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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Past SOCT Thoughts to Ponder

Past SOCT Thoughts to Ponder

“I have been sharing a message since 1999 which is absolutely amazing. On October 7th 2011 the message took on a new phase of development and restored truth from the Christian message that had been buried in human stupidity. The message went worldwide in 2 and ½ years. It took on the name COGSR which is an acronym for “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant”. When this mission began a separate group formed around COGSR which became known as SOCT which stands for “Science of Christian Thought”. ~ E.W.King (From: “Elah; manipulators of time and LAH”)

“Through what we call “biological receptors” which are placed in liquid form and then injected into the body we are able to read thoughts and “thought patterns” of an individual. This does not mean we can know exact thoughts; however, we can look at thought patterns by monitoring what parts of the brain are becoming active through daily routines.”  ~ E.W.King (From: “SOCT shares remarkable Extraterrestrial knowledge: Biological Receptors & Biological Receptor Devices”)

“All DNA has been encoded with an identity seed. The frequency of this seed’s expression differs in all living beings due to frequency differentials and personal life adjustments. All consciousness flows through a system of vibrations. The human brain communicates using pathways. These energy pathways are the vascular system of your personal identity. Because of the advanced ‘human spirit’ humans have the capability of receiving upgrades in mind development which allow connection links to all dimensions and beyond existence itself.” ~ E.W.King (From: “Identity Seeds and individual function”)

“Jesus was definitely a threat to the powers of His time but He nonetheless accomplished His mission. SOCT too will accomplish its mission. Those who have studied with us for some time have noticed that the revelations which come forth do so incrementally…never all at once. The unfolding of TRUTH is a growing and nourishing process. It will always have its enemies.” ~ E.W.King (From: “SOCT ~ Christian Level One Knowledge”)

“The results of mankind finding Pathway Technology will be enormous. This new technology will be used to heal people of illnesses by means of vibritory manipulation (electro-vibratory and magnetic phenomena). The law of three (Triple Conjunction) will be better realized by the human race. Science will be able to manipulate matter better, especially from space.” ~ (From: “The Zerubian Myth” p.49” ~E.W.King

“It could happen now at any moment…and your government knows it! What could happen? The greatest shift of the ages! In fact, it has already started. This planet is ready to go at any moment. The earth’s ozone is collapsing and may fold in on itself at any moment. Your scientists have known this since the early 80’s.” ~ (From: the original “Zerubian Myth” written in the year 1999. This section taken from the January 2000 revised edition)

SOCT has predicted as early as the year 1999 that once humans begin to understand Pathway Technology then they will learn to communicate with the human brain by electrically transmitted thoughts via a “thought machine” ~ yes, this is possible! Modern science is already able to create new mind pathways via computer chips and signals. Genetic research is what will lead us into what we call “the Greater Space Age”. We cannot fully enter the cosmic community until we advance more regarding understanding the human brain and electromagnetic fields. These two areas are key to fully understanding Quantum Level One knowledge.” ~ E.W.King (From: “Advancing Genetic Science ~ SOCT”)

“Does our planet’s moon affect the earth? Yes. Now many will argue that it does not have “that much” of an affect. Here is where they are wrong! The fact is our moon prevents our planet earth from wobbling on its axis. How important is that? Very! Here at COGSR I have been keeping you all informed about the fact that our north and south poles have been shifting slightly. What does this mean? It means that our gravity, gravitational pull and gravitic connections are rotating, they are moving in a different pattern. At first this is a slight change but I want you to keep this in mind; One inch of higher water levels in our oceans can cause tremendous changes in atmospheric pressures and weather changes. Imagine if the moon moves one inch…can this cause changes? YES!” ~ E.W.King (From: “Is the Moon creating strange weather?”)

It is absolutely amazing. SOCT has been teaching since 1999 with the “Zerubian Myth” the fact of an extraterrestrial mind channel which truly exists and is accessible to human minds. A frequency that once tapped into can change everything. SOCT students have been able to access this mind channel and in fact many are consciously connected to it at all times. Let me explain in very simple terms what I am talking about. Human physical minds are machines which allow for chemical interactions to occur on the physical plain but these very physical and subtle transfers of energy are activated by the human spirit. What is the human spirit? It is an energy source of non-physicality which is manifesting itself in the physical world through biological entities. All animals have this power operative.” ~ E.W.King (From: “SOCT Divine Mind Channel Confirmed”)

“Millions of years ago God decided to create some very interesting beings. He created Sahelanthropus Ttchadensis. We have given this species the nickname “Toumai”. These creatures were the first to look like modern man in many ways but still fell short. These creatures exited for some time and developed a form of communication amongst them selves. God was taking pleasure in all of His great acts of creation. God loves to create! God can manipulate His laws and construct how He wishes. One thing to think about while contemplating all of this is the fact that God is using four material blocks to do all of this creating. These four blocks are; up & down quarks, electrons, and neutrinos. That’s all! Wow! Think about this.” ~ E.W.King (From: “The Science Of Christian Thought takes a closer look at Early Humanity”)

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