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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hillary, she sits on “Seven Hills”…the almighty Queen

Hillary, she sits on “Seven Hills”…the almighty Queen

Hillary Clinton may be the “woman who rides the Beast” as spoken of in the Bible book of
Revelation 17, 18. It says that she “sits on seven hills”. In the past these hills have been understood as the 7 hills that Rome or Jerusalem were built on. But what if these symbolic “seven hills” represent the fact that this woman will have seven very important powers such as the seven judiciary powers of the United States of America? Also it says that this woman has committed “spiritual fornication” with the “kings of the earth”. This means that she has gained material support from rulers of other nations. Who has done this? The Clinton Foundation has done this. They have accepted money from pagan ruled countries that treat their people like trash. ~

The Obama administration and the Clintons are creating “Mystical Babylon”. Hillary sits on “seven hills”; she is very hill-ary. She wants to control all judges and the seven fold judiciary process of the United States. She will appoint Godless judges to our court system. She shall be judged by the Seven Trump’s of God. It is Donald Trump who is proclaiming God’s righteous ways. God can use whom He wishes, through Trump God is sounding the Trump. It shall be a seven-fold judgment [the “Seven Trumps” as mentioned in the book of Revelation]. ~

Hillary may choose senator Kaine (Cain “first murderer”) to be her VP pick. I believe that she may become president of the United States of America and that she is the “woman who rides the beast”. The apostle John was told that the “beast” represents “kingdoms” and “kings” which is to say countries and rulers. If she rides them she controls them. She has the reigns. She also represents the false “bride”, or the “false church”. Hillary Clinton comes in the name of Methodist Christianity and she builds a religio/political power with her authority. She ultimately prepares the way for the Anti-Christ. She will use the Satanic Method. ~

Hillary’s Religio/Political Program

In her religio/political kingdom abortion is praised, sinful sexual acts are praised. Lying and cheating your way to the top is praised. ~

Under her ruler ship with Barack Obama they indicted 30 or more soldiers for less offenses regarding Top Secret information than Hillary Clinton committed.  The Anti-Christ power shall “rule with pride”. I’d say she and Obama are very egotistical. ~

So what if she reigns for 3 and ½ years “riding the beast”. Then, as Scripture states, she shall be destroyed. Then the VP will have to become president. This male VP may be the one who accomplishes the complete takeover of government; he may be the Anti-Christ. Hillary Clinton may be the precursor to the coming Anti-Christ. She may be “preparing the way” for the wicked one. ~

Even the FBI can’t touch the Clintons

The Clinton family has supernatural [Satanic] protection from the Wicked One. Satan has gone out of his way to make them come to the top. They are his “chosen vessels”. Demonic power is now at work openly, everybody can witness it. ~

Even the FBI cannot touch her. Obama supports her. The possessed demonic liberals support her. They hate true Christianity. Most liberals are involved in some pagan/hippie religion and are doing drugs. ~

Shouldn’t the FBI answer to us? “We the People”? ~

They will receive “the mark of the beast” under Hillary’s ruler ship. These are thoughts to truly think and pray about. Jesus Christ commanded all His followers to “WATCH”, “Stay Awake”. We here at the Science Of Christian Thought are asking you to STAY AWAKE, AWARE, and ALERT. ~

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