorphins. Some of these work together in a synapse to pass messages to receptors. Receptors are what we could call “collection sites” within your brain. ~

When more integrated thoughts happen the brain waves act more like a radio signal which makes the whole brain more sensitive. ~

The human personality which has fused with Divine Mind is still not perfected. We still struggle with sin in our lives. The difference is we do not dwell on our problems we simply work on fixing them through Divine Guidance which we receive from Holy Spirit. Socters are on their way of becoming Evolutionary Level Above Human [Elah]. We have a greater destiny. As children of the Supreme Personality we are driven to accept pure doctrine and throw away old belief systems which simply do not work. We receive Quantum Level One Knowledge. Though we understand that we are mortals without Divine Mind and that we are from earthly animal origin we also understand that through the gift of Divine Intelligence we can achieve many wonderful things and someday serve throughout the universe with well defined characters and purified personalities. ~

We have a choice

Humans have a choice in what they are going to do with all of this information. SOCT exists in the midst of much disinformation but one should not feel helpless in his/her efforts to truly understand what is really going on with all of this. There are currently biological entities that are watching our planet from distant areas of space. These beings just like us are curious in understanding more about Divine Intelligence. The other two more powerful groups of beings, the Keepers and the Adramelechs have been involved in a much bigger plan when it comes to cosmically controlled destiny. ~

It is truly time to understand the human brain, consciousness technology, true Christianity and your place in this Great Universe of ours! ~

We humans have been given a grace period to review just where we stand in prophetic history and to make better choices. The masses must now be properly educated as to what is truly going on because we are now slipping from the Information Age into the greater Space Age. We are all students of this cosmic drama! ~

Understanding how the Etheric Realm works through all of this

Anciently there was a material realm of existence called the Etheric Realm…that which was comprised as Ether [ethereal]. What we call this realm today is the Quantum realm. We are talking about energies that we do not yet fully comprehend or understand. SOCT still uses the word “ether” sometimes when referring to this realm. ~

A basic way to understand three forms of matter are; solids, liquids, and gasses. All three of these comprise what we could call the Chemical Region. SOCT has even defined a portion of consciousness as such: ~

Electrochemical Mind: This would include all living souls, both human and animal. It would also include all life at the cellular level.” ~

The etheric realm plays an important part in the chemical regions and electromagnetic regions of matter. We understand ether as still being made of matter but of such a fine grade that it is not fully discernable. This etheric substance permeates all atomic structure. It makes up much of the phenomenon regarding quantum physics. ~

SOCT understands that the etheric region plays an important role in four states of matter, helping to determine their progress. We can understand the four differing ethers as such; ~

1-Chemical Ether: The duality force in all of nature found even at this quantum level. We understand this doctrine as being the Universal Sex Principles in Nature. There is what we might call a “masculine” and “feminine” force in all ‘things’. For there to be ‘change’ (becoming) and or creation there must be re-action following action. ~

It is through the Chemical Ether that the creative ‘fluids’ commingle. Through the positive pole of this chemical ether the needed elements of building are seeded. Through the negative pole of this chemical ether the expulsion of unfit matter is accomplished. We see this Chemical Ether at work even within the Human body and its biological functions. ~

2-Life Ether: If we were to further break apart the Chemical Ether we could say that the One fully became the Two, or more esoterically; the Neuter became Bi-Sexual. When we talk of the Life Ether we are more specifically referring to the masculine and feminine substances of growth. The positive pole of the Life Ether is fully Feminine while its negative pole is fully Masculine. ~

Through the positive pole of this ether the woman manifests the power and process of gestation. Through the negative pole of this ether the man is able to produce semen. Again, we are talking about matter in regards to these issues operating on a quantum level. ~

3-Light Ether: This etheric power has to do with developing the senses in all living things. This ether is also dual, with positive and negative poles. The positive pole of the Light Ether works in the blood of higher species of animals. This ether actually begins to produce heat at varying levels being more active in the positive pole with warm blooded species. ~

