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Friday, January 8, 2016

Signs of the Times ~ Accept the Seventh Message NOW!

Are You paying attention to your Planet?




Watch the economy!

Everybody has watched how the economic system of America is falling apart. We have witnessed years of outrages “stimulus” spending by the federal government. We are beginning to enter a new recession. Are those who are big players in the stock market showing panic? Berkshire sold 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson and reduced his stake in consumer parts by 21%. He also sold his computer stock. George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks. Many other billionaires are following this trend. ~

On 10-12-12 I stated in an article: ~

“What can we expect for the year 2013? An economic slowdown! We will see a very extreme continuation of economic slowdown. This will continue to reorganize what’s left of the middle class. The world is temporarily learning how to “fit” itself.” ~

On 10-8-12 I stated in an article: ~

“Third world countries are beginning to learn how to “shut down” America's economy. We are currently entering an Economic War of the worst kind. Russia and China will play a key role in shutting down America.” ~

On 5-4-12 I stated in an article: ~

“I have stated that the economic war will increase to the point of economic turmoil in the United States.” ~

And again I stated: ~

“Each nation is figuring out its strategic economic and defensive control in the crisis.” ~

Things are not looking good. As COGSR/SOCT members we are to be prepared for a large economic crash. We have been waiting and watching the Signs of the Times. Finally, I stated in a 2013 prediction article the following: ~

“America will face the greatest economic crisis it has ever experienced. The Bible speaks of a “United Europe”. We must not underestimate Germany's role in the unification of the United States of Europe which is to come. EU elites are organizing their front as we speak. They want to continue to devalue the American dollar. This is all being organized by the imperialist socialists of Europe.”  ~

As socter we are prepared and not too worried. When will this happen? It is already in progress. Just how long it will take is uncertain but come it will. Always be prepared and continue to keep the Seventh Message. ~

~Sir Eric William King

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  1. Global attention has focused on the plunge in the Shanghai stock market and mounting evidence that China’s economic growth is slowing dramatically. Moreover, the contagion appears to be spreading, characterized by extreme volatility and alarming declines in America’s own equity markets. Those worries are compounded because there always have been doubts about the accuracy of Beijing’s official economic statistics. Even before the current downturn, some outside experts believed that Chinese officials padded the results, making the country’s performance appear stronger than it actually was. If China is now teetering on the brink of recession, the political incentives for officials to conceal the extent of the damage would be quite powerful.

    The focus on the possible wider economic consequences of a severe Chinese economic slowdown is understandable, since the ramifications could be extremely unpleasant for the U.S. and global economies. But we should also be vigilant about how such economic stress might affect Beijing’s diplomatic and military behavior. It is not unprecedented for a government that feels besieged to attempt to distract a discontented public by fomenting a foreign policy crisis. In Henry IV, Shakespeare pithily described that process as the temptation to “busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels.”

    China’s leaders likely feel increasingly uncomfortable. The implicit bargain that has been in place since the onset of market-oriented reforms in the late 1970s has been that if the public does not challenge the Communist Party’s dominant political position, the Party will deliver an ever-rising standard of living for the people. The bloody Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989 was a graphic reminder of what happens if the Party’s position is challenged. However, until now, the economic portion of the bargain seemed secure, characterized by breathtaking, often double digit, rates of growth. It is uncertain what happens if the Party can no longer maintain its part of the implicit bargain, but it is likely that a dangerous degree of public discontent will surface.