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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Short History of the White Race

SOCT Understandings

A Short History of the White Race

In this paper Sir Eric William King explains a short yet powerful history of the White [Anglo-Aryan] race. This paper will show where we as “whites” came from, how we got here and our Divine Destiny with all the rest of the races on this planet Earth. Controversial to some this paper may be…but please read and share. ~ Nicklaus Von Halder (Texan socter since 2014) ~

The first of the White Race came out of Africa around 62,000 years ago way before the 10th Adamic white race. These early white people were actually Albinos that were rejected by their darker tribe’s men. It was the Anohite Hierarchies that adjusted the early DNA changes needed to produce the White Race. From these latter on came the Budini people which had blue eyes and red hair. They worshiped the Hierarchies as “gods”. ~

Eventually what we call the Germanic people came forth from this stock. Not the Germans but those who eventually inhabited what we call Germany. ~

The Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus (56-118 A.D.) said this about the Germanic tribes; they had white skin, blue eyes and red hair. They were said to be built well and strong. The Human gene OCA2 is the gene that predicts green or blue eyes, white skin and hair color. In earlier articles found in the SOCT papers we have read about the ancient Dravidians. The White Race also has strong connections with the Albinos of this race. This can be documented in the Y-DNA Hapalo group “R”. ~

Believe it or not this earliest group of the White Race is said to have existed some 26,800 years ago. SOCT has already documented, with agreement to modern scientific facts, that Humanity is much older than once believed. Today there are Bhatti tribes in Pakistan which still produce these Albino families. ~

The Tenth Race

We read here a section taken from the SOCT paper “The Story of Our Planet” to help set some more groundwork regarding this issue: ~

So the “second earth age” now begins in Genesis chapter one and verse two, at the end of the last ice age. We are all a part of the second earth age however some of us are genealogically connected to the families of humans which appeared before Adam and Eve. Please understand that there was, in a sense, a “first mother”. This would be the first mother of the first couple out of the nine couples created in the distant past. Adam and Eve are the tenth couple which came after the last ice age.” ~

“A person’s maternal ancestry is traced by mitochondrial DNA which is called mtDNA. All men and women posses mtDNA. This type of DNA is inherited from the mother. Through the study of ones DNA they can find out what couple of parents you were originally born from. Science has learned that your original mother’s mtDNA determines how your cells use oxygen so you are using your original mother’s mtDNA every time you breathe. This is most fascinating. Everyone alive on the planet today can trace their maternal ancestry back to just one woman.” ~

“The Bible focuses on the recreation of the surface of the earth and on Adam and Eve (the 10th couple) because it would be through their genes that the Messiah would eventually come and it would be through their race of people that would come the “chosen nation of God”. Eve is the “mother of all” because those who accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah are “spiritually” adopted into the Christ family line.” ~ From “The Story of Our Planet”

So we can begin to understand how SOCT science and history come together. We must understand the following to go on. Here is another section from SOCT paper; “The Story of Our Planet”: ~

“Adam and Eve were to become the representatives of the entire human race. Adam and Eve failed in their duty and they were “cast out” of the Garden of Eden. But Eve was still to become the “mother of all living” [Genesis 3:21] because through her seed, Jesus Christ, we are offered the “gift of eternal life” and we do not have to die. We read the promise: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” [John 3:16]” ~

“Adam represents what the “first human” should have been, the way we were supposed to be…without sin. So when Adam sinned he became the representative of all humanity in their fallen state. In the New Testament we find that Jesus Christ is called “the second Adam”. So as converted Christians we associate ourselves not with the first Adam but with the “second Adam”, Jesus the Christ. Apostle Paul states that those from all the human races can be converted and “adopted” into the Christ Family which is on this Earth today… it is the Worldwide Church of God [COGSR/SOCT].” ~