It is through the quantum processes of this ether that the five senses are developed such as in the Human species. These being sight, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling. This would be the negative pole process of this ether. In the more cold blooded creatures the positive pole of this ether still works upon the blood while the negative pole in the cold blooded species works on building better sense perception, even in species lacking sight. ~

4-Reflecting Ether: This ether is most fascinating to many SOCT students. This ether is found within what SOCT calls the “Mind Channels”. It works like a motion picture screen that is able to record all thoughts and personality projections. It more directly is the Collective Unconsciousness. The individual consciousness of every person is tapped into this collective field. Everything that has happened in the past, present and future leaves an ineffaceable picture on this Reflecting Ether. ~

All thoughts are built, put together in the mind first. We build ideas in the mind every day. Once these ideas are formed they leave an imprint on the collective reflecting etheric realm. It is true that we all sometimes “barrow the thoughts of others” mostly without realizing it. This ether is the medium through which thought makes its imprints on the mind. Regarding imprints SOCT doctrine has stated in past papers; ~

“There are personality mind imprints stamped in the Collective Unconsciousness of mankind. Wow! Read that again and read it slowly. This is an extremely important understanding. If you understand this doctrine you will understand clearly why there is so much confusion regarding the current distorted teachings of reincarnation.” ~

“Here is the easy way to understand just what a “mind imprint” is.  First let me give a brief explanation of what is known as “the Collective Unconsciousness of Humanity”. SOCT explains the Collective Unconsciousness somewhat different from other groups who delve into this issue. SOCT teaches that through the process of guided evolution the Human brain has inherited characteristics that help determine the ways in which a person may react. For instance, many Humans have a fear of snakes. Why? This was inherited in the collective Human mind as a precautionary mechanism to help protect. Each of us in a deeper sense is all linked to our past Human experiences…in a collective manner.” ~

“SOCT also teaches that within this Collective Unconsciousness (that we all have) there are also imprints of individual lives. This means that all personalities that have ever existed are recorded in the Collective Unconsciousness…the Human Group Mind. Sometimes an individual will tap into a specific personality mind imprint experienced by somebody else in the past. This experience will seem so real that the person in present reality believes that he or she is that past personality. So, many current Humans could tap into the past life of a famous Pharaoh of Egypt. They do this by tuning into that past “personality mind imprint” within the Collective Unconsciousness. They then may begin to believe that they were this famous Pharaoh in a “past life” but that is not necessarily true.” ~

The Work of the Keepers
~SOCT Doctrine of Creator Hierarchies

Understanding the Beings which have aided in our evolution can get extremely detailed and one must study this subject extremely carefully to truly begin to understand. SOCT teaches that this planet of ours is extremely old and that spiritual beings have assisted in our development, both physical and spiritual. It was of course, and still currently is, directed by the Living Logos [Yeshua ~ Jesus the Christ]. ~

We have talked about the fact that Divine Intelligence created beings that we call the Keepers. Sometimes we call them I.B.s (Intelligent Beings). These beings are made of what we call “high energy bodies” and are not of the physical reality as we understand it. These beings are of differing classes and assignments. In planet Earth’s early development the class known as the Cherubs assisted in early physical forms. ~

Seraphim: This class of Keepers helped humanity in its development of early personality, the early individuation process. ~

Cherubim [Kerubim]:  This Keeper class introduced extreme new life forms during what scientists call the Cambrian Period. The SOCT paper known as; “The Story of Our Planet” states: ~

“…we come to the Cambrian Period which began about 530,000,000 years ago. God at this time was allowing the angelic beings to begin to manage life on our planet. The Intelligent Beings [angels aka ~ IB’s] helped in shaping the creation. They were given glorified bodies and began to live on our planet. They watched as the first early fish were created. During the Cambrian Period there was an explosive appearance of life on our planet as the angels now assisted with our planet’s development. “- From SOCT paper; “The Story of Our Planet” ~

Lords of the Flame: These Keepers helped in shaping the physical life forms, the vehicles of individual expression. They helped in forming the physical bodies of life forms on our planet. ~

Lords of Wisdom: These Keepers work in the Etheric or Quantum Level of physical reality. They helped in shaping the etheric or “vital” bodies of all physical life forms. ~

