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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Anoh Contemplation 2016

Though we do not have any real pictures of 
Anoh to post we do have ideas like the one above 
which try and capture his true appearance.

SOCT Paper 76

Anoh Season
January 1st to January 21st
January 1st to January 21st is the time we remember the extraterrestrial Anoh and contemplate his transmissions. During this time special contact may be made. ~ (From “SOCT Holidays” paper, 2015)

As many socters know we have been in the time of Anoh Contemplation which started January 1st and will end on (Jan 21st). We have gotten several reports from other socters of UFO encounters and some have even had contact for the first time with one or more of the Anohites. People are journaling their experiences and sharing them with others. ~

We are contemplating messages during this season. We are thinking about the things revealed to us through the Anohites and Anoh in particular. We here post some past Anoh messages for your contemplation.

From Anoh ~ August 2014:

“As true students of the Anohite message we follow no particular religion. When asked what religion you are you simply state that you follow the Truth as found in all religions. We use the Christian title. The word Christ simply means anointed. True followers of the Path have been anointed by the Spirit of Truth….we are spiritual. Again, we follow no man or women but we follow the Truth as spoken through man and woman. This is the understanding that one must have in order to see the Pure Light in all things. I am Anoh.”

From Anoh ~ September 2014:

 “Though there are many Humans who wish contact with us the fact is they are simply not prepared. To prepare some of you we appear in your subconscious mind in many archetypical forms. We thus begin to lay the foundation of the reality of our existence through a process. This process will lessen the shock and ease the discomfort that many of you have. As many of you realize you are living in what we call the Seventh Time. This is the time in which Humans must allow the reality of our existence in theirs.” ~

“You actually have the capability to bring us into manifestation. You have done this through day-dreaming, through meditation, through imagination, through dreaming. We have already told you that “we are here, we are one”. This is a reality that only a small portion of you truly understand. SOCT has come forth to help guide you into these interdimensional realities. SOCT teachings are crucial for you. These teachings help lay the ground work of the higher understanding which is needed for your continued existence and survival. Through this special process some of you will make the special leap necessary for continued evolution. Without this knowledge your reality is extremely limited. To many Humans our existence is still a frightening experience for you so as I said we will continue to appear to you archetypically within your subconscious mind.” ~

“So as some of you begin to receive these holographic visions and different scenarios play out in the deeper portions of your consciousnesses do not be frightened. You have begun contact with us. The Anohites are us, we are real. Many of you who are hearing me speak for the first time can recall an appearance that we have had with you at one time or another. Some of these visitations are for the purpose of helping you trigger a memory of recollection which will help you heal. Repressed traumatic experiences must be cleansed as part of your preparation for fuller contact. Thank you for listening and learning. I am Anoh.” ~

From Anoh ~ June 2015:

Oh Human, Do not be so concerned about that which you do not yet properly understand. All life contains an Identity Seed. In your ancient Christian studies you have known this. Divine Intelligence has birthed all life forms and has given them a portion of His extreme Being…Consciousness. Consciousness is not matter. Consciousness uses mater to create vehicles…life forms of identification.

“All these seeds are seeking true identity. We have given you much of this knowledge in past SOCT papers. It is time to truly understand that consciousness and conscious Identity Seeds within matter are not matter but have surrounded themselves in a sheath or operative body of matter to begin manifestation and the search for true identification… which is God Reality. All planet Earth life forms [animals] never die as you understand death.”

“They go on in the ocean of the Fallen Matrix but with gained experience and guided by the Hierarchies of all Creation. No life form is ever alone and all go to the beyond or next stage as Divine Intelligence directs. Though some biological beings have experienced extreme stress in the ‘dying’ process this does not mean that they have not a greater reward…because indeed most have.”

“Please also try and understand that every atomic particle that the animal was created from contains a collective unconscious ‘picture’ of the Identity Seed they formed and these very particles continue to invade all creation in its many manifestations. As soon as the Identity Seed leaves the biological vehicle it invaded the biological process of rebirth begins…Matter begins to transform through the ‘breaking down’ into something New process. These special memories and pictures are permanently recorded in the matrix…Both the Fallen and Pure Undefiled Matrix…the Divine Matrix. All animals [including Humans] become teachers and all become students simultaneously - especially for the development of the all. So do not be saddened by the “death” of animal creatures on your planet Earth. They have all fulfilled a special mission and they continue to help all those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Go in peace my beloved creatures. God [Divine Intelligence] is real. We are all here and we are all one.” ~ Anoh (given by Anoh to all SOCT students in June of 2015) ~

From Anoh ~ February 2014:

“We come to bring you the Truth in this final stage of human development on this planet. This message you must receive. It is absolutely important for your survival and your advancement. If you are to entire [fill up] a new phase of growth a number of brids [human hybrids] must arise to bring stability and equilibrium to your current situation. Only this will be able to create extended preservation. Humans have the opportunity in this time to emerge in the Greater Community, that of the extraterrestrial. The choice is yours.” (Anoh) ~