The White Mind thought differently

Each race has slightly differing DNA. Also, the way our minds think is wired differently. The early White Races (before Adam and Eve) were seen as strange and their habits were not like the rest of the races. There was somewhat of a commonality among the differing races when it came to survival and hunting and gathering. For some reason the White Races had different ideas about how to manage and participate in these activities. Not only were they looked upon as outwardly different [strange] but their actions were also of a different kind. Thus, the White Race had to migrate to other areas to practice their differing ways and customs. ~

White Aryan Children in the Middle East, China and India

By the time we get to ancient Israel we come to many white people living in ancient Middle East. Many from the Nodite stock also lived among and breeded with those of the white stock. The Nodites were of a darker skin but not black. The majority of the Black tribes stayed in Africa. The Black Race at one time outnumbered the lighter skin races. Because the lighter skinned Humans migrated and learned how to adapt to multiple geographical locations they began to outnumber those of the other races. ~

Even the Chinese described some of the early members of the White Race in their land. Ancient Chinese sources describe the existence of "white people with long hair" (the Bai people of the Shan Hai Jing) beyond their northwestern border. As far as India goes there are many White Race people who sometimes are birthed showing breeding connections with the earliest of what was the Aryan Race. Albino children still appear in Hyderabad India. ~

The Early Nomads

In our Christian Bibles we read of the early Bedouin tribes, the Nomad tribes also known as the Semites or Hebrews [Children of Eber not Jews]. These were all of early White Race stock including mixes with the last White Race, the 10th. Those nomads of the Arabian stock had Nodite, slightly darker mixtures. ~

Now we get to the understanding of how the White Race spread across the Caucus Mountains (hence Caucasian) and into all the parts of modern Europe and beyond. ~

We will now jump ahead to early Biblical times. Please understand that the Jewish people [those of the tribe of Judah] of today had early in their history mixed with the Kenites, an early Arab blood also connected with the ancient Nodites. Thus they are not considered among the purer White Races of today. Jesus addressed some of these ancient Jews by stating that their father is the Devil (of Cain or “Kenite”). ~

God did NOT Create the Jewish Religion!

First of all many of you who claim to be Christian are in for a shock. Many of you have been taught that all Israelites are Jewish. This is not true! Israel was originally made of twelve different tribes. Each tribe named after one of Israel’s sons. The tribe of Judah is the only tribe that is Jewish. The word “jew” is simply a short term to describe those of the tribe of Judah. So a Jew denoted one belonging to the tribe of Judah or the tribes of the Southern Kingdom. ~

The term Jew does not appear before the time of Jeremiah. Abraham and many others were never Jews. They were Hebrews. We will understand that the tribe of Judah eventually added the tribe of Levi and Benjamin [the smallest tribe]. Judah returned to Jerusalem. Even today Jerusalem is made up predominantly of the original tribe of Judah [Jews]. By the time of Jesus Christ the tribe of Judah had started their own twisted version of the original Hebrew religion which was ordained of God. This Jewish religion was called Phariseeism [the Pharisees]. Most scholars believe that this Jewish religion was organized out of the Maccabean Revolt. ~

So please understand, the true man made Jewish religion is Phariseeism. The apostle Paul claimed to be from the tribe of Benjamin [not Jewish] which was one of the two tribes grouped into Judah. Paul says that he joined the Jewish religion, he became a Pharisee. Apostle Paul stated: “For ye have heard of my conversation in time past in the JEWS’ RELIGION, how that beyond measure I persecuted the CHURCH OF GOD, and wasted it.” [Galatians 1:13] The Jewish religion, made up of Pharisees, invented their own understanding of the Law of Moses [the Old Covenant]. They had added many rules and regulations. Their traditions even super seated aspects of the original Law of Moses. The Pharisees believed that “good works” earned your rightful position with God. The Jewish religion was a legalistic religion of manmade works, rules and regulations. ~

