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Friday, June 10, 2016

Cravings ~ SOCT

SOCT Paper 10

Cravings ~ SOCT

What is “craving”? Craving is to want something urgently. It can be a good craving or a bad craving. Addicted people crave for their drug. Smokers crave cigarettes. Cravings once met can cause a calm in the person, a restart or some kind of balance. Buddhism teaches that “all” cravings are wrong and they are what leads to misery. SOCT does not teach that all cravings are bad. It is true that most cravings that Humans have lead ultimately to suffering by engendering the immediate pain of want and the sense of lack. ~

The SOCT student must learn to use Spiritual Discernment regarding the craving issue. He or she must understand what the cost of such a craving is. True cessation of all suffering comes in, by and through a true relationship with Divine Intelligence. The true SOCT student fully understands the impermanence of atomic structure. The socter finds stability in the static Truth of Divine Intelligence. The socter strives to keep the Divine Moral Law through proper concentration and experiential facts, wisdom. ~



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