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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Extraterrestrials near Sirius….the Anohites

SOCT Paper 029

The Anohites
Extraterrestrials near Sirius….the Anohites

Many who study here are aware of the Anohites. Now we must explain more thoroughly just who these Anohites are and where they come from. First of all we must remember that there are extraterrestrials from many different locations in space and made up of many different extraterrestrial races and classes. So who and what are the Anohites? Only those extraterrestrials which have sided with Anoh and the SeventhMessage are considered “true” Anohites. Who is Anoh? Anoh is thousands of years old and is a biological extraterrestrial from a planet that is in the direction of what we on Earth call the star Sirius. ~

Anoh is the Chief Keeper and overseer of our area of the universe. He was appointed by the more ethereal and less biological classes, those higher lords of the universe which are ultimately appointed by Divine Intelligence [God]. You can begin to understand the differing degrees of beings by reading the SOCT papers on the “Hierarchies”. Those extraterrestrial classes and groups which have sided with Anoh are ‘Anohites’by adoption. They are not necessarily from Anoh’s true home planet which is in the direction of the binary star we call Sirius.  Even Human socters [SOCT students] can be considered true Anohites because we have sided with Anoh, the Chief ET of our space/time zone. ~

Understanding the Keepers

This is most important for all socters to understand. There is another term that we must clarify here and that is the title of “Keeper”. We call the original extraterrestrials whose duty it was to oversee our evolution “the Keepers”. Now those who sided with the Fallen One during the KT extinction event have now become known as the “fallen Keepers”, the corrupt extraterrestrials (aka “the Fallen Ones”). So there are “good” Keepers and “bad” Keepers. Anciently we might refer to them as the “good angels” and the “bad angels”. This is important information for you to understand. ~

Earlier Human races experienced these beings as “the gods”. Humans understood that there were ‘higher beings’ from elsewhere in contact with them. Many of these encounters are what have created the many religions that we have on this planet. The Keepers have also been anciently referred to in some cultures as the “Watchers”. Please read the SOCT paper titled: “The Story oOur Planet” to get a bigger picture of this foundational knowledge. ~

A Closer Look at Anoh

So now we go all the way back to when our planet was being created. The Hierarchies chose and appointed the extraterrestrial Anoh to be the overseer under the ultimate direction of Divine Intelligence and the Logos. Please understand that I cannot give too many details here due to the fact that this information is highly detailed. I am directed to keep this paper as simple as I can. This is not an insult to your intelligence or mine; it is simply the way it must be to begin to build a strong foundation regarding these higher truths. ~

Anoh was chosen for reasons that we could not even begin to contemplate. He is extremely important and is in direct contact with the higher entities leading all the way back [up] to Divine Intelligence [God]. Anoh stresses the importance of us all understanding the “Living Logos”, the entity which latter came to this planet as the person known as Jesus [Yeshua] the Christ [Messiah]. ~

Anoh comes from a planet which to us is in the direction of the star we know as Sirius. As a matter of fact he and others appeared to the ancient African tribe known as the Dogon Tribe. We have this account documented by two early French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, who recorded it from four Dogon priests in the 1930's. ~

Granted the Dogon story has discrepancies due to the fact of it being handed down throughout the ages. All historic accounts gain some corruption throughout time and culture change. So in this SOCT paper we will try and pin-point the facts to you regarding this amazing story. Anoh was born on a planet not too different from ours. His race is of the biological, which means he comes from the evolutionary process that we do in regards to our physical bodies. Each living being contains what SOCT teaches is an Identity Seed. This is the “true you”. These Identity Seeds have “dipped” into matter and take on physical bodies for identity expression and all life forms are seeking identity. You can read about these topics in other SOCT papers which we have posted on the internet. ~

Anoh’s Planet

On Anoh’s home planet the majority of all communication is mental (empathetic). Anoh’s race has highly sensitive hands and they [the hands] even work as antennas. There is a telepathic nature to all of their communications. There are buildings that are circular towers. These towers are made of material that is silver in color. There are minerals on this planet that are very different from those on Earth. The planet has two moons. The beings are human-like but certainly not Human. They are taller and have larger foreheads. ~

Their bodies are tall and slender. They have a shimmering skin which is somewhat leathery. Their skin color is light. They have a much greater brain capacity with larger foreheads. They have a good development of what we would call Telekinesis. Many from Anoh’s planet are involved in outer-space mining. There are asteroids, moons and planets where mining for different metals and minerals is important. ~