Jesus Christ taught the original and proper Hebrew religion and distanced Himself from the Jewish religion. Jesus stated that the Pharisees were worshiping another god, a false god! [See John 8:42-47] The Bible refers to the “Jewish Passover” and the “Jews’ feast of tabernacles” in contrast to the true Passover and true feast of Tabernacles as ordained of God. [John 2:13 John 7:2] Jesus broke the Jewish idea of the Sabbath [John 5:18] and taught how it should properly be kept, the original Hebrew way. Jesus informed the Pharisees that the “Sabbath was made for man” and not just for the Pharisees. The more Jesus distanced Himself from Judaism the more the Pharisees got mad at Him. Jesus has Gentile [White Race] lineage in the list of his mothers. He does not have Kenite blood in Him. ~

After Jesus Christ created and birthed the true Church of God then, and only then, was the true Hebrew religion restored! Christ’s church is TRUE ISRAEL. The true church properly keeps the feasts and the Sabbath day by following the testament of Jesus Christ. ~

Again, the Jewish religion is Phariseeism. Today Jews practice a mere offshoot of their original religion. There are no more true Pharisees. During the time of Christ there were other offshoot forms of the original Hebrew religion. There was the group known as the Sadducees. This group dates back to the time in Jewish history between the restoration of the Jews to their own land and the Christian era. No evidence of Sadduceeism is to be found in Israel before the captivity.

Then there was the Sanhedrin. This group was influenced by the Greeks. It was the newest offshoot. It was based on the idea of “Moses’ seventy elders”. It was an aristocratic body. Jesus distanced Himself from all of these false groups. ~

Who is Israel? The Astonishing Reality!

Before I get into this topic let me say that this topic will take more than just one article for a good understanding. What you are about to learn is an astonishing fact regardless of what most all theologians and historians conclude. Why do many ignore this truth? We will find out. First off, let me state that many in the past have referred to what you’re about to learn as a doctrine called, “Anglo-Israelism”. I do not teach so called “Anglo-Israelism”. Many have written books on this topic in past ages. I will say that what the true Worldwide Church of God teaches is the Biblical doctrine of the dispersion of the 10 lost tribes of ancient Israel. ~

Many have said that this doctrine has been disproved by modern DNA science. This is a dumb argument because all ancient Israelites are not and never were Jews. They are gentiles with mixed blood! Now let me show you this from the Bible! ~

Most all know the story of Abraham in the Bible. He had two sons, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob's name was changed to Israel and God promised him that his offspring would make up “many nations” [plural]. The Jewish people [Judah] have always comprised only one nation. Israel had twelve sons and these sons became the head of the twelve tribes of Israel. One of these sons was named Judah. The tribe of Judah became what are the Jews. Judah is simply the progenitor of the Jewish people. Now without getting into all the history of the matter, there was a split in the territory of the tribes after their Egyptian captivity. ~

The southern kingdom became Judah. Judah consisted of the small tribe of Benjamin and some of the Levites. Predominantly Judah was made up of Jews. The remaining tribes formed the northern kingdom, called Israel. None from Judah were Israel! As a matter of fact the first time the term “Jew” is used in the Bible it states that the Jews were at war with Israel. [2 Kings 16:6] Another fact, if you look at some of the maps located in the back of your Bibles you will find two kingdoms geographically located, Judah [Jews] and Israel. ~

No place in the Bible does the term “Israel” refer to the Jews. Now the 10 tribes of Israel were headed by Ephraim and Manasseh. Both Israel and Judah remained as separate nations which had their own separate kings. Judah retained the city of Jerusalem as its capital. Their territory became known as Judah. Israel eventually occupied the territory north of Judea. Samaria became a capitol city of Israel. Samaria never refers to the Jews but to the ten tribes of the house of Israel. Please remember, Israel and Judah are not two names for the same nation! ~

