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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The SOCT Library

Welcome to the SOCT Library

Use this Science Of Christian Thought Library to help Understand Yourself

Good Place to Start

Basic SOCT practices & understandings

*Paper 1: Prime Instinct
*Paper 4: Understanding VSP

*Paper 39: Cleansing Thoughts

Understanding SOCT Morality

Understanding Your Spiritual Self

*Paper 85: Personality Energy
*Paper 42: The Identity Seed
*Paper 017: the Etheric Region

How We Communicate 

*Paper 37: Yourself and Others
*Paper 106: Communication Cycle

Understand Yourself

*Paper 211: SOCT Ponders
*Paper 216: Earth is our aquarium 
*Paper 217: Bending Space & Time
*Paper 218: Closer Look at your Changing Planet
*Paper 219: The Hierarchies - Carbon Units & Thoughts

Extraterrestrial Knowledge

Messages from Anoh

SOCT - The Jesus Papers

SOCT Decrees, Prayers, Meditations 

*Paper 136: Pray the Rosary
*Paper 137: A Prayer for Mother Earth
*Paper 210: SOCT Thought 2017

SOCT - Ascended Masters

2017 Social Issues

SOC Student, Understand Yourself

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