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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

True Christianity ~ SOCT

True Christianity ~ SOCT     
In this SOCT paper Eric W. King spells it out for us. No, we are not perfect but the God we serve is and He is to be loved. True Christianity is simple yet profound and any true seeker can find relationships with the facts that Sir Eric William King lays out in this extremely and very important 2016 SOCT paper. Please read, contemplate and share. This information is a part of the “New Awareness” doctrine. Peace unto ye all! – Mike Stanly

Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] teaches that since the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ all Humans must accept Him and who He claimed He was to be saved. What is “saved”? : saved means that the person has discovered right from wrong and wants to be right so he or she puts his or her faith in the person of Jesus Christ. It is understood that wrong doing [sin] causes all the bad things on our planet. Sin is breaking the Divine Moral Law. ~

Many people are taught to decide for themselves what is “right” and what is “wrong”. This does not work. One might think that it is okay to cheat on his wife. One might think that it is okay to steal. Even worse one might think that it is okay to murder. It is our Creator, Divine Intelligence which has decided what true right and wrong is. Mankind is in trouble because he has stopped attunement with God, Divine Intelligence. ~

Jesus Christ came to heal our relationship with Divine Intelligence. He lived an exemplary life on how to keep the Ten Commandments properly and through a special power which He gifts to those who truly repent we can be changed, converted to become literal children of God. The gift that He gives to true Christians is called the Holy Spirit. It is everywhere all at once but we are still asked to accept this gift to permanently dwell inside of us. It is the mind channel of God, Divine Intelligence living and working through us. ~

We are all spirits (Identity Seeds]) which are clothed in atomically made Human physical bodies. We must allow God’s Spirit (Holy Spirit) inside to help guide and direct our thinking process so that we can eventually graduate into new bodies [Evolutionary Level above Human]. ~

Christianity teaches that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Nobody is perfect thus we need forgiveness and healing every day. Through a developed relationship with Divine Intelligence through the person of Jesus Christ you may attain a right standing with God and begin to develop what is called “the mind of Christ (Divine Intelligence)”. We begin to change for the better. ~

Many people are turned off because they believe that they do not need the help of Divine Intelligence in their lives. They are wrong. Christians are ready to forgive because they know that God has forgiven them. True Christians are humble yet confident in what Christ has done for them. ~

Where did we come from?

People who refuse to believe in God say that everything happened by mistake, so we are one giant mistake that came out of nothing. Well if there was truly such thing as nothing what is nothing? Wouldn’t it still be nothing? How could there ever be anything else? What about intelligence? There are laws? Why are there scientific laws and what the hell is consciousness seeking after? What is consciousness? ~

Divine Intelligence is the Father and Mother of our spirits [Identity Seeds]. In one sense we have always been with Divine Intelligence but we came to this planet to learn and grow, to experience and evolve. In time and space God is working with personality and persons, relationship and identities. On our planet of a specific time and space God is creating us to become His literal children through personality experience. There is a polarity of good and evil and each person [personality] has to decide what he or she is going to do with this situation. ~

God has developed a plan called the Plan of Salvation to help us achieve and grow in a right matter. This plan involves the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is literally a universal and eternal part of Divine Intelligence so He is and can be called God. Divine Intelligence has always been in relationship because ultimately God is personal. Jesus Christ was called the Logos [Word] before he incarnated into our space time continuum.  He has always co-existed with God and thus is Himself Divine Intelligence. When He came to our planet He became the incarnate God. ~

It is through Jesus Christ that God originally created all things including extraterrestrial life and other planets. All created life forms have what is known as “agency” which is the ability to choose the right way or wrong way to do all things. Humans do not have complete free-will but they do have limited free-will. Though Humans find themselves to be physically separated from God this does not mean that they cannot become spiritually connected to God through and by the power of Holy Spirit [Divine Mind Channel].  ~

We are truly all personal Identity Seeds which have dipped into the world of matter [atomic energy] and we have taken on physical bodies to manifest personas and personality. All humans seek identity. We find our true identity in the person of Jesus Christ. ~

The Static Moral Law

True Christianity teaches that all is moving, changing and evolving under the direction of Divine Intelligence. There are some things that do not change and one of those things is the Divine Moral Law. The Divine Commandments for God’s people we call “static law”, a law that is eternal for us Humans. This law is known as the Ten Commandments. ~

Divine Intelligence has given us these commandments for our benefit. They are living instructions that keep us on the straight path of true righteousness and enable us to live true and happy lives. Christians are lead by the influence of the indwelling Holy Spirit [Divine Mind Channel]. It is this special channel which keeps us tuned into the Divine Mind thought process. SOCT teaches and has always taught that thinking is a learned process. ~