Lords of Individuality: Though the Seraphim class began the first stages in separation and individuation of life forms it is the Lords of Individuality that make this concrete in physical manifestation. ~

Lords of Form: This Keeper class is specifically involved in Human evolution. These Keepers organize Human DNA in great detail based on higher Cosmic Laws. ~

Lords of Mind: These Keepers help in managing Human mind channels. They are instructed to help maintain some stability in our Fallen Matrix to allow the continued development through evolution. ~

Archangels: The Keepers who have certain Earth jurisdictions and watch over race development. They conduct many ongoing programs through the Physical Keepers, higher Extraterrestrial life forms which work for the angelic Keepers. ~

Physical Keepers: The Physical Keepers are biological entities like us Humans but from highly evolved planets. They work for the invisible, angelic Keepers. Some of these beings work for the good Keepers and some unfortunately for the Fallen Keepers. ~

The Physical Keeper known as Anoh is the being that is currently overseeing our planet Earth’s development and he is a “good Keeper”. A previous SOCT paper regarding this very subject has documented: ~

“Please understand; Anoh is of the Keeper class but he is not a “Cherub Keeper”. The Cherub Keepers are of the highest order and are what have been anciently called “angels”. Anoh is of an evolved race of extraterrestrials, belonging to the biological class of evolved creatures much like us. The Cherub Keepers are made of “higher energy bodies” and were created by Divine Intelligence without the experience of evolution. Anoh, on the other hand, and others like him work for the Cherub Keepers and are thus Keepers but of a biological order.” ~

“I have written in previous papers the purpose of the keepers:” ~

“The Keepers deal with “Cosmic Harmony”, they are truly the intense workers for Divine Intelligence. Harmony is the keynote to the universe. Even though our present system of things holds many distortions both physical distortions and moral distortions we still have some harmony at work here. This is very important to understand. If it were not for the work of the Keepers all would be lost. The Keepers also serve our planet as glorified teachers and they are guides to the better path in all situations.” ~

“So Anoh is what we might call the “Chief Keeper” of our galaxy and time zone. He and others fly in space craft when visiting earth. Their main headquarters is located on what one might call a “Mother Ship” which has the capability of staying out of our range of site although it has made periodic appearances to help humanity know that they are not alone. NASA has some footage of the Mother Ship in their data base. “– From “The Anoh SOCT Connection” ~

Note: This being said we must not forget that one third of the original Keepers fell into rebellion and are anciently known as the “Fallen Angels”. Older SOCT papers have clarified this. We read: ~

“If we want to know when the angelic rebellion occurred all we have to do is find the time of the dinosaurs’ destruction. We now know that this angelic “super war” broke out around 65 million years ago. When war broke out in heaven we have Lucifer and his angelic horde leaving their physical bodies and trying to war with God in heaven. They were eventually cast back down to our planet and they left four giant craters when cast down. One of these craters can be found in the state of Arizona. “ ~

“When they were cast down much of our planet was destroyed including the dinosaurs. The earth became covered with dark clouds and many things died.” ~

“So now the angelic host that had fallen lost their capability to take back their regular glorified physical bodies so instead God began to create a host of animal like creatures that they became stuck in. Simply put, these angels were placed in physical bodies which resembled ape like creatures. They could stay invisible and get by but they missed their first glorified bodies so they tried out all sorts of animal like creatures. This was the beginning of their punishment.” ~

“Even though our planet had become infected with sin because of the angelic rebellion God still had much in store for our planet. God would use this very planet to continue to fulfill His will of creating children for Himself. Please understand that sin created not only moral distortion but also physical distortion. God’s perfect laws had become distorted due to the angelic rebellion. Even today we live in a “fallen matrix”. God allowed enough beauty to remain here that we may see Him through it all.” ~

“So the creatures that God began to create after the angelic rebellion and the destruction of the dinosaurs were not without problems. God would let sin play out its course. Let us look at some of the wonderful creatures our God made. Through it all He shows His grace, His power, and His Sovereignty.” ~ From the SOCT Paper, “The Story of our Planet” ~