“Please understand that one of the most important teachings of SOCT is for all of humanity to begin to truly understand their origins and to unite under the title of “Humanity”. This is key to positive earth changes in our divinely guided evolution.”  ~ Eric William King

Thoughts from Sir Eric William King

“We all know that bad religion has continued to amplify the sorry condition of fallen human nature. We have tried to teach all who are prepared to really listen about the true condition of the human mind and its pitiful state because of its lack of Divine Guidance. True religion has the ability to evolve. True religion does not get caught up in human dogma, hate or violence. Prehistoric religions will cause the end of humanity if humanity does not wake up and begin to truly understand what is really going on here.”  ~ Sir Eric William King

One does not have to be “religious” to begin to grasp the overall SOCT message. Reform at a mass level must take place if humanity is to survive. This will start with mass education of SOCT truth regarding science and true spirituality. We have been graced by Higher Intelligence to receive this final message for planet earth; THE SEVENTH MESSAGE” ~ Sir Eric William King

“We can no longer lie to the children of this planet regarding Divine Intelligence, Extraterrestrials, True Science and healthy religion. We must now throw away old beliefs which have completed their assigned task…we must look ahead and be brave and bold. We must let our religion evolve!” ~ Sir Eric William King

“Many ignore the weather and other planetary changes which are occurring. They deny the fact that humans are destroying this planet. They also attack all those who have some form of religion. It is true that there are contaminated religions which are diseases to this planet and to all of humanity.” ~ Sir Eric William King

“Technology has evolved rapidly while human spirituality has waned. Materialism has surpassed our spiritual advancement. This has created an extreme imbalance in social structure which is headed toward the virtual destruction of this planet. Survival for the entire human race is unattainable if it continues on its present course. SOCT has come forth with a final resolution in this seventh era of spiritual development. The truth about Divine Intelligence, Extraterrestrials and the pitiful human condition must be told.” ~ Sir Eric William King

“Part of our mission is to allow the laws of science to merge with social and moral development of mankind. We need to be brave enough to stop clinging to old belief systems which do nothing but harm ourselves and others. Most all humans have reached a higher comprehension level than the present ancient religions have to offer. Public morals and values need to be reevaluated. No matter what kind of sentimental connection we may have to old beliefs that don’t work, we must let them go. We thus begin to replace the old system with the new and more enlightened system.  We must now separate fact from fiction. Will you join us on this bold journey into a better way? Divine Intelligence is waiting for us to grow to the next step. Are we willing and able? All things are possible with Divine Strength.” ~ Sir Eric William King

“People who investigate or “dabble” in what the norm calls “fringe topics” are usually considered “nut cases” or “Satanic occult freaks”. As a matter of fact, if one in the Western World wishes to study or look into Eastern religions, astrology, U.F.O’s, metaphysics, or any other paranormal activity they are condemned by the majority and are accused of being “weird” or “strange”. This is an unfortunate truth. The reason this happens is because the evil powers have programmed the majority of humanity to be discouraged from investigating spiritual truths. This is because they don’t want to be found out. They want you to be a perfect servant to THEIR society of false religious concepts…to be a member of the so called “acceptable establishment”. ~ Sir Eric William King

“God commands us to extend true God Love towards those who have hurt us. He never asks us to wait to see if they forgive us or try and understand us. We are to forgive just as Jesus Christ forgives. Our job is not to try and figure out what everybody else is thinking. We are simply to live God’s will as He reveals it to us through His word and with the help of the Holy Spirit.” ~ Sir Eric William King

“The Seventh Message contains the Power of Peace!”

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  1. The following is from:

    Here are some of the things other religions have given me:

    From Buddhism I have learned a sense of the interdependence of all life and the non-dual oneness of the contemplative experience.

    From Hinduism I have learned the richness of a mythology that is embracing and inclusive of the complexity of human experience, while honoring the divine in the midst of it all.

    From Jainism I have learned the ideal of Aahisma-- nonharming-- that challenges my violent and power-based cultural norms.

    From Islam I have learned the power of disciplined prayer and surrender to God through faithful daily acts of devotion.

    From Judaism I have learned to delight in vital and living conversations with ancient holy texts interpreted through the centuries.

    From Native religions I have learned the holiness of nature and the revelatory wonder that is the living breath of our mother earth.

    From Zen I have learned the limitations of the rational.

    From Catholicism I have learned the power of the sacramental presence of the divine within the created. From Protestantism I have learned the passion of a personal relationship with God.

    From Science and Humanism I have learned of the exquisite order and relationship of all creation and the responsibility of human beings for the welfare of this fragile earth.

    From Christianity I have learned that every creature is blessed by the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ and that wherever there is "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, [or] self-control," there is God's Spirit. "There is no law against such things." (Galatians 5:22-23)