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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Holy Marry and the Rosary SOCT students who honor the Mother of God

SOCT Paper 136

Holy Mary and the Rosary

SOCT students who honor the Mother of God

We ask that those who feel called to do the rosary everyday or at least once a week. There are numerous ways to meditate and pray the rosary. The popular ways that SOCT students pray the rosary are Joyful Mysteries” , "The Luminous Mysteries", The Sorrowful Mysteries” and the “Glorious  Mysteries”. Another big favorite for me is the “Chaplet of the Divine Mercy”. Science Of Christian Thought recognizes Mother Mary [the Holy Mother of Jesus Christ] as the ultimate female Ascended Master of the Seventh Message. We honor the blessed Mother and we have received her blessings. She works with all who truly come to her with honesty and the will to obey the Christian Message which was given to us by her beloved Son our Lord, Jesus Christ. ~

SOCT recognizes itself as the Seventh Church [last-day Christian Church] and it has the last message for our planet [Earth], the Seventh Message. Holy Mary is asking all those involved with SOCT to start taking care of Mother Earth. Holy Mary is urging all of us to pay more attention to Mother Earth. Holy Marry is the mother of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and she is also the Mother of the Church. We are truly the Church of God – Speaking to the Remnant [COGSR]. ~

SOCT students have been doing Violet Flame Decrees and praying every day. These are very healthy things to do and practice. Adding the rosary to these practices keeps us even more “spiritually fit” to face the vicissitudes of life. ~

SOCT has been teaching that humans need to become conscious of Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine aspects and qualities of Divine Intelligence. In SOCT Qabalah we understand the feminine powers of God and the balance between the feminine and masculine powers. ~

Holy Mother Mary is the Immaculate Virgin and she is free from all sin in her glorified body. She has taught and teaches us holy faith, holy trust and complete obedience to the will of Divine Intelligence. Her faith is supreme and her love and compassion also reigns supreme. She is wisdom personified. She is a model of faith to SOCT. She is ready to intercede for the humble soul who wants to grow in the Divine Qualities of God. She has rightly stated in Holy Scripture; “All generations will call me blessed.” ~

She is calling us to take care of Mother Earth. She is also calling all mothers worldwide to heed the final message. Holy Mary continues to work for the children of God alongside her blessed Son, Jesus the Christ. We pray that you take time out to become one in our mission to spread the final message to planet earth. Stay strong in your devotion to the Holy Mother and all the children of God in these finals times of our planet, Mother Earth. ~

“Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion – inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.”

~May you gain and keep Peace Profound.
~From SOCT Worldwide


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  1. Apparition: The name given to various kinds of supernatural visions of heavenly beings and is frequently applied to the visions associated with Mary.

    Private revelation: This comes from a vision and communication from Mary or other heavenly beings. "Revelation" is the body of truths found in the Scriptures and Sacred Tradition of the Church. "Private revelations" are not dogmas of faith and are open for selective acceptance and devotion of the faithful.

    Messages: Often in an apparition, a message is given to the seer (the person who beholds the vision). It may be a warning about the need for prayer and penance to avert a coming war or disaster. After apparitions at Fatima, Portugal, Our Lady of Fatima told Sister Lucia de Santos that a pope would be shot. This prophecy was verified on May 13, 1981, when Pope John Paul II was shot in Rome.

    Messages may also include a request that a church be built to honor Mary at the apparition site with the promise of blessing to all who come to pray there. For example, the basilicas in Lourdes, France, and Guadalupe, Mexico, were built in response to Mary's request and are visited by millions of pilgrims annually.