Now jumping and skipping much details of Judah's And Israel's history let me get to another interesting point in establishing Israel's destiny. In God's word we find that Judah's descendants were promised a line of kings which would eventuate in the Messiah [Jesus Christ]. While Joseph's descendants would be given the birthright promises of national greatness. Joseph was a son of Israel and was not of Judah [Jewish]. Now we can begin to understand some more detailed history of Israel. Joseph had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. In Genesis 48:5 Israel told Joseph that he was going to adopt Ephraim and Manasseh. This means that they would be counted among the tribes of Israel. Israel blessed both of them. The blessing that landed on Manasseh stated that he was to become a “great people”. Ephraim's blessing stated that he was to become a “multitude” or “company of nations”. [Both comprise Israel] ~

In Genesis 49:1 Jacob called his sons together and stated that he was going to tell them “what shall befall you in THE LAST DAYS.” Were these promises ever fulfilled to Ephraim and Manasseh? If the Bible is true we must find out where and when this occurred. ~

Today most all denominations and theologians have ignored this very important key to understanding Biblical prophecy. Most have fallen into the error of making Israel and Judah the same people, Jews. Obviously, the Bible does not teach this. ~

Again, skipping much Biblical history I will proceed to show you the fulfillment of these promises. Because of Sabbath breaking and idolatry God drove Israel into captivity. Eventually the same thing happened to Judah. After captivity Israel never returned to Palestine with the Jews. Where did they go? Through detailed study of the prophet Jeremiah and Hosea we find that Jeremiah and some of the “daughters of Israel” escaped. Israel was prophesied to go many days “without a king” and that they were to be mingled with the Gentiles. They migrated throughout Europe! Prophesy of them even states that they would go to “the isles afar off”. ~

Again, skipping much detailed history we find that many of them migrated to the British Isles. In their migration from the Mediterranean area across Europe to the British Isles the tribes left landmarks which bear names of the tribes. We find the Danube River and the Danzig which are named after the tribe of Dan. I promise to do more articles regarding this fascinating subject which includes updated information about the geographical history. ~

So in three pages I have tried to establish key historical facts regarding what happened to the ten lost tribes of Israel. Eventually I will show you that Great Briton is made up of Ephraim and the United States of America is Manasseh. ~

In ending this brief study let me quote from Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong's work, “The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy” pp.17,18: “The House of Israel is the covenant people. The Hebrew word for covenant is beriyth, or berith...The Hebrew word for man is iysh, or ish. In the original Hebrew language, vowels were never given in the spellings, so omitting the vowel e from berith, but retaining the i in its Anglicized form to preserve the y sound, and you have the Anglicized Hebrew word for covenant, brith. The Hebrews, however, never pronounced their h's. The Jew, even today, in pronouncing the name Shem will call it Sem. Incidentally; this ancient Hebrew trait is also a modern British trait, so the Hebrew word for covenant would be pronounced, in its Anglicized form as Brit.” ~

“And the word for covenant man or covenant people would therefore be British. So the true covenant people today are called the British. And they reside in the British Isles....To Abraham God said, “In Isaac shall thy seed be called,” and this name is repeated in Romans 9:7, and Hebrews 11:18. In Amos 7:16 they are called the “house of Isaac”. ~

“They are descended from Isaac, and therefore are Isaac's sons. Drop the “i” from Isaac (vowels are not used in Hebrew spelling) and we have the modern name, Saac's sons, or, as we have spelled it in shorter manner, Saxons.” ~

There is much, much more to this study. There are books containing much detail regarding this history. I have condensed much of this to bring you up to the basics. We also must understand that this information will eventually tell us just where the Throne of David is, the throne that Christ returns to take! Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong pointed out that this historical fact is one of the “missing keys” to understanding the Bible. He stated the following: ~

“The fact is that the nation Israel became divided into two nations. The 10-tribed kingdom retained the name the Kingdom of Israel, possessing the birthright promises. The kingdom of Judah, composed of Judah and Benjamin and a large portion of Levi, possessed the scepter. Another fact revealed during this time of the end is that Jewish people today are merely a portion of the descendants of the kingdom of Judah; and the Americans, British and democracies of Northwestern Europe are the so-called “lost 10 tribes”. They are descended from the house of Israel. Britain is Ephraim, and the United States is Manasseh, co-holders of the birthright, which is the true explanation of our sudden rise to the greatest national power and wealth ever possessed by any nation. Prophecies cannot be understood without this vital key.” ~