So true Christianity is an inner battle, a fight for true change in behavior. We fight against the fallen Human nature; we strive to do better even though we fail. We have the help of Holy Spirit and the persona of Jesus Christ in this personal battle and this is a good thing. When we obey our Divine Parent and follow the influence of Holy Spirit we are doing, acting out what is truly right. We are no longer in a responsive mode but a truly active mode. ~

God Relationship

Christians also understand the importance of prayer and meditation. We meditate on the Word of God and we pray to the personality of God as found in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and in blessed Sophia [Holy Spirit]. ~

Prayer is communication with Divine Intelligence through honestly and openly talking with God. We may do this as often as we wish. God is always there to help guide and give you the power to succeed through Holy Spirit power. ~

The Three Great Latter-Day Messengers
and what they brought forth!

As many of you know COGSR/SOCT has always taught that we are the true Worldwide Church of God. We have since July 7th 2011 gone by the ministry name of Church of God Speaking to the Remnant[COGSR]. And as of the year 2014 we have taken on the ministry name of Science Of Christian Thought[SOCT]. We believe that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong ushered in the prophetic Church Era known as the Philadelphia era as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. ~

After his death the church entered a somewhat chaotic period all the way up until July 7th 2011 when we entered the final Seventh Church Era, that of Laodicea. We have detailed SOCT papers which document this history. The true Church of God has always taught since Herbert Armstrong that America is mostly made up of the lost tribe of Manasseh and that Great Briton is made up of the lost tribe of Ephraim. We have detailed SOCT papers which also document this fact. ~

Because of this fact we also believe that America has been given a record of its own ancient Scripture which we recognize to be what is called “The Book of Mormon”. This record of ancient Scripture was found by the prophet Joseph Smith back on  September 22, 1823. Please understand that though we recognize this record of Scripture WE ARE NOT MORMONS in the "normal" sense of the title. We are Mormons who have accepted a very special revelation that most have not. After the death of Joseph Smith the church scattered as it always does after the death of a great leader. We do not believe in any other prophets after Joseph Smith accept for Sidney Rigdon and Eric King. We do recognize Brigham Young to be an authentic prophet but not in the same sense as Joseph Smith and it was he who led the group of people which latter on became known as “The Mormon Church” and what is today called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. So again, though we recognize the Book of Mormon to be an actual scriptural record of ancient America we do not call ourselves Mormons in the regular sense. ~

Our Revelations Progressive

The revelations given to us (the true Worldwide Church of God – COGSR/SOCT) have always been progressive. Many chosen church leaders of our past did not have the knowledge that we have today. We serve a Living God who continues to speak to us collectively and personally. As many of you know SOCT also has what we call “The Holy Order” and it is through this very Order that both Men and Women can receive the priesthood. This Order has three initiatic processes. The Holy Order has kept the revelation of the Book of Mormon secret from the public for over five years now; today we are bringing this forth to the public (March 22nd 2016) ~

We hope that you continue to study with us here at SOCT and live and share what you learn. Thank you so much, all of you for your interest in what we call the Seventh Message. ~

The Three Great Latter-Day Messengers are:

1-Joseph Smith ~ Restorer of Ancient Scriptures

2-Herbert W. Armstrong ~ Restorer of proper doctrines & theology [such as Saturday Sabbath]

3-Eric W. King ~ Seventh Messenger [bringing the Final Message]

You are your own Person

Not all Christians have the same likes and dislikes. Not all Christians eat the same food. Not all Christians like the same kind of music. Just because you become a true Christian does not make you into some kind of robot. No, you are not a mechanistic person just because you have gone through [are going through] conversion.  SOCT [true Christianity] has always taught that you have your own unique personality. What we all develop is what we call “character traits”. We continue to learn and to grow throughout all stages of life. This is the right and good thing. ~

As an individual you can rest in the fact that God has you once you choose Him. He shall never leave you nor forsake you. This is true love. In Human relationships we experience what we call “true love” but really true love comes from God who understands every situation and every personality.  ~

This Planet will not last forever

Jesus spoke of the “Kingdom of God”. This is a place where our Identity Seed longs to go. Jesus taught that by means of this Kingdom God’s will would be done here on planet Earth as it is in Heaven [higher dimensions]. It is with what we call the Seventh Message [the last part of the Gospel Message] that this is and will be accomplished. SOCT is the only organization that rightly understands the Seven Church Periods and just where the Church of God stands in prophetic history. This planet will most likely be recycled because the majority of Identity Seeds on this planet will reject the Seventh Message. God has thus and is thus calling out His elect to complete the final mission of the Plan of Salvation. ~

