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Thursday, March 24, 2016

God has a plan

God has a plan

The message given to this planet from Science Of Christian Thought is called the Plan of Salvation. Man is born under the conditions of sin. When each of us grew up we started to see the polarity between good and evil. Good and evil do in fact exist. Today we live in a world where people are trying to ignore sin in the hopes that it will just disappear by itself. Many rely on friends and family members, husbands and wives to comfort them in times of trouble. What happens if they are gone one day and you are left by yourself? Do you have a friend that will never go away? An eternal all-knowing friend that can save and comfort you? ~

The true Christian message offers you this best and eternal friend. His name is Jesus Christ. In God’s eternal plan it is His wish that you one day receive eternal joy in His heavenly kingdom. Down here on planet Earth we will always experience troubles. We were sent here by Heavenly Father [Divine Intelligence] to develop our own character and shape our personalities. As Christians we find our identity in Jesus Christ. ~

SOCT teaches the deepest truths. True Christianity is constantly learning and growing in revelation. We have witnessed the reality in our revelations of extraterrestrial life. We have witnessed the fact of extraterrestrial crafts flying around our planet. Some of these beings (anciently called celestial angels) are good and are working on our behalf. They have watched us and nourished us throughout all Human evolution and they instigated (under the direction of Jesus Christ) the 10th human couple, Adam and Eve just over 6000 years ago. ~

We have learned that God brought the ten “lost” tribes of Israel over the Caucus Mountains and into what is today modern Europe. We have learned that Great Briton and America make up ancient Ephraim and Manasseh. We have learned that God called forth the prophet Joseph Smith in these latter-days to reveal America’s ancient record of Scripture; The Book of Mormon.  We have learned that God brought forth Herbert W. Armstrong to restore lost truths to our ancient Christian faith including the true Sabbath days and Feast Days. We have learned of the extraterrestrial Anoh who continues, under Jesus Christ’s direction to give us revelations as needed for our growth and protection. ~

America & the Lost Tribes of Israel

*Modern Manasseh follows it's old way

We have (as of July 7th 2011) learned that we are in the final stages of the plan of salvation. We have entered the Laodicean Era – the Seventh Time. We have received advanced doctrinal understandings and theology. We have begun to understand Pathway Technology. Indeed, we are the Light in this Dark World. ~

Today, right now, I invite you to begin your studies here at Science Of Christian Thought. You will experience the joy of ever-expanding Truth from our Heavenly Father. Please do not wait, become a socter now! ~

~Sir Eric William King (March 24th 2016)

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