There are many different types of spacecraft used. Many of their monitoring crafts are disk shaped and smaller drones are in the shape of a ball. Some of their more stealth crafts are a gray or flat black color and come in many different shapes and sizes. Most of the disks [flying saucers] are two leveled with navigation equipment on the upper level. There are many touch-sensitive devices on the crafts. They also have skin tight hats that allow them to interface with the motion and movement of the crafts. They harness an energy that Humans have yet to tap into. They do this through crystal instruments. Each ship has a crystal that allows the energy to be produced and guided. It is the shape and cut of the crystal that allows for differing purposes. In other words, the crystal is the channel or filter which focuses cosmic energies and directs them. ~

Crystals are also used as tools of detection such as the crystal Stilbene which glows purple when it is in the presence of radioactive materials such as plutonium. Today on planet Earth Stilbene crystals are being used for homeland security detection devices. ~

The Dogon Connection

The African tribe of Dogon has an old myth which speaks of contact with those from Anoh’s planet. This story was discovered and recorded in the early 1930’s. According to their traditions the star Sirius was said to have a companion star which was and still is invisible to the naked Human eye. This companion was confirmed many years later. It was photographed in 1970 by a powerful telescope. The Dogons stated that this companion star had a 50 year elliptical orbit, and sure enough many years later this was indeed confirmed. How could the Dogon tribe know this? ~

The Dogon tribe claims that an extraterrestrial race called the Nommos visited them thousands of years ago. They describe this race of beings as being amphibious and strange looking. This is what race Anoh is, he is of the Nommos. In our papers regarding Egypt, Osiris and Isis we talk of the same beings, the Nommos. If you draw and imaginary line across Orion’s Belt it points directly to the binary star Sirius. Sirius is 8.6 light years from planet Earth. The Nommos are regarded as Spiritual Guardians. The ancient Egyptians also believed Sirius was significant. Their calendar was based on the rising of Sirius. ~

Extraterrestrial Understandings

NOT ALL EXTRATERRESTRIALS THE SAME:  The two most advanced of the ET groups of course are the Keepers and the Adramelechs. These types were directly created to be “watchers” of the entire universal creation of the Logos. The other types of ET’s had a start much like our own. They were created by divinely guided evolution. All evolutions are guided by the higher groups. Many regular ET types are studying the creation much like we are to get a fuller grasp of Divine Intelligence. Because these other groups live in the fallen matrix they have distortions of reality just as we do. Some have not so good intentions much like some humans have bad intentions. ~

Please understand that some of these lower classes of ET’s are biological beings and have no power to interface with mind channels like the Keepers and Adramelechs do. Remember, scientific knowledge differs from one lower group to another. ~

EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTENTIONS: The intentions of the lower groups are not all the same. Each group has a limited “free will” just as we humans have a “limited” free will. Our wills are limited in that all of us from the lower life forms are under the Cosmic Direction in accord with the will of ultimate Divine Intelligence. In other words, what we would all call GOD has the last word. There are rules to the game. ~

The proper understanding of the Christian Bible gives us a blueprint of the Divine will for our planet….our planet we call Earth. The Bible states that before this planet is destroyed an “elect” group of humans will be chosen, those who have accepted the Jesus Upgrade. Those who have Holy Spirit [Divine Mind] operative in them will go beyond and become ELAH’s. The phrase “elah” is an acronym which spells out “evolutionarylevel above human”. ~

Please continue to study with us here at SOCT. There is much to learn and understand. ~
~Sir Eric William King

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  1. In Keepers of the Garden, Dolores presents an extensive body of information regarding the extraterrestrial origins of humanity which she accumulated from sessions with several specific clients. Primarily focusing on information she received through a man named Phil, Dolores describes her exchanges and interaction with a group of entities that communicated through Phil who call themselves "The Council". They explain that there are no souls on Earth that do not originate from somewhere in the stars, how the Earth was seeded eons ago by travelers from outer space and how visits by extraterrestrials have continued up to the present day resulting in a whole class of contemporary humans who have been subject to alien abduction. Much of the information imparted by "The Council" concerns a potential global catastrophe which will imminently befall the human race should the appropriate leaps in consciousness not be made. Avoiding this scenario is just one of the agendas of extraterrestrials that are currently visiting Earth. "The Council" present themselves as the caring benefactors of mankind whom have seeded the universe with life, continuously assist in evolutionary transitions and tend to their "garden" with love and diligence.