It is my hope that you will research this information. All SOCT students should understand this vital truth about just who true Israel is and her destiny. Thank you for taking time out to read this information and please continue to study with us here at Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT]. ~

America must stop Parasitism

In America we have politicians who want to give, give and give to third world countries that do nothing but war and fail on every level. We get nothing back but dead Americans. What is going on? Do you want to vote for another dumbed down politician who only panders to other idiots? If we [all Humans] truly want to stop the stupidity we must arise and stand tall. We must be proud of who we are and where we came from. ~

Let us finally lift up the flag and walk in Truth. Read and learn about the Seventh Message. Stop the stupidity. We have corrupt and fallen cultures teaching our children to do drugs, rape and kill. Are you sick of it yet? STOP! Stand now OR watch America fall because you did nothing. God help us. ~

~Sir Eric William King

READ NOW: The Final Dispensation

The Seventh Message Shouts!
We have entered Jacob’s Time of Trouble!

1-The Seventh Message now comes forth in this Seventh Church time to speak unto the children of men. The generation which now is has become blind to the things of Heavenly Father and they need their eyes open to the path of grace and mercy. They have no understanding of true hope and faith because they have put their trust in the things of this material world. What is coming during his time, the time of Jacobs Trouble will help to awake the elect of God so that the remnant of the Church of God may become ripe for gathering. ~

2-Who shall hear these words in this Seventh Time? Who shall have understanding of these words? Only those who have even a small portion of Heavenly Father’s Spirit will begin to understand and gain enlightenment and knowledge beyond what man can give. There will soon be strife like never before witnessed on this planet. There will be sickness and hurt for those who have not heeded. The Seventh Message will fulfill its work and who will believe our report? We have entered the time since October 7th2011 and we have been warming up and soon we will be at full boil. ~

3-God has lead His church throughout time and He is not about to stop. Many have ignored the seven churches and their messages. Apostle John had faith and hope in the words that God gave him to write. Do we have that trust and hope? The Holy Spirit is speaking and is trying to permeate all the souls of the saints with this message. But again, who shall hear? What does all of this mean you might ask? It means that Jesus Christ is coming and He will be here very soon. In the tradition of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs we shall hold to what has been written and we shall hold tight. ~

4-We shall not give in or give up. We shall continue to run the race and finish at the line of accomplishment in Messiah…Yeshua. Will the Christian Church of God which has gone worldwide not heed this voice? The voice is crying out to the entire globe. Have you left your faith? If so for what? Have you begun to worship the creation rather than the Creator? You shall fall and great shall be that fall. You shall perish as though you have never been. You have turned your eyes and ears away from your true Father…your Heavenly Father. ~

5-Why not feel the love He wishes to give you again…that love you felt as a child. It is still there. It permeates my soul to overflowing joy. I am well in my God. I have faith and hope in my God. He has not left us but we have left Him. Turn your hearts and minds back to Him oh you - all of this great promise land. You have taken advantage of the blessings. Do you have food? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have a family? Then fall to your knees and ask God to forgive you for taking advantage of these blessings. If you do not they shall be taken away and you will have nobody to crawl to…not even God because you have forgotten Him and you do not even talk to Heavenly Father any more. Oh I pray for you all in this Jacob‘s time of trouble. Its coming saints! It is coming upon the entire planet. Are you ready? I pray that you are. Amen

~Sir Eric William King, (From: Seventh Message Testimonies, 2 - December 9th 2016)


Read this important message from Sir Eric W. King in Hebrew....
צעקות ההודעה השביעיות!
נכנסנו הזמן של יעקב צר!

