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Monday, September 26, 2016

Shiloh's Eric William King

To my Dog, Shiloh...Shiloh passed in 2016

Picture of Shiloh (bottom center) taken with Anohite UFO overhead 2016

Another day in the alchemy of Life

It had been at least, almost 5 months. I walked on an old path with my small dog. She remembered the path. The sun was out after a week of rain. It felt like spring. Crisp clean air…everything turning bright green. Some birds flittered about. Then it came on and it came strong. Memories of my Shiloh. He comes and goes in my mind but I knew today would be a tuff one. In the alchemy of perfection he swam in my mind. Smiling laughing….running together. So, my thoughts. I had to calm down and get a hold of myself. I find that changing mind channels can be extremely difficult sometimes. The voice said; “You can do it, its okay.” ~

I looked at each channel…Shiloh smiled back. “Yep”, he said; “You will just have to keep me.” I smiled and we kept walking together. We started our way back. ~

I didn’t stay long. Tosha and I got in the car and took a way home that Shiloh would remember. What a day. The memories flood in like a flash flood. I calmed down and arrived back home. Tosha and I cleaned the stereo and listened to the old band, America. ~

Another day in the alchemy of life. Because of Shiloh the quintessence lives in me strong. ~

~Sir Eric William King

“And although I write now, as if there was a Beginning in the eternal Birth, yet it is not so; but the eternal Nature thus begets [or regenerates] itself without Beginning.” - Fra. Jacob Behmen


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