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Friday, January 22, 2016

Humans more than flesh

Humans more than flesh
People are tired of the political elites, people want change.

The Science Of Christian Thought has always taught that Humans are more than a cluster of atoms. There is a special component we call consciousness. Consciousness is not something that flesh creates it is something that it uses. Each Human has different wiring when it comes to exactness. If our vehicle is broken in certain areas our conscious “seed” has a harder time manifesting itself in clarity. ~

Psychiatry bases its approach on the bio-medical model. This is something that should be done however there is much more in the tool box than is presently being used. When people ignore the inner Identity Seed (human spirit) there is trouble with any counsel. SOCT has always taught that “thinking” is in fact a skill. Many Humans have simply not been taught how to properly think. Many let their emotions or bad thinking patterns take them over. ~

Presently the UK is experimenting with a new approach to psychiatry called POD (Peer-supported Open Dialogue). Science Of Christian Thought is urging American psychiatrists to implement this new process. Katie Mottram has published a good book regarding these issues called: “Mend the Gap: A Transformative Journey from Deep Despair to Spiritual Awakening”. ~

Through the Seventh Message people everywhere are beginning to wake up. People are tired of the political elites, people want change. Collectively Humans are changing old thought patterns into new and exciting perspectives.  SOCT has been bringing to light these new and more exact nuggets of knowledge. SOCT wants to help create a more livable future. We still have time. I urge fellow Humans to get on board, accept the Seventh Message and share it with others. Through the Seventh Message everything is coming together all at once, it is overwhelming yet exciting. ~

It has been the mission of SOCT to inform this planet about its ongoing and current dilemma. This world is now, as of August 9th 2014 at war. All we have to do is determine what percentage of this planets population is at odds with itself. The older religions of this planet have not evolved with current technology. Most all humans are living in the dark ages when it comes to true spirituality, philosophy and religion. We here at SOCT state that: “The only truth is Truth itself!” We are no longer concerned with myth or ferry tale. It is time for humans to grow up or be terminated. ~

Humans are already destroying this planet faster than you think. We have not been taught properly by government funded schools. We should have been taught about the dangers of polluted religions, corrupt religio-political governments, pollution - and we should have been taught how to better take care of ourselves and our planet. Another very important truth we should have been told has to do with the reality of Extraterrestrials and Divine Intelligence. We have had so many chances to do much better but corrupt, greedy and ignorant leaders have continued to blind themselves and many others to the truth of what is really going on. ~

Begin your journey with SOCT today! It is time for a New Beginning. ~

~Sir Eric William King

Jesus rebuked the cults of His time

We stand against the false Churches…we rebuke the cults!

As true Christians in this final Seventh Church Era we rebuke the following groups which are of Satan the Devil. We pray for those caught up in the following false movements and we have nothing to do with them. The latter-day prophet Eric W. King warns against the following cult groups:


2-Jehovah’s Witnesses [Watch Tower & Tract Society]

3-New Age Movement

5-Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

6-The First Church of Christ, Scientist [Mary Baker G. Eddy]

7-The Restored Church of God

And there are many more but these are of current concern. As Seventh Message Mormon Christians we are against any group [religious, political or social] that forces people to go against their will or tries to control a person’s personal life. We have all been given free agency by Heavenly Father to choose the true Jesus Christ or deny Him. ~

It is our prayer that all Christians will stand strong in these last days against the Wicked One and his schemes to destroy the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas in 2016 and a Happy New Year! May you continue your studies with us here at SOCT ministries. ~

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever should believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16
SOCT Understandings

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