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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Fallen Matrix and the unseen Mind Channels

SOCT Paper 019

The Fallen Matrix and the unseen Mind Channels

Another astounding SOCT paper produced by Sir Eric William King. This is a must read for all socters. It contains important and grounding truths of the Seventh Message. Don’t just read this but study, ponder and pray about it. The information in this paper is life-changing. ~ Tom Miter (SOCT student & Midwayer)

Most Humans are separated from God by their minds. Most all minds are tuned into fallen thinking patterns and this is due to the Fallen Matrix mind channel. This channel contains flaws and major distortions. Some ancient mystics have called this channel the Universal Channel or Universal Mind. This Fallen Matrix Channel is like a mega-computer and its major “software” deals with the law of cause and effect or causality. ~

Simply put it means that all life forms are making decisions based on the choice between two paths in everything that they do. It is a very dualistic way of thinking. Actually this is a tool to help us sort through all of our thoughts. Yes, even the “Devil” and the Fallen Matrix are helping mankind’s evolution. Every thing is done for a purpose. This Universal Channel splits the oneness of God [Divine Intelligence] into myriads of dancing parts, working within the five laws of action which SOCT lists as such; ~


The Fallen Matrix contains and endless and complex network of causes and effects. So how the Human mind uses these laws both consciously and unconsciously will create endless results. Whatever somebody does originates in the mind, this is key. In a past SOCT paper titled: “Strong Mind Channels create predispositions” I stated: ~

“Please understand that there are many “mind channels” out there just like many radio stations. You may notice that when you turn the tuner on a radio some stations come in clear while others not so clear and many just produce static. This is very important for the SOCT student to understand and begin to comprehend. When we visit different parts of the world and even different states we find people talking slightly different and they have food likes and customs slightly or much different than from the original area we are from.” ~

“There is what is called “collective mind channels” within populations throughout the world. It would be like trying to find your favorite local radio station in New York while in California. You can’t find it. So we begin to understand that to some degree we are a product of our environment.”  ~

“Now we must also understand that there are some very powerful mind channels that can be tuned into no matter what part of the earth you may find yourself at. These stronger mind channels form the Fallen Matrix. The SOCT Dictionary defines the ‘fallen matrix’ as such:” ~

“Fallen Matrix: The defects found throughout all of creation caused by sin. Sin is the disease which has caused defects in the whole matrix of creation. This current “program” [matrix] will be restored to perfection at the “Last Great Day” by Jesus Christ.” ~


So we must understand the importance of the process of Human thinking. SOCT has always taught that thinking is a skill and once mastered you find the steady state of what we call “mocha” [Mind Of Christ Action]. The practice of mocha is very important. Arriving at this state means that one has used the Deliberation Channel (the reality that you have the power to change thinking patterns and mind channels). From there one crosses the Liminal-line of Consciousness and receives the Divine Mind Implant (fancy way of saying that you receive a portion of the Holy Spirit now operative in your mind). ~

In a past SOCT paper titled: “Being Fused” I stated: ~

Before we can go into the coming Kingdom of God we must first receive the Holy Spirit. God the Father must first beget each Christian by placing His Holy Spirit within our minds to join with the spirit of man [our gifted life force]. This is the spiritual begettal of our minds. In Ephesians 1:5 some Bible translations use the expression “adoption of children” but the original Greek word is huiothesia and simply means “sonship”. So at the moment we receive the Holy Spirit we become the children [not yet born but in the spiritual womb] of God. Our growing takes place here in God’s Church [the SOCT family]. We are in the process of “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.” [1 Peter 1:23] Many translations misinterpret verses to make it sound as if one is already “born again” while here in this fallen world. We are still in our fleshly bodies. Jesus said that in order to enter the Kingdom we must be “born of the Spirit”, that is, we must become composed of spirit. The true second birth is yet to occur at the resurrection to immortality.” ~

“So SOCT students are midwayers, they are in between flesh and full spiritual [new] bodies. As midwayers we can help to prolong peace on this planet in this Seventh Time if we make the pure reality grid strong enough. SOCT students are considered HYBRIDS.” ~

Another very important SOCT Doctrine is known as REC. This is an acronym which spells out;


This is basically what we are doing with all of our thoughts consciously and subconsciously. Please understand that whatever goes into the mind must find outward expression in one way or another. The REC doctrine is also referred to as the Three Mental Options or T-MO. SOCT uses many acronyms so that students can learn faster our understandings of the process of Human thought. So what we begin to understand is the fact that each of us contains many memories and thought patterns. How we think is basically the cause of past experiences and choices.  Much of our confused thoughts have to do with repressed “mind stuff”. We just did not understand how to properly ‘connect the dots’. So in this sense many Human minds contain mental debris still awaiting proper expression. ~

Science Of Christian Thought teaches a person how to accept the forgiveness of God and through the process of deep repentance one can begin to express repressed energy in a proper and healthy way. All people contain a multitude of potential causes awaiting their accumulative effects. SOCT students are considered true Christians. So we use the Christian language when teaching subjects. Christianity teaches that all bad actions and bad thoughts are called SIN. In the SOCT paper titled: “A Taxonomy of the Science Of Christian Thought” it is stated: ~