Most of the current Good Keepers we could simply call “Angels”. All true SOCT students have one “good angel” assigned to them to help lead, guide, direct & protect the true Student of Divine Intelligence. Please understand that what you are reading here is a simple outline of hierarchies…it can become much more detailed; we live in a Huge Universe. This information is more specific to our planet’s evolution and thus it is important for the SOCT student to begin to grasp. ~

The Universal Associates

We read in an early 1999 SOCT paper the following: ~

“Now listen closely…After the earth review which occurred on December 31st 1999 the Keepers and other Universal Associates decided to put all life on earth on special preservation. Yes…earth will soon be recycled but they haven’t given us an exact date and time. We do know that time is not on our side.”  ~ From SOCT Paper, “The Shift” [1999] ~

We do not really understand the class of Keepers known as the “Universal Associates” but we do know that they make very important decisions regarding the existence of our planet Earth. They made a very important decision on December 31st of the year 1999 to put our planet on a “mercy list”….Humans need a lot of help. ~

Universal Grid Stabilizers

Another extremely important class of Keepers is known as the “Universal Grid Stabilizers”. We believe that this class of Keepers helps to maintain solar system stability. We have been told that this class of Keepers is largely comprised of Extraterrestrials [Physical Keepers from other planets]. ~

Apparently this class of ET’s signed a Stabilization Treaty for our planet in the year 1999. We believe this means that they decided to allow our evolution to precede a bit further. ~
These Universal Grid Stabilizers are definitely involved in our current “Grace Period” of Laodicea. An old SOCT Paper states: ~

“Because we are only in the beginning of the 7th time we call it the “typical Laodicean era”. It will of course close with the anti-typical Laodicean era. In this time [presently] the planet has been given a grace period to see if enough human beings will accept the final 7th message thus prolonging “peace on earth” and evolutionary stability. Laodicea is the name of the seventh Church listed in the book of Revelation.” – From SOCT Paper; “Meeting the Space People”. ~

We hope that this has helped socters [SOCT students] to more fully understand what is going on behind the scenes of our planet’s destiny. Please continue to study with us here at SOCT Online. Stay well informed through SOCT. Thank you! ~

So, I hope that you have read this paper carefully and I thank all socters for their appetite for Truth. Please continue to study with us here. Take what works for you and if you study for over six months here…well then, welcome to the Holy Order. ~

~Sir Eric William King; “Domus Sanctus Spiritus” (November 27, 2015)

*Sir Eric William King is the Grand Master of COGSR/SOCT and is the author, amanuensis and compiler of the true SOCT teachings - Blessings to all those of the Holy Order. ~

Peace, Tolerance, Truth;
Salutation on All Points of the Triangle;
Respect to the Order
Part of our mission is to allow the laws of science to merge with social and moral development of mankind. We need to be brave enough to stop clinging to old belief systems which do nothing but harm ourselves and others. Most all humans have reached a higher comprehension level than the present ancient religions have to offer. Public morals and values need to be reevaluated. No matter what kind of sentimental connection we may have to old beliefs that don’t work, we must let them go. We thus begin to replace the old system with the new and more enlightened system.  We must now separate fact from fiction. Will you join us on this bold journey into a better way? Divine Intelligence is waiting for us to grow to the next step. Are we willing and able? All things are possible with Divine Strength.” ~ Sir Eric W. King [2014-2015] ~

Good things can happen one step at a time, incremental changes are extremely important. Small steps but filled with extreme hope, faith and love. The motivating factor behind the push is what will determine the result. We consider ourselves [socters] to be comprised of a wise minority. But numbers do not really count when the small changes that we make grow into large oak trees where many other birds can come and rest.”  ~ From SOCT paper, “Our Political Crisis going into 2016” ~

At this level the person no longer sees a completely “black & white” reality but instead the reality of a higher harmony is experienced. They have truly crossed the liminal-line of consciousness after having received the Holy Spirit. The liminal-line of consciousness is actually a circuit barrier. The human brain has the wiring necessary to break through this circuit barrier. However, the human brain must be exercised to utilize these functions. This comes through the learning of SOCT knowledge. ~ Sir E.W.King

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