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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Spectacular UFO Footage!

New Spectacular UFO Footage!

NASA Cover up after Eric reveals"Pluto has been, in the past, what is called a "Way-station" for Anoh and some of the Keepers."

On July 3rd 2015 SOCT posted a celebrated response of the fact that  NASA's New Horizons spacecraft was going to take some pictures of planet Pluto on July 14th 2015 which lands on Eric W. King's birthday. What NASA didn't like was that we revealed: ~

"Eric W. King of SOCT has taught that Pluto has been, in the past, what is called a "Way-station" for Anoh and some of the Keepers. It is said that Pluto is an "artificial planet" which means that it was purposely brought into our solar system to be one of the farthest viewing and monitoring stations for our planet." ~

Today we learn that something mysterious has happened to the Horizons space craft. We here at SOCT believe that NASA pictured something extraterrestrial while approaching Pluto and purposely put the craft on "safe mode". It takes just over nine hours for  NASA to receive data back from the craft. 

"With the probe just ten days until its closest-approach to Pluto, it’ll take some dedicated brainpower to not only identify whatever the triggering anomaly was, but get the mission’s research plan of, “Take this photo here, and this measurement there."  Mika McKinnon

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