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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Basic Nephilim Information

SOCT Paper 60

Basic Nephilim Information

There have been and are numerous stories about the Nephilim. Some of the earliest documentation regarding the subject is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Book of Enoch was found and mentions the Nephilim. The book of Enoch was written during the second century BC. It is an apocryphal book and is filled with many visions. ~

We read of an incident in the book of Genesis ch. 6 (In our Christian Bible’s) a story of the “sons of God” (some angels) who notice the “daughters of men”. Now we must understand that the higher and spiritual-body angels have no sex. These beings called “angels” [messengers] here in this chapter are referring to a group of Anohites. The Anohites are the “good” extraterrestrials who sided with the Logos during the great rebellion [the KT event which we have documented in “The Story of Our Planet” and also in our work “The KT Event”]. We understand that some extraterrestrials decided to “give in” and do something they knew that they were not supposed to do. ~

These heavenly [ET’s] came down and copulated with some Human females. This was dangerous and restricted behavior as set forth by the rules of Anoh and Michael. Now the extraterrestrials who committed this crime were called “sons of God” (Hebrew: בְּנֵי הָֽאֱלֹהִים‎; literally "sons of the gods") because all those who comprise the Anohites are on God’s side and supposed to be working in alignment with the will of Divine Intelligence. Even midway Humans are called “sons/daughters of God” (Christians). ~

These Human females created offspring which are called the Nephilim. The word Nephilim has a root word connection in the Hebrew which means “to fall” and or “be cast down”. The complete word Nephilim means “strong ones who fell down”. Many who speak about the Nephilim give it the interpretation as meaning “giant”. Actually the word nef-eel in Hebrew more accurately means to be a bully or tyrant. So the offspring of the bullies were not tall Human giant figures as some are proposing though there were groups of literal giants that existed during the early races of Human existence which we have talked about in other SOCT papers. ~

The Extraterrestrial Human offspring created Mutant Hybrids

When the “sons of God” [criminal Anohites] came down and had sex with some Human women they created an offspring which had the powers that regular Humans did not. These children began to manipulate and control Humans by directing mind channels. They could manipulate Humans around them to do things in their service. Anoh and Michael found out about this bad situation and it was brought to the counsel of the Hierarchies. From there Divine Intelligence gave His word that a major part of the Earth would be destroyed by a flood to kill the Nephilim offspring. This was to be a lesson that all Anohites including all sons and daughters of God should never let their guard down. We live in the Fallen Matrix and we are in a constant spiritual battle of the mind. ~

Divine Intelligence has allowed such incidents to occur to keep us awake, aware and alert. This is all part of our evolutionary experience on this earth/plane and in this space/time zone. Today there are some from the ET Adramelech [bad ET’s] class who have been doing genetic experiments on some of the unconverted (non-Christian) Humans but they are doing so within an agreed upon law set forth by the Hierarchies. ~

The Adramelechs believe that if they can create enough Human chaos and commotion that Divine Intelligence will “give up” on our planet so that they can have full control of it as they do on some other planets. This will never happen to our planet Earth because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. We have been given the Great Plan of Salvation. Through the Science Of Christian Thought the Seventh Message is being proclaimed to planet Earth and many have, are and will yet accept this message and join the hybrid Christians (the mid-wayers). ~

~Please continue your studies with us here at SOCT.

~May you gain peace profound.

~Prophet Eric William King

Happy Numinous Experience!


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