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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Holy Trinity ~The Foundation of SOCT Doctrine

The Holy Trinity

~The Foundation of SOCT Doctrine

The Holy Sacred Blessed Trinity is the key foundation of our SOCT Christian Faith. Our movement has evolved through many different teachings from many claimed Christian reformers and movements. There has been much argument over this teaching since the time of Jesus Christ. We rest in our acceptance that the Almighty God is revealed in three persons; The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In this SOCT paper we wish to give a testimony of our understanding of this doctrine. Read and Share. ~ Tom Spears

The Science Of Christian Thought has gone through much growth and maturity throughout its evolution and continues to. We have humbled ourselves and changed doctrines when needed - correction has been given to us by the person of the Holy Spirit. It is true that many of our teachings are still very controversial. Some of our very controversial teachings deal with reincarnation, extraterrestrial contact and revelation, etc. Be this as it may it does not stop us from being courageous in what we believe we do know and understand even if it goes against “common” Christian beliefs. ~

Having said that, we do accept the Divine Trinity. This means that we truly and faithfully believe that God [Divine Intelligence] reveals Himself through three persons of the Godhead. God IS the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Regarding Jesus the Christ we believe that He is the “only begotten Son of God”. We believe that the Divine Person of Jesus Christ was eternally “in the bosom of the Father” as God Himself. He was also the first projected (spiritually birthed) Son of God to come forth. ~

Though we believe that we all existed in the eternity of God we do not and never did exist like Jesus the Christ. Jesus is in fact Full Divinity in and of Himself and this is a mystery. We teach that all of us are “parts” of God but that we are also “created personalities” where as Jesus Christ eternally existed as an eternal person [personality] with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We accept this as a Divine Mystery. ~

Jesus the Christ was not “part man and part God”…no! He was fully God and fully man. We can become true sons and daughters of God through the inner Christ, through adoption, but Jesus is the Son of God as God in the flesh. Jesus is the one and only original Christ. This is a mystery. ~

Again, though our spirits in energy form eternally existed with God [the Trinity] we are “created persons [personalities]” but Jesus Christ is, and always has been, an eternal person with God. It was Jesus Christ that created our entire universe and all that in it is. Scripture affirms this. ~

Though SOCT agrees with some teachings that are familiar with what is called “the New Age Movement” we disagree with them on this matter. We accept the Holy Trinity…we are truly Christian. As many of you know who have studied with us we have gone by the name “Worldwide Church of God” (the phrase “worldwide” meaning catholic - universal). We accept and recite the Apostles Creed as containing the basic testimony of our Christian faith. ~

Mother Mary and the Apostles

We believe in four foundational doctrines regarding the human mother of Jesus Christ. These are: the Divine Motherhood of Mary, her Perpetual Virginity, the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption. We also accept the doctrine of her coronation. We believe in and recite the rosary in its different recitals. ~

We also believe and practice what we call Violet Flame Decrees. To us the Violet Flame is the power and presence of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. ~

We accept that St Matthew, St. Mark, St Luke and St John along with Apostle Paul are Ascended Masters. We believe that these saints are working directly with the Christians of the Science Of Christian Thought, indeed we truly believe in “the communion of saints”. We also believe that St Germain is directly working with SOCT. We also believe that many, many more saints not mentioned here are now ascended masters (both men and women saints). ~

We give adoration to the saints with dulia. Our adoration towards Holy Mary is hyperdulia. ~

We Respect all Christian Groups

We respect all Christian groups and feel more connected to those who believe in the Apostles Creed. Our hope and prayer is that you will read and study all that we believe knowing our true Christian Foundation. God has revealed truth to us from many different cultures and peoples including our space friends. ~

We keep the Saturday Sabbath to honor and recognize our true spiritual rest that we have in Jesus Christ and we also worship on Sunday in remembrance of the Life we have in the resurrected Jesus Christ our Lord. ~

As far as Christian Holidays we keep all the traditional holidays along with the Seven Feast Times of SOCT. We always celebrate God! ~

~May you find the true Jesus Christ and gain Peace Profound.

~Sir Eric William King


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