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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The first of the Seventh Signs has happened

The First Sign
March 2,2016
The first of the Seven Signs has happened 

I am here today to inform all SOCT Students that the first of what we call the "Seven Signs" has occurred. This first sign has to do with the mysterious women mentioned in the book of Revelation, the last book of the Christian Bible. The book of Revelation is written in apocalyptic language, using symbols and numbers. ~

There is a women seen "riding the Beast". The book of Revelation informs us that the beast represents an end time government system. SOCT teaches that this beast is what the United states has become. The woman riding it is a literal female Human that will come into office during this new election that the United States is going through into 2016. ~

The conformation that this sign happened is when a 7-year-old Israeli boy found  a piece of history during a day trip to an archeological site recently.

Click to read about this here: READ NOW

This figure is of an ancient Egyptian  pagan fertility goddess. This is the sign that she is getting ready to literally appear. I believe that this may be Hillary Clinton herself or perhaps a women that will gain a strong position during the term of our next president. There are Seven Signs all together and this is the first which tells us that we may be entering what has been called the "Great Tribulation" very soon. ~

SOCT has always taught that since October 7th 2011 we have been living in what we call the Seventh Time [SOCT papers already posting regarding this issue]. SOCT has also taught that as of August 9th 2014 we have entered the beginning stage of World War 3. ~

The woman who rides the Beast has to do with Seven Hills and these
hills represent the Seven Branches 
of the United States Government.

This woman may be Hillary Clinton. Whoever it is she will assist in leading us into a greater conflict which will escalate World War 3. Soon a SOCT paper will be published on this site which will reveal many more details of this "First Sign". Please share this extremely important information with others. Thank you. ~

Revelation ch. 17

Commentary on the “First Sign” Who is the “mystery” woman who rides the prophetic and political Beast in the book of Revelation cha...


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