We must accept the fact that “through one man sin entered the world” [Romans 5:12]. Sin is the “transgression of God’s law”…sin is turning away from the moral guidance of God as set forth in the Scriptures. We all sin…nobody is innocent – “There is none righteous, no not one” [Romans 3:10-12]. So in and by ourselves we cannot become well. “Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? Not one.” [Job 14:4] God’s word declares us “dead in our sin”. Sin equals DEATH. We have all been sentenced to death. The Bible declares: “The wages of sin is death.” Sin is a serious thing. Having said this, the Bible does not teach that all people are equally bad. Most of us are not as bad as we could be. God has given even the sinner some grace.” ~

“Mans sinful condition has created intellectual blindness, stupidity and outright opposition concerning the things of God. Mans will is under the curse of sin and is thus under the control of depravity, darkness and false understanding. Man needs proper information to begin his journey to true healingThere is even a problem with man receiving proper information. God’s word declares: “The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned.” [1 Corinthians 2:14] Human ability is disturbed beyond doubt. Man has defects in everything that he does.” ~

There are sinful deeds and there are sinful thoughts. Sinful thoughts get into the Human mind because the Human enters this world already attuned to the fallen minds channels, collectively the Fallen Matrix. Through the SOCT process (teachings) one can learn to tune into the Divine Matrix, the higher world. Jesus explained this pure mind channel when He said to His disciples; “The Kingdom of God is within you.” This means that those who allow the Holy Spirit to work in them and through them are experiencing the Kingdom of God. TheSeventh Message is the Kingdom of God message and teaches God-consciousness. ~

The Christian is said by Jesus (Yeshua) to “sow” the Word of God. Which is to say that he or she plants the spiritual seed in the seeker by teaching the SOCT message. It is ultimately up to the seeker whether or not he or she wants to receive a portion of the Holy Spirit [Divine Mind Upgrade]. Unfortunately Jesus stated that most who hear the message ignore it and tune right back into the Fallen Matrix. They are immediately swept away back into the fallen affairs of the world. The SOCT message teaches that we are constantly judging our selves by our actions; this means that you are reflecting an image of who you are by all your judgments. Christianity teaches that when a person dies (falls asleep in death) their Identity Seed immediately goes through a Divine Judgment process. This will determine what their next class may be. ~

Please understand the seriousness of understanding the Human thought process. This ultimately determines who you are and who you might become. In the Coptic Apocryphal text known as; “Death of Joseph” we find the apostle John pointing out that it is Satan (Fallen Lucifer) who puts bad thoughts in ones mind such as to kill or hurt somebody. These thoughts of course come from the fallen channels, collectively the Fallen Matrix. Remember, it is Thought and Desire that is behind all actions. ~

Regarding the subject of “Human thought” we read from a portion of the “Acts of John 54, ANT p.240”: ~

“But John said to him; “He that put it into thine heart, young man, to kill thy father and become the adulterer of another man’s wife, the same made thee think it a right deed to take away also the unruly members. But thou shouldest have done away, not with the place of sin, but the thought which through those members showed itself harmful: for it is not the instruments that are injurious, but the unseen springs by which every shameful emotion is stirred and cometh to light. Repent therefore, my child, of this fault, and having learnt the whiles of Satan thou shalt have God to help thee in all the necessities of thy soul.” ~

So it is a fact that Satan the Devil is equated with the Human thought process, the power of the mind. All humans (most unknowingly) are participating in a spiritual battle. SOCT through Holy Spirit power is teaching the student how to control the mind and the desires which lie within it through the process of Mocha [Mind Of Christ Action]. ~

Awakening as Humans beings in this Fallen Matrix Humans are instantly under the power of the “god of this world” who is Satan the Devil. Through the promptings of ones own mind he or she becomes attuned to the Fallen Mind Channel and thus sin begins to manifest itself in the public and personal life. Thus all souls on planet Earth are born slaves of Satan, slaves of the Fallen Mind. This is why it takes the Master Jesus Christ [Yeshua] to help liberate one from his or her fallen (sinful) nature in this life. ~

Jesus states that it is only those who “remain in His Word” that will find this liberation. One must follow His teachings and persist in true spiritual practice. Jesus came into this world [Fallen Matrix] as the true Light and Life. He wishes to restore this in ourselves through His Life, Death and Resurrection. SOCT invites you to discover these truths even further by joining us and becoming a true SOCT student. It’s free! Just study with us here and begin to practice the teachings. We welcome all. ~

In Christ’s service,
~Sir Eric William King

“O Seventh Messenger of God, come forth out of Darkness and show us this Light. I beseech thee O Teacher of Righteousness in the name of God. All messengers who join thee will teach this Living Word. We help to establish this holy Power Grid in the Seventh Time. Behold, there are now Lightbearers everywhere. Even reinforcements are being established. O how we have welcomed this refreshing Seventh Message in this final era. Praise the only True God.”  ~A SOCT Proclamation

Note: Our mission is to publish all the SOCT teachings globally for the purpose of Human enlightenment and peace on Earth. These teachings are delivered to us by Sir Eric William King, anointed messenger of God in this Seventh Time. Together we can liberate the souls of planet Earth through the true teachings of Jesus [Yeshua] the Christ. Amen (SOCT Staff)

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