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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Anoh; “We will appear in your dreams.”

SOCT Paper 78

Anoh; “We will appear in your dreams.” 

This paper is very important. There are many people from all over who have had dreams of UFO’s and extraterrestrials. Just what are these dreams for? And who are they given to? In this SOCT paper Sir Eric William King explains what is happening. This phenomenon will increase as we approach the Seventh Time climax. Please read and share. ~ Donald Cole

Anoh has informed me that there are many students of these subjects who are receiving dreams of UFO’s and sometimes ET visitors. I have received many letters from SOCT students who have shared some of these dreams with me. I am writing this paper today because of a dream that I had last night which was spectacular. In this dream I was on a private lake at night time. Out on a deck near the lake shore there were tables with a bunch of retired folks enjoying a late night dinner of some sort. There were about 100 people outside. ~

In a recreational building right behind them there were younger teenagers running around playing. I was inside the recreational room looking out at the people and the lake. All of a sudden a friend of mine runs in and says; “Eric, you better come see this for your self.” I run outside along with all the teenagers and we look up into the night sky. There were hundreds of spheres and disks flying around. They were all different colors. They were flying in formations and making shapes. They would fly in swarms and stop on a dime. ~

Then some smaller ones, only the size of a basket ball, would fly down and around all the people. Everybody saw them and everybody was amazed. Then all of a studden they flew high up in the sky and all swarmed together. From this point they zipped away out of sight. Then we heard jets. Four fighter jets appeared flying in the direction where the objects were last seen. Behind them flew a helicopter. I then woke up. Wow…what a cool dream! ~

As many of you know I have had many dreams of UFO’s and extraterrestrials. The last three dreams that I had have all been filled with UFO’s. Just last year I had a very similar dream. What does this mean? Let me share some things that Anoh has told me and I think it will help you begin to see the bigger picture of this phenomenon. ~

Anoh; “We will appear in your dreams.”

Anoh has stated: “Though there are many Humans who wish contact with us the fact is they are simply not prepared. To prepare some of you we appear in your subconscious mind in many archetypical forms. We thus begin to lay the foundation of the reality of our existence through a process. This process will lessen the shock and ease the discomfort that many of you have. As many of you realize you are living in what we call the Seventh Time. This is the time in which Humans must allow the reality of our existence in theirs.” ~

“You actually have the capability to bring us into manifestation. You have done this through day-dreaming, through meditation, through imagination, through dreaming. We have already told you that “we are here, we are one”. This is a reality that only a small portion of you truly understand. SOCT has come forth to help guide you into these interdimensional realities. SOCT teachings are crucial for you. These teachings help lay the ground work of the higher understanding which is needed for your continued existence and survival. Through this special process some of you will make the special leap necessary for continued evolution. Without this knowledge your reality is extremely limited. To many Humans our existence is still a frightening experience for you so as I said we will continue to appear to you archetypically within you subconscious mind.” ~

“So as some of you begin to receive these holographic visions and different scenarios play out in the deeper portions of your consciousnesses do not be frightened. You have begun contact with us. The Anohites are us, we are real. Many of you who are hearing me speak for the first time can recall an appearance that we have had with you at one time or another. Some of these visitations are for the purpose of helping you trigger a memory of recollection which will help you heal. Repressed traumatic experiences must be cleansed as part of your preparation for fuller contact. Thank you for listening and learning. I am Anoh.” ~

These statements made by Anoh are extremely important. As socters [SOCT students] we have been blessed with so much Next Level knowledge that we must never take it for granted. It is time to mature so that we can accept the larger reality of who we are, where we came from and where were going. ~

Many will say: “I don’t believe.”

As I stated just towards the end of last year, we will see more atheists proudly proclaim their disbelief in God and spiritual realities. The modern seeker has problems with higher-realities due to the fact that there has been so much disinformation circulating this planet. Most people do not accept the existence of Divine Intelligence [God] or the idea of “gods”. On the contrary, most just believe that everything miraculously appeared out of no where one day. Many of the older religions and spiritual metaphors do not relate to the people of today. ~

Today’s seekers of truth are in a serious quandary. SOCT teachings have been delivered to us by the Hierarchies to over-ride the outmoded ideas through a step by step and gradual reeducation of older truths. The Seventh Message is given to us now…in our time because it is the final time for us to jump into the next step, Evolutionary Level Above Human. ~

Many things are now being explained that were once unknown and many people are having their eyes opened like never before through the Anohite Message. I encourage you to study with us here at theScience Of Christian ThoughtDon’t give up. ~

~Sir Eric William King


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  1. Initiating Contact also implies that you have or are ready to embrace a framework of reality in which we are not alone or isolated, nor are we the only evolved being with the capacity for abstract thought, a desire to improve ourselves and a spirit for adventure and goodwill that impels us outward to meet our neighbors.

    Spiritual study (and now the study of string theory in quantum physics), as well as telepathic and physical contact with ET friends, provides us with the tools and capacity to conceptualize the idea of life existing - not only in our dimension at a specific frequency (or life wave) that we identify by our five senses - but that life can and does exist at other frequencies and dimensions. It is possible to create a bridge of communication to such civilizations and beings through the inner senses alone.

    This is what the first phase of Initiating Contact is all about, expanding beyond the five senses to embrace and develop your extrasensory abilities and spiritual will power.


  2. Does this look familar? It should. Its a human embryo. Its also, I contend, the alien archetype. Pyschologist Carl Jung, who studied archetypes extensively, defined archetypes as an "inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious." An archetype is said to be a priori, meaning knowledge independant of individual experience. For Jung, archetypes formed the basis of the collective unconscious, which is defined as "a part of the unconscious mind, shared by a society, a people, or all humankind, that is the product of ancestral experience and contains such concepts as science, religion, and morality." What can we surmise, then, from the alien archetype (greys), human embryo, the collective unconsious and alien experiences? I'd also like to note that archetypes form the substrate of dreams and it is often in dreams or in psuedo-dream states where in 'greys' are encountered. Also, I suspect that in actual abductions, the 'mind' is lulled to an unconsious state where in archetypes supplant the actual awareness of experience and contact.