Jesus has stated: “Have no fear, little flock, because your Father has approved of giving you the kingdom.” [Luke 12:32]. SOCT students who have truly been converted and are in the process of true spiritual growth will make up this “little flock” which will be literally transported to the Anohean, the Kingdom of God. Physical and spiritual transport has and will occur in the final transition. ~

The Color of the Seventh Message

In God’s laws of science we learn that every physical thing is vibrating at a specific and certain frequency. Colors are vibrational frequencies. It is stated that the Seventh Message vibrates the color violet. When we accept the Seventh Message we begin to tune into this special frequency and the Human mood becomes leveled at a specific frequency of transparency, honesty and teach abilityViolet is the color of Christ’s regal robe. ~

Confusing “exclusive” with “inclusive”

Even fallen Humans see the interconnectedness of all things. When worldly scientists talk of the ‘orderly’ and ‘harmonious system’ they see that laws are at work in everything. What they neglect to do is give respect to Divine Intelligence. Just because a person can call “colors” colors does not necessarily mean that the person is an artist. ~

True Christians see a Higher Order of all so called “things”. They have what we call “spiritual discernment”.  Christians begin to understand what we call ORDER. There are so many misalignments in fallen Human thinking that it is impossible without the “outer force” [Holy Spirit] to come to the accurate knowledge of the Truth. ~
True Christians are inclusive when it comes to Truth but when evil or misalignment of the Ten Commandments is discernable; we back out and are called “exclusive. Even 
so, we do not get caught up in the idea of polarity. ~

~Sir Eric William King (June 2016)

Below is more information for study:

The slow growth and popularity of SOCT has become a Silent Revolution. Anoh has informed us that it will continue to grow as many people are tired of old spiritual paths which have refused to evolve. SOCT is an evolutionary spiritual movement.  ~

SOCT attracted people are people who have come to the realization that it is time for true change. A passion for SOCT knowledge begins in the true seeker. A conscious choice is made to follow the SOCT path and the person begins to become awake, aware and alert. The SOCT message comes from the True Source, Divine Intelligence.  Through new understandings the socter experiences a tuning into a new thought pattern. ~

Science and spirituality have linked; they have wedded and now through the Science Of Christian Thought one becomes aware of the micro and macro cosmos. The true Unity of All Things becomes clear to the SOCT student. The inner manifestations are revealed in the outer life of each individual. We have the True Science and we have the hidden Truth of all that is or ever shall be. Why? Because we are attuned to the Divine Mind Channel. ~

We do not just feel; we Think, we Reason, we have and use Logic [FTRL]. SOCT focuses on new ways of thinking. The old paradigms are fading and behold, the New Thinking process has begun. SOCT students have learned to change Mind Channels when the older channels are doing them no good.  Spending time with a close friend or friends is extremely important through and in the change of thinking. People need to have another to share this progress with, this is healthy. Going out to eat with a friend once a month is a good way to evolve and grow in your social skills. ~

SOCT helps increase awareness regarding climate change, physical change, spiritual and mental change.

Everything is changing. The Science of Christian Thought teaches the holism of life. All is connected and all is on the move. Though we may look at and study units of life and matter we must begin to see and realize and even experience how all is linked together. Though it seems that our social and political thoughts remain fixed they are not. We are entering a Great Change. The Seventh Message is the answer for those looking to properly understand these changes. ~

We base a lot of things on a “model”. We must realize that it is time to make New Models if we are to adapt to all the coming changes. SOCT teaches a Static Moral Law. If this law is upheld all things will work out for the good of the all but if this static Truth is distorted you will fail.  ~

In SOCT everything is a science and everything is spirituality. Certain theologies have fallen behind because they have not allowed the progress and knowledge of science to reshape the Truths that their religion is teaching. The Truths do not change but our realization of them should become deeper and more realized and more lived. ~

Even with all this knowledge and experience I too suffer the pains of life sometimes. This is all part of the process. Do not feel like you failed because you have a breakdown. Dark Nights of the Soul are needed to keep us humble and teachable. ~

We have all followed numerous paths and as we get older we begin to recognize patterns in our personal life. We may tap into our gifts and talents.  Once these are recognized we need to let them develop and enhance not just our own lives but the lives of others.  Science Of Christian Thought helps one define a strong personal path. The sense of true purpose and vocation is pertinent to succeed in life.  ~

We must be stimulated logically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We must be balanced in our process. How we communicate with ourselves is just as important as how we communicate with others. All of what you have just read is part of the New Awareness. As we go into and through 2016 we must develop this New Awareness. ~

