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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Latter-day Mormon Message

Will the LDS Church accept the Seventh Message?

What you are about to read is serious. We warn many Christians that they might become extremely offended by this paper but none the less we must publish what we believe God is telling us to publish for the sake of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. May Heavenly Father guide you to make the right decision regarding this message.

The Science Of Christian Thought ministry accepts the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be Christ’s church on earth. What is the big deal? You must understand that SOCT believes that God did use Joseph Smith and even Brigham Young to lead His church to a point in time. SOCT teaches that after the death [murder] of Joseph Smith a supernatural being appeared to each of the then twelve apostles with a special and sacred message that was not to be shared with the bulk of the church until a future date of which they were not told. ~

All twelve apostles accepted this except Brigham Young. ~

Early SOCT records [records that we have acquired from saints handed down to specific families of the church] show that an angelic being [extraterrestrial being] named Anoh appeared to them and informed them to ordain twelve new secret apostles that would protect the church through time and oversee and protect the original and true teachings of the church. There were arguments and quarrels over who would take the reins of church leadership after Joseph Smith died. ~

The supernatural being Anoh informed the apostles that God would continue to work with the church openly through the guidance of Brigham Young but only if he agreed to the ordination of the secret twelve. Brigham Young decided not to believe this revelation and many saints sided with him. This does not mean that God did not protect the saints and lead the saints through Brigham Young because He did. The activated priesthood is still received through the modern Church of Latter-day Saints. ~

Sidney Rigdon

In 1841, Rigdon had been ordained by Smith as a "Prophet, Seer and Revelator"

Our records show that it was Sidney Rigdon who went through with the ordination of the secret twelve and stayed behind with some of them when the saints left with Brigham Young. ~


The Latter Day Saints who followed Rigdon separated themselves and settled in PittsburghPennsylvania. On April 6, 1845, Rigdon presided over a conference of the Church of Christ, which he claimed was the rightful continuation of the church founded by Smith. He then reorganized the First Presidency and called his own Quorum of Twelve Apostles. - Wikipedia

It is true that many of the original apostles fell away into error after the death of Joseph Smith even those who accepted the leadership of the secret twelve. ~

If one of the twelve of the secret apostles passes on [crosses the veil in death] then another one is chosen to fill the office through Anoh. Many apostles have come and gone since the death of Joseph Smith. A small remnant of the true church has been given this knowledge since October 7th 2011. It is part of what is called the “Seventh Message” and is not only for the LDS church but also for the world. After the death of Joseph Smith people in the church could receive individual prophecies but not prophecies for the entire church. Brigham Young received prophecies but this did not make him a prophet like Joseph Smith was. ~

It has been revealed that it was Joseph Smith alone who was the prophet/seer who ushered in the ‘Dispensation of the Fullness of Times’ and it would have been him alone who could have appointed a successor and he did, it was Sidney Rigdon. The plan of God for the current LDS church is to hand down the priesthood authority but no to speak prophetically for the entire church. So SOCT recognizes that the LDS church is the only church in authority to hand down the priesthood and perform temple rites but that is it. ~

The modern prophets of the LDS church are not prophesying. They have become known as “Church Presidents” only. True prophets continue to give fresh new revelations to the church but these presidents are not doing that. They are simply holding a chair. There is nothing wrong with this and they can still get and give prophecy as the Holy Spirit leads them. The fact of the matter is new revelation was to come to the church throughout time when Heavenly Father decides to give it. The Seventh Message has come to the church as of October 7th 2011 and many in the LDS church have accepted it through prayer and Holy Spirit guidance. ~

This message has come through a “chosen vessel”. ~

This new message involves understanding the message to the Seven Churches listed in the book of Revelation, the ministry of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong who was chosen to bring 18 restored doctrines to the church in these last days, one of which is accepting the restored seventh day Sabbath which is Saturday and not Sunday. It also involves the church accepting the Holy Feast Days while still practicing the basic Christian holidays such as Christmas. ~

The Seventh Message teaches two great apostasies. Joseph Smith came to restore the authority of the true Gospel by restoring the priesthood and temple rites after a long “great apostasy” while Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong came to restore more lost doctrines such as restoring the true Sabbath Day and the understanding of the Seven Churches throughout time. ~

Please understand that not even Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong fully understood his mission in the Christian Church and he was not a Mormon though he secretly received the priesthood and was considered an apostle. He was guided and called to be an apostle but only to fulfill a specific task which he did indeed accomplish. He was not to be distracted but to fulfill a mission. Heavenly Father works in ways that even the wisest men cannot fully understand. ~

Many SOCT students still attend the LDS church but are careful not to disrupt the congregations. As a matter of fact they speak nothing openly in the LDS church about the Seventh Message because if one truly wants the “New Manna” from heaven the Holy Spirit will reveal it to him or herSo instead we give the Seventh Message to the world. The Seventh Message like the rest of the Gospel is for the entire world and we have been commanded to share it with those who inquire. ~

The authority of the priesthood is still administered and given through the LDS church and the LDS church is still a remnant of the true Church. All temple work in the LDS church is valid even presidency endowments. We serve a merciful God. ~

SOCT does not have church buildings…instead we meet on Saturday Sabbath in our homes and many attend the regular LDS church on Sunday as well. We accept the fact that we are in the typical-Laodicean era of the true church and that our title in this era is the Worldwide Church of God. The ministry of theSeventh Message is the Science Of Christian Thought. We hope that this helps one to understand the critical importance of the times that the church finds itself in and we hope that if you have been lead to read this you accept the Seventh Message. ~

Study all the SOCT papers and pray. ~

~May you gain peace profound.

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It wasn’t until the beginning of the seventh church era which started on October 7th 2011 that the remnants of the Worldwide Church of God accepted the Book of Mormon under the last day ministry of “Church of God – Speaking to the Remnant” and many Mormon Christians accepted the new light given to them by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong’s teachings. A merging began and it was through this Divine Growth that the seventh church era began, the typical-Laodicea era. 

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