1-השביעי הודעה עכשיו מגיעה ושוב הפעם הכנסייה השביעית לדבר אל בני אדם. הדור אשר כרגע היא הפכה עיוורת לדברים של אבינו שבשמים והם צריכים לפקוח את עיניהם אל הנתיב של חסד ורחמים. אין להם הבנה של תקווה אמיתית ואמונה כי הם שמו את מבטחם הדברים של העולם החומרי הזה. מה מגיע בזמן שלו, הפעם של צרות ג'ייקובס תעזור לעורר את בחירי אל כך השריד של הכנסייה של אלוהים יכול להיות בשל עבור איסוף. ~

2-מי ישמע את המילים האלה בפעם השביעית זה? מי תהיה הבנה של המילים האלה? רק אלה שיש להם אפילו חלק קטן של הרוח של אבה שבשמים יתחילו להבין ולהשיג הארה וידע מעבר למה שאדם יכול לתת. בקרוב יהיו מריבות כמו שמעולם לא היה כמותו על הפלנטה הזו. יהיו מחלה ולפגוע למי שלא נענו. המסר השביעי ימלא את העבודה ואת מי יאמין הדו"ח שלנו?נכנסנו הזמן מאז אוקטובר 7 th 2011 ואנו כבר מתחממים ובקרוב נהיה בבית לרתיחה מלאה. ~

יש 3-אלוהים להוביל הכנסייה שלו לאורך זמן הוא אינו עומד להפסיק. רבים התעלמו שבע הכנסיות וההודעות שלהם. יוחנן השליח היה האמונה והתקווה כדברי שאלוהים נתן לו לכתוב. האם יש לנו את זה אמון ותקווה? רוח הקודש הוא מדבר והוא מנסה לחדור את כל הנשמות של קדושים עם הודעה זו. אבל שוב, אשר ישמעון? מה המשמעות של כל זה אומר שאתה יכול לשאול? הכוונה היא שישוע המשיח מגיע והוא יהיה כאן בקרוב מאוד. על פי המסורת של האבות והאמהות אנחנו נחזיק למה נכתב ואנחנו נחזיק חזקים. ~

4-לא נוותר או לוותר. נמשיך להפעיל את המירוץ ולסיים בקו של הישג המשיח ... ישוע. האם הכנסייה של אל הנוצרי אשר הלכה ברחבי העולם לא שעתה הקול הזה? הקול הוא זועק את הגלובוס כולו. עזבת את אמונתך? אם כן על מה? האם החל לעבוד את הבריאה במקום את הבורא? אתה תיפול גדול יהיה כי בסתיו. אתה תיכרת כאילו מעולם לא היה. הפכתם את העיניים ואת האוזניים הרחק האב האמיתי שלך ... אביכם שבשמים. ~

5-למה לא להרגיש את האהבה הוא רוצה להעניק לך שוב ... כי האהבה שאת חשה כילד. זה עדיין שם. היא מחלחלת נשמה עד אפס מקום שמח. אני גם באלוהים שלי. יש לי אמונה ותקווה באלוהים שלי. הוא לא עזב אותנו אבל אנחנו עזבנו אותו. הפעל התודעה שלך בחזרה אליו הו לך - כל ארץ הבטחה גדולה זו. אתה נצלת את הברכות. האם יש לך אוכל? האם יש לך גג מעל הראש? יש לך משפחה? ואז ליפול על הברכיים ולבקש מאלוהים שיסלח לך על ניצול של הברכות האלה. אם לא הם יובאו משם ולא תהיה לך אף אחד לזחול ... אפילו לא אלוהים כי שכחתם אותו ואתה אפילו לא לדבר אבינו שבשמים יותר. אה אני מתפלל בשבילך הכל בזמן של יעקב זה צר. הקדושים הקרובים שלה! זה מגיע על כדור הארץ כולו. האם אתה מוכן? אני מתפלל כי אתה. אָמֵן

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