We will all keep learning and SOCT will keep delivering. We are an evolutionary movement.  SOCT STUDENTS BECOME AWARE OF THEIR FEELINGS AND ARE BOLD ENOUGH TO FACE THEM EVEN WHEN THEY ARE PAINFUL OR DO NOT MAKE SENSE.  Our feelings shape who we think we are and how we understand everything. We must understand how our minds work before we can make proper and needed changes. Thinking is a learned process. SOCT has many papers regarding the Human thinking process. ~

Seven Steps of the New Awareness:

1-Avoid reactive communication
2-Stay physically active doing productive things
3-Create a healthy relationship with another person
4-Study SOCT papers every day
5-Stay humorous
6-Practice prayer and meditation
7-Always be able to negotiate 

I invite you to read all of our controversial papers posted here. Take a little time out each day to read and contemplate SOCT papers. Also learn the SOCT meditations and begin to practice them. You will experience great changes in your life and you will gain a holistic understanding of all things. Thank you. ~

~ Sir Eric William King

Below is an older SOCT paper which talks about many of the same issues. Enjoy:
Proper understanding of Self
Born traits and developed traits ~ Affecting your Personality

Here Eric W. King gives us some special insight into the topic of personality and character development. SOCT studies go very “deep” into understanding human nature. As many of you now realize SOCT is the best religion, it is the Seventh Message for our planet. Please read and share with other SOCT students.

Please understand, SOCT does not teach that we are born having a mind that is completely blank from which we decide what to put into it. SOCT teaches that personal experience is crucial and significant in character development but does NOT teach that character development happens inside an unstructured personality. True character development helps properly construct what is already in the personalityGod did not create robots. We are each different with our own gifts, likes and dislikes. God created diversity. What God likes to see is proper character development within each personality. ~

SOCT teaches a difference between “character” and “personality”. Personality is something you are basically born with but character development is learning how to use your gifts and talents and interests in a Christian manner [MOCA “mocha”]. Personality can be shaped and enhanced by developing additional character traits. So when we say “personality development” we are always including character. SOCT is still doing research regarding the healthy development of the personality. One thing we are learning more about the personality is what we call the “Interest Factor”. Understanding the person’s interests helps us understand the individuality and ‘gifts’ of each personality. ~

Let us look at “qualities”. Humans can develop what we call “quality traits”. We all gain quality traits from the company we allow to surround us. As Christians we understand sin. We begin to develop favorable qualities that develop Christ Like Character within our personalities. We avoid sin and sinful character traits. We have to think properly to do this. Thinking is a developed skill. ~

SOCT Basic Outline of the Interest Factor

The interests of a person can be further understood by developing another scale as such:-

A-Does the interest involve caring for a life (plants, animals, human)?-

B-Does the interest involve building (creating)?-

C-Does the interest involve collecting (storing) something?-

These three factors can manifest themselves in many diverse ways. It is important to understand where your main focus is regarding this basic scale. It can help you to find the best way of utilizing your skills in your profession. This questioning can begin to manifest your 'playing field' strengths. Only SOCT has the most accurate testing for this process. We can further break down this process as we proceed. ~

I cannot give out too detailed information here but I can begin to give you an idea of how basic Science of Christian Thought [SOCT] works. ~

Introverts & Extraverts

SOCT students are true Christians. As far as being social with non-Christians we have a challenge but we understand our challenge in light of God’s word. We have to be around non-believers every day. True Christians see their social environment as a learning experience, whether they are around Christians or non-Christians. A Christian can look around his or her environment and notice behaviors in others which manifest non-social behavior. They see that dishonesty and sin are the greatest results of one wanting to be non-social. ~

All antisocial behaviors involve factors of un-dealt with sin. Christians have the challenge of being around many who have not dealt with their sinful nature. This makes it harder for the Christian to maintain social behavior without being concerned for the other. There always is a disconnect with the Christian in regards to talking with a non-Christian. However, the true Christian learns patience. The true Christian longs to share with the ‘lost’ the peace that he has found in Jesus Christ. We [Christians] can do this in many ways. First and foremost we can do this in our actions. Then we can do this by listening to the lost person. Communication is always a two way stream. Christians can stand firm in what they believe in not just in words but in body language and facial expression. At the same time we must show compassion. This is indeed a challenge. ~


When we say “anti-social” we are not specifically referring to what psychologists call introverts. There are some people who are less social but this does not mean that they are “bad people”. Introversion is something different from one who is what we call antisocial. Most anti-social types use broad generalities when they speak. They like to place large amounts of people in social classes. Most of the time they are victims of their own repressed anger. They dwell on “bad news” with no Biblical solution. Many who are anti-social like to create problems within the relationships that surround them. Many sadly do not have any friends. They may associate with another person who is usually involved in some sort of addiction. ~

