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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

SOCT Students Relax

SOCT Paper 160

SOCT Students Relax

In the midst of all the global chaos we can get so anxious that we become restless. As SOCT Students we read and study SOCT papers and live the message and teach and share the Seventh Message. This is not all we do. SOCT has the “We are here, We are one” meditations and the “White Light” meditation. SOCT offers affirmations and decrees along with prayers. ~

SOCT Students are not just political, friendly, social and kind but we are also spiritual. It is important to understand the fullness of the SOCT message; SOCT teaches that it is okay to allow oneself to be Human. As a mater of fact we teach the law of evolution in all things. We all understand the importance of taking vacations and laughing with friends. We are always living the message where ever we go. ~

We also understand the importance of rewarding yourself. We all need to feel the gain of accomplishment. This can be something as simple as taking yourself to your favorite food place every pay-day or buying some little trinket or book to read every now and then. We also understand that journaling your SOCT experiences and UFO experiences [if any] is very healthy and important for self reflection. ~

It is important to try and talk with other socters or at least somebody that you can trust. Good friends are extremely important. Many study the SOCT papers but do not want to really get too involved with it all and this is okay. We must never put unneeded pressure on ourselves. We also understand that for many having another animal species in your life such as a cat or dog is healthy. This also teaches us to put others before ourselves sometimes. Even taking care of a plant can produce better relationship qualities. ~

Working; having a job that you enjoy is what will make you a better Human for sure. It is never what you have but it is what you do with what you have that will determine your character. Going to some Christian Church for spiritual fellowship and to hear the Word of God is very important. Many socters do not attend one specific church but meet together and study together once a week. Some enjoy specific televised Christian shows. Reading the Bible often is important. ~

Another important thing we should all be doing is taking walks in quiet places. Finding a good park to walk in and relax in is important. Getting outdoors and away from Humanity will give you healing time and special mind time. ~

Finally, we will end with the fact that we should all be paying attention to what we eat and getting good sleep. If we follow these basics we'll be better for it. Let us all continue our studies in Science Of Christian Thought until the final day. Amen ~

~United States Socters

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