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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Commentary on the “First Sign”

Commentary on the “First Sign”
Who is the “mystery” woman who rides the prophetic and political Beast in the book of Revelation chapter seventeen? Here we will look at this a bit closer. Please understand…we are living in difficult times. If you have children please pay close attention. These revelations are not something America should take lightly.  – Lisa Steiger

This mystery woman “rides the Beast”. Who is she? She is built upon “seven hills” [the seven United States branches of government]. And she reins [controls] the “kings” [rulers] of this planet. John the Apostle documents this prophecy in the book of Revelation. ~

Apostle John informs us to use “wisdom” in our interpretation. As true Christians we should give this our prayerful attention. The prophecy states; “That woman…is that great city [nation].” This means that she is the ultimate representative of our nation. Many wish to reject the idea that the nation mentioned here is the United States. Human pride prevents the fact that America has indeed fallen. Also, many theologians do not want to see the female rider as a literal person. Why? Jesus was a literal person. ~

The prophecy states that “she” is built on “seven hills”. We now understand with clarity that these seven hills represent the Seven Branches of government listed in our United States Constitution. Babylon is a “code word” for what America has become. We have allowed illegal pagans into our country, something God condemns. We have been killing human babies through the practice of wrongful abortion. We have let the heathen invade our race, language and culture. ~

Written on this females forehead is “Mystery, Babylon the Great”. Well this is no longer a mystery to true Americans who have literally watched their nation fall apart at the hands of greedy men and women who could care less about their fellow Americans. Politicians who do nothing but talk of “self, self, self”.  ~

The prophecy states that this woman is a “whore”. This means she is cheating. She is cheating the American people. She has been found a liar, cheater, adulterer, and political harlot and yet her own fallen Babylonian government supporters [Lobbyists & Donors] love her. Who does this sound like? ~

The prophecy states that she has committed “fornication with the inhabitants of the Earth”. Who could these “inhabitants” be but the international freaks and billionaires? ~

Start to Wake Up….read more SOCT Papers! ~

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