Introverts are mostly deep thinkers. Overly introverted people have the danger of becoming schizophrenic. It is the hope that you will begin to further understand the truth about yourself and these most important topics through Science of Christian Thought. ~


People who are strong extraverts enjoy social attention. They are more likely to always have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They spend more time “out” than in. Extraverts are usually much more emotional than introvert types. In teenage years introverts feel highly challenged by the extroverts, those from the so called “popular crowds”. SOCT can help you get through these issues simply by beginning to understand the Science of Christian Thought. The overly extraverted people can be rude and very aggressive people. Many are what we might call “thrill seekers”. It is important to begin the process of understanding yourself through SOCT.

SOCT Conversion Process

Throughout our lives we may experience many so called “conversion processes”. We may receive important and vital revelations at certain points in our ever changing life, epiphanies that create extreme changes in our character. These are important moments. The danger is in the conflict of having an epiphany that contradicts a past epiphany. We may find ourselves changing philosophy and religion more than once throughout our lives. Actually, this is normal behavior. SOCT teaches the conversion process in light of its diverse manifestations. ~

We encourage you not be discouraged throughout this lifetime process. It is normal. Conversions do not change your core personality but they do change behavioral practices and change the focus of that which is important to you. Conversion can affect your diet, your taste of music, your job, your environment, etc. This is why religion itself is a strong force in this world, for the good and or for the bad. Healthy religion is what must be sought and one must have proper discernment skills to do this. SOCT offers the Divine Mind channel to help guide one on this path. ~

People who have experienced more tragedies in their lives are more likely to seek out and find…they long to experience a conversion. True conversion can give you a strong sense of purpose and identity. The Science of Christian Thought teaches that each personality is trying to processes its perception of reality. Fallen mankind twists reality to an acceptable level at which it can have somewhat of a comprehension. Most people fight and get into arguments over a conflict with personal perception of reality. The Science of Christian Thought teaches that there is ultimately only one Truth and thus One Reality. Jesus Christ helps us get to that reality where Truth prevails and all distortion vanishes. Here are five contributions humans have experienced through their processing SOCT [Science of Christian Thought]: ~

a-The Christian begins to realize his or her potentials through action.-

b-The Christian gains the healthy attitude toward himself.-

c-The Christian gains equilibrium and unification of personality.-

d-The Christian gains the healthy view with hope regarding the world around him.-

e-The Christian experiences balance and better understanding in social activities.-

f-The Christian sustains proper personality manifestation in all situations.-

People have anxiety because they do not have the proper knowledge of God nor do they know how to use it. Mortal humans cannot realize the infinity of God yet they can experience a loving relationship with God through Jesus Christ. SOCT helps one do this. ~

Proper understanding of Self produces Health!

Those who study and begin to practice the teachings of SOCT have better relationships and better health. The SOCT student begins to develop healthy self-regulation. This does not mean that we have reached perfection. Many of us may still struggle with addictions. We will always have disappointments, struggles and failings throughout our lives. This is all part of our evolutionary process. The SOCT student begins to develop healthy self-control through the power of the highest mind channel, that of the Divine. Through proper knowledge we become less anxious and more productive. We develop true compassion for ourselves and others. ~

The SOCT student develops one of the most important traits and that is proper 
Spiritual Conscientiousness. The disciple begins to have more control over his or her life. They develop good impulse control. They understand the SOCT doctrine of “triple A” and thus become much more focused. It is my hope that if you are reading this you will begin to study with us here and become an official SOCT student. We are all students of life. We hope to help you better understand yourself, others and the entire universe. Join us in this process of enlightenment. ~

Thank you,

Eric William King [CEO of COGSR/SOCT]

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    Because of this fact we also believe that America has been given a record of its own ancient Scripture which we recognize to be what is called “The Book of Mormon”. This record of ancient Scripture was found by the prophet Joseph Smith back on September 22, 1823. Please understand that though we recognize this record of Scripture WE ARE NOT MORMONS in the regular sense of the title. After the death of Joseph Smith the church scattered as it always does after the death of a great leader. We do not believe in any other prophets after Joseph Smith accept for Sidney Rigdon and Eric King. We do recognize Brigham Young to be an authentic prophet but not in the same sense as Joseph Smith and it was he who led the group of people which latter on became known as “The Mormon Church” and what is today called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. So again, though we recognize the Book of Mormon to be an actual scriptural record of ancient America we do not call ourselves Mormons in